Wi-Fi Certified 6: The Next Version Coming With Blazing Fast Speed


Well, without any doubt, we live in a complete Wi-Fi oriented world where the same has become a necessity. Be it an old-age man or a young kid, almost every one of us need Wi-Fi to keep our lives engaging and happy. Hence, this time, the manufacturers are all set to introduce the all-new Wi-Fi Certified 6.

Well, wondering about its launch year?

It will soon be available in the year 2019 and surely boasts of some blazing fast speeds.

Wi-FI Certified 6: A Sneak Peak into the all-new Wi-Fi Story

Wi-Fi Certified 6

In case if you are unaware of the latest Wi-Fi Certified 6, let me explain quite new majestic things about the same.

First of all, the Wi-Fi Alliance is the worldwide network of companies which delivers Wi-Fi to different parts of the world.


In addition, the WI-Fi Certification also makes sure that the devices are completely tested for interoperability, internet security, and backward compatibility.

Wi-Fi Certified 6

Further, the latest Wi-Fi certified 6 technology is meant for the devices which support 802.11ax technology.

Hence, with the all-new naming approach, it becomes quite clear to understand the different Wi-Fi technologies.

And, users can clearly distinguish different versions of Wi-Fi.

A Word of Mouth by Edgar Figueroa

Edgar Figueroa who is the president and CEO of Wi-FI Alliance said, “For nearly two decades, Wi-Fi users have had to sort through technical naming conventions to determine if their devices support the latest Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi Alliance is excited to introduce Wi-Fi 6, and present a new naming scheme to help industry and Wi-Fi users easily understand the Wi-Fi generation supported by their device or connection.”

Wi-Fi Certified 6: Discover a bit more on the latest Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Certified 6

On a precise note, the Wi-Fi 6 is generally meant for the devices which support 802.11ax technology.

While the Wi-Fi 4 has got a support of 802.11 technology, Wi-Fi certified 6 will give an overall improved experience.

Here, it can do the work of addressing device and can fulfill the needs of every other enterprise driven environments.

In addition, with an attempt to show capabilities of the device, OS and device manufacturers can incorporate general UI. With this, the current type of Wi-Fi Connection can be identified.

Now, coming back to the UI section, it will re-adjust itself as and when the device will move between Wi-Fi Networks.

Thus, with this, the users will get real-time awareness of their device connection, with ease.



Wrapping Things Up: Wi-Fi Certified 6, Launching in 2019

So, there we go. You, me or almost any human on earth craves for faster Wi-Fi technologies. Hence, with the latest Wi-Fi Certified 6, blazing fast speeds and an improved security awaits your presence.

We know that out Wi-Fi networks are working pretty fine but with pace and technology, adapting to the same is a pure blessing.

Hence, what we can do as of now? Well, let us wait for the all-new Wi-Fi 6 to come into existence.

Till then, if you liked this article of Wi-Fi Certified 6, please share it with your family, friends. And, let them catch a glimpse of the latest Wi-Fi with excitement & enthusiasm.




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