YouTube Music Equalizer: Listen to Full Bass Songs on YouTube! 2020

YouTube Music Equalizer app

Hi friends! After the advent of JIO in India, probably 90% of the population has access to the Internet. The incredible thing is that people are turning towards YouTube rather than Google.

If someone has to search for something on the Internet, they type on YouTube. YouTube became the 2nd largest search engine after Google.

YouTube Music Equalizer App

In the current time, people prefer to listen to songs from YouTube online. It is much easier than downloading songs from any website.

While playing songs from YouTube, you might have noticed the lack of YouTube Music Equalizer. There are no options on YouTube to increase the bass or treble of the songs.

But, today I am going to tell you about a fantastic YouTube Music Equalizer App. In this app, you get all the music equalization tools, from there you can listen to YouTube songs with personal sound effects.

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Official YouTube Music Equalizer Tool

First of all, we discuss the official tool to manage sound equalizations. YouTube doesn’t provide any dedicated Audio Equalizer, neither on the YouTube app nor on the web platform.

But, many third-party equalizer apps can be used as YouTube Music Equalizer. I am telling you about the “Bass Booster & Equalizer” android app. But, you can use any music equalizer app you want.

If you want to read all this information about YouTube Music Equalizer, then Click Here.

Bass Booster & Equalizer Android Apk

This YouTube Music Equalizer app is available in Google Play Store. But, you can also download it from the link given below.


After installing this app on your smartphone, you will get a fully optimized audio equalizer. On top of the app, you get the ON/OFF option.


After that, two controller wheels, one for Bass and another for 3D Effect. The complete interface of the YouTube Music Equalizer is shown in the below-given image.


How to use the Bass Booster & Equalizer App?

Friends, you might have a burning question,

How to increase bass on YouTube videos?

So, first, enable this app from the top-right ON/OFF toggle. After that, you can adjust the bass of your music from the controller wheel for bass.

If you have some knowledge about equalizers. Then, you must be aware of some preset equalizer modes. For example Normal, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock, etc.



You get all these modes in this equalizer also.

The sound is composed of tones of different Hertz. In this YouTube Music Equalizer, you get controllers for all the significant noise Hertz.

For example 60Hz, 230Hz, 910Hz, 3.6kHz, 14kHz, etc. If you wish, you can also adjust them to have a proper customized sound.

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How to use the Equalizer on YouTube?

When you have adjusted the equalizer satisfactorily, you might have a question regarding the integration of this equalizer on YouTube.

You shouldn’t worry about it. It is too easy to enable it on YouTube.

After having proper customization with the YouTube Music Equalizer App, you have to close the application.

Now, whatever music you play on your smartphone, either on the YouTube app or your default music player.

all songs will be following this app’s sound equalizations.

It is an exciting app. The most fantastic feature of this app is its one-click ON/OFF notification.


Yes! You can enable this YouTube Music Equalizer on just one click. If you want to listen to songs with its sound equalizations, then will allow it and if not, then disable from the notification panel.

YouTube Music Equalizer for PC

So, these are some fantastic features of this equalizer app. I am using it for the last two months, and I am OK with it. What’s your opinion about it, comment below.

Now, if you have a PC, then you will adjust the bass and treble on YouTube? Don’t worry, and there are many third-party equalizer tools for PC also.

Whichever internet browser you use, you will get its equalizer extension.

For example YouTube Equalizer Extension for Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Add the related extension and you will experience YouTube Music Equalizer on your PC also.


I am providing the download link of youtube equalizer extensions for some popular browsers. If you wish, you can download them from the given links.

  1. Get youtube Equalizer Extension for Chrome
  2. YouTube Equalizer Extension for Firefox
  3. Download YouTube Equalizer Extension for Opera

Conclusion: YouTube Music Equalizer

So, friends, this is how you can use Sound Equalizers on the YouTube app and web platform. I hope this small informative stuff might have been helpful. For more detailed information, you can watch the given YouTube video.

Extra note: youtubeeq is mostly used word for Youtube.

About Guest Author:

I am MN Hemant, a YouTuber and blogger at MNhemant This is my first article here.

If you have any queries or doubts regarding YouTube Music Equalizer, then don’t forget to leave a comment. Thanks for reading and keep smiling…

MN Hemant is the founder of a leading Hindi Tech Blog, YouTuber from Bokaro (Jharkhand), heartly passionate smartphones, gadgets, and latest technology.

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