WhatsApp Tricks (Top 10) Which You Must Know in 2018

WhatsApp tricks

Talking about the most popular messaging apps will surely bring WhatsApp straight into the limelight. Yes, almost every people of the world use this messaging app and have gained some of the good benefits from it. But, did you know some of the best and craziest WhatsApp tricks? If not then this article will be a boon to you.

Despite WhatsApp being a simple messaging platform, the WhatsApp tricks and cheats are all amazing and exciting one. Willing to discover each of them? I am sure you are, so let us move ahead and unwrap each of WhatsApp tricks.

Best WhatsApp Tricks to Watch Out for in 2018


  1. Backing Up Chats

WhatsApp tricks

credits: Forbes

If you are worried about your chat data, WhatsApp has an amazing cloud functionality feature. With this, you can keep a backup of your loving chats and media files with whole ease and comfort.

After which, you have the privilege to restore every single chat and media to our new Smartphone’s. Well, isn’t this sounds interesting and useful? Yes, it is.

Now, other than the above WhatsApp tricks, I suggest you store your media in a third party software for added safety.

How can you set up backing up feature on WhatsApp?

  • To find the feature, you can go to Settings>Chat> Chat Backup
  • Here, if you want an automatic chat backup, at regular intervals, you can click on the “Auto Backup”
  • After which, WhatsApp will backup your essential data on Google Drive, iOS or iCloud Services.
  1. Clearing up the Storage Space

WhatsApp tricks


When it comes to WhatsApp, it is giving tons of new and useful features every now and then. Coming to the clearing up storage space, WhatsApp still gives their users a sense of privilege. Here, it allows you to clean up the storage spaces which are used by each group and individual chat section.

How Can You Clear up the Storage Space?

  • For this, you can go to Settings> Data > Storage Usage and do the necessary cleaning.
  • In either case, if you use a low-end device, I would suggest you back up your photos and videos on Google or iCloud for safety.


  1. Customizing the Notifications

all whatsapp tricks

Among different WhatsApp tricks, personally, I find the customization of notifications as a really cool one. In this trick, you can customize the WhatsApp chat tone differently for a different one. Hence with this, it will become much easier for you to differentiate between different messages. And, you can respond to it as per your priority basis.


How to set up custom notifications?

  • To set up custom notifications, you can do it by tapping on the name of a particular chat and clicking on custom tone.
  • Further, you can choose the specific tone which you want, set it and access your WhatsApp on a priority basis.
  1. Decluttering WhatsApp without leaving any Group

whatsapp tricks 2018

credits: PCMag

Among all WhatsApp tricks, the decluttering operation stands as the most useful one. Why? Because it is one of the best ways to keep your WhatsApp clean by clearing all the unwanted things.

Here, you can make use of the archive feature which can come handy if you multiple groups all scattered on your WhatsApp. Further, you can hide WhatsApp groups without actually leaving them which is one of the most amazing things.

What will you need to Do?

  • You can either make any group archive by swapping a group from right to left in iOS.
  • On the other hand, in Android, you can go to the Chats Screen, tap on the chat window,
  • Hold the chat and click on the “Archive” icon present in the top bar.
  1. Exporting your favorite Chats

WhatsApp tricks

credits: Transphone

If you will ask me about the most useful WhatsApp tricks 2018, inevitably I will bring forward the exporting chat feature. In case, if you find a need for exporting the chat conversation on your computer, the exporting feature of WhatsApp can come handy in such situations.

Where can I Find the Exporting Feature?

  • You can find it by accessing the group info/contact info just by clicking on the name of a particular
  • After which, you can tap on the “Export Chat” option located in the bottom area. Further, you will be asked if you want to export with or without media. Once, you have made the decision, you can click on the Export option which will come in the zip
  • Hence, after opening the Zip file, you can read your texts in an easy and concise text format at any point in
  1. Best-Loved Messages Bookmarking

whatsapp tips online 2018

I know you must have bookmarked your favorite website links on your Browser. But, do you know you can do the same for WhatsApp Messages? Well, if not then this set of WhatsApp tricks can be much excitement for you. With WhatsApp, you can star mark your favorite messages to easily access it in the later stages.

