Whatsapp Stickers: How to Create Your Very Own Custom Stickers


It is 2018 and stickers have become the modern day norm. Almost every social media platform is coming up with amazing features. And, when it comes to Whatsapp, Yes, they are too on the same page. Hence, Whatsapp Stickers are right in front of your eyes and you must be super excited about that.

Hence, with the all-new Whatsapp stickers, you can send to your friends, family and express in a more profound way.

Although, sticker support is not a new thing and Hike has already introduced the same, years back.

Still, there are lots of things you must know about Whatsapp stickers Android.

Hence, let’s take a leap ahead and discover how to actually create Whatsapp stickers, right from scratch.

Whatsapp Stickers: Step by Step Guide to create your own Personal Stickers

whatsapp stickers

Well, before we get started, let’s talk a bit about stickers first. In a world where chatting has become a basic norm of communication, stickers are truly taking it to the next level.

Hence, the same has come on Whatsapp and you can add plenty of stickers to your friends and family members.

Thus, before we actually start, you must ensure that your Whatsapp version is the latest one and it supports sticker functionality.

Further, if still, you don’t have sticker functionality, you can enable the function forcefully.

Hence, once you are absolutely sure that you can access stickers pack, follow the given below guide to creating your own custom stickers.

Create Your Own Custom Whatsapp Stickers: Step by Step Guide

  • Step One

Go to the Google Play Store and find the app named, Sticker Maker for Whatsapp.

Or else, you can go to “bit.ly/2PMDooy” to install the app on your Android Device.

  • Step Twowhatsapp stickers

Once you have installed the app, click on the ‘Create New Stickerpack’ and enter the sticker pack name with the author name.

  • Step Three

Now, open the sticker pack and you will see an empty screen with different placeholders for ‘tray icon’.

Further, you will even get to see different third-party stickers in that one pack.

  • Step Fourwhatsapp stickers

Click on the place ‘tray icon’ placeholder and the app will automatically ask for permission to use a camera and take pictures along with the video.

  • Step Fivewhatsapp stickers

Now, choose any of your wishful images with ‘Select file’ option and take an image with ‘Take Photo’ Option.

Once you have selected the file, draw an outline for the area of the image you want to be converted into a sticker.

Here, you can use your fingers to draw an outline and pinch to zoom for a more accurate cutout.

  • Step Six

After you have successfully cut-out an image, click on “Yes, Save Sticker” option and add your desired stickers in the sticker pack.

Here, minimum count seems to be three stickers where maximum can go up to a whopping thirty.

Once, you are done with the stickers pack, click on the ‘Publish Sticker Pack’ located on the lower side at the bottom.

  • Step Sevenwhatsapp stickers

Now, clicking on the green button will give you an indication to add sticker pack on your Whatsapp.

Here, you must note that you can even technically sideload the pack on your system.

Finally, it can also be possible for you to import and export stickers among different phones.

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Wrapping Things Up: Whatsapp Stickers: How to Create Your Very Own Custom Stickers

So, there we go. I hope you must have understood an easy way to create your very own Whatsapp stickers with grace and comfort.

Hence, with this all-new feature, you are the masters of your sticker destiny and you can choose from almost any photo, make it a sticker and express in a clearer way.

Well, it certainly seems that Whatsapp is doing a pretty good job with their updates whereas pretty more are to come in the nearby future.

Till then, if you really liked this Whatsapp Stickers article, do share it with your friends, family, let them know about WhatsApp stickers. And, make their way to a whole new world of Sticker-based chatting, all over.




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