How Can I Star Mark My favorite Message?

  • Once, you have chosen your favorite message, you can star mark it by visiting the group info.
  • After which, tap on the name of the chat and click on the star option.
  • Hence with this, you can easily bookmark your favorite message and that’s
  • Every time, if you ever like to view your important messages, what you need to do? Just visit the starred message section, view one, two or all of your starred messages.


  1. Formatting any Text Message

WhatsApp tricks

credits: DailyMail

I hope you remember the Word’s formatting feature where you have the option to format text in Bold, Italics or another format. Well, coming back to WhatsApp, you can find the same on this amazing platform itself. Yes, in this effective WhatsApp tricks, you can change your WhatsApp font text in Bold, Italic format without any issue.

Want to get a glance at these options? Here are they:

  • Bold: For making any text Bold, it will require an asterisk mark at the start as well as at the end section.

         For example: (*example*).

  • Italics: In Italics, it differs from the Bold format to some extent. Here, you can make any section italicized by starting and ending a word with an underscore.

        For example: (_example_).

  • Strikethrough: For striking through any portion of text, a tilde is required at the beginning as well at the end section.

         For example: (~example~).

Is there any other way to Format WhatsApp Text Message?

Of course, if you are using the latest version of WhatsApp, there is a much simpler way.

  • In this, just by clicking and pressing any text, you will get the Bold, Italics and the Strikethrough option.
  • After which, all depends on your needs and use.
  • You just need to tap on any of the options and the text will convert in the same.


  1. Tagging different users in Group Conversations

WhatsApp tricks

credits: BGR

Well, among different WhatsApp tricks, tagging users in a group sounds to be an interesting one, Right? In any case, if you want to draw the attention of your group members, tagging them is the sole option.

How can you Tag Anyone?

The process is a lot simpler and easy to do.

  • At first, you will need to enter “@” Symbol as you start writing the conversation.
  • After which, the user will be notified of your message as and when he will come to WhatsApp.

Important Note: The user must be only tagged in a group chat as individual chat tagging will pose no uses.

  1. Turning Off the Previews

whatsapp messenger tips

Whenever you receive a message on WhatsApp, a preview of your message pops up on your lock screen. Well, this may or may not be good depending on your privacy terms. Hence, in WhatsApp, you have the privilege to enable or disable it

How can you Turn off the Previews?

You can easily enable and disable the previews by going to Settings> Notifications> Toggle Off Show Preview.


  1. WhatsApp For Desktop and Web

WhatsApp tricks

credits: TheWindowsClub

Although everyone we might be using WhatsApp, not many know about these amazing WhatsApp tricks.  Yes, if you are the person who likes to access WhatsApp on their Desktop, the same is far more possible. Here, you have options to download WhatsApp web for either Windows or MAC.


What are the Steps to Access WhatsApp web on MAC or Windows?

  • At first, you will need to download the web version of WhatsApp on your respective MAC and Windows platform.
  • After which, you will need to scan the QR Code right from your mobile to verify your identity.
  • Again, after the whole procedure, you can easily use WhatsApp right from your desktop with whole ease and comfort.
  • As of now, WhatsApp is not available for the tablets such as iPad. However, you can still access WhatsApp on your iPad just by opening the web browser and following the above instructions.
  • In addition, there are different third-party apps which can allow you to login to your WhatsApp account and do the needful.

Wrapping Things Up: Best WhatsApp Tricks of 2018


So, there you go. I hope you have through the above WhatsApp tips online 2018 and know some of the best ones. So, what you really need to do now? Well, there is a whole plethora of things which you can do.

Move ahead, apply each of the above WhatsApp tricks on your WhatsApp and discover a whole new world of possibilities, WhatsApp has to offer.

At last, if you know any of your family members or your friends who are in search of the WhatsApp tricks, you can share this article with them too. By sharing, even they can know WhatsApp’s marvelous tricks and implement the same in their own WhatsApp.

And, in case of any query, just leave a comment and I will be grateful enough to respond to it, eagerly and sooner.



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