6 Best Ways To Fix Mobile Redirects on Your Android Phone Browsers(2020)

fix mobile redirects

Is it too hard to fix mobile redirects? We all know how annoying it can go when it comes to the phone redirects. That can drive us crazy almost. Imagine a situation when you open a webpage and out of nowhere an advertisement pops in and gets clicked by itself and transports you to an unknown and unwanted site as traffic.

These redirects are mostly forced on website visitors. The codes for these redirects are usually placed in an inline frame in the web page’s code and then click on themselves thereby triggering a redirect.

Sometimes these redirects not only transports you to an unwanted site but also begins the installation of malware on your mobile phone. Many times it is being installed without you being aware of it.

It is until later when the malware has started causing problems before you realize that there is a virus lurking in your mobile phone.

fix mobile redirects

So, how do you fix mobile redirects on your android phone browsers? Before getting to know the solutions to these mobile redirects from your browser let’s discuss the main reasons created in the first place.

Redirects are usually for the purpose of URL shortening, to prevent broken links, for advertising purposes, and to target specific devices.

Redirects cannot be called dangerous but they can surely be called irritating. Scammers usually use redirects to pass malware around.  If your device gets infected with dangerous software, then it might be very hard to get rid of it. So, below are our solutions for you to use to nip the redirect problem in the bud.

6 Ways to Fix Mobile Redirects on Android Phone Browser

fix mobile redirects

1. If you are using Chrome, you can use Adblock Plus from Google Play.

You can go to AdBlock Plus to install its application on your mobile. Google too has an AdBlock application but it is only available for desktop computers and not for mobile phones. But AdBlock can be a very nice option for you.

You can download the desktop version or mobile android version. This app will allow you to enjoy ad-free browsing, help you keep your data and android mobile secure, will allow only acceptable ads to display on your screen because not all Ads are bad.

Adblock Plus is free to use and allows control over web experiences. This is one of the most effective ways to fix mobile redirects on your android phone browsers.

2. Use Cleaning software to clear all unnecessary junks and data from your phone.

You can download any cleaning application from the Play Store on your mobile like CleanMaster. These applications help you clear browsing cache and also delete unnecessary data from your device.

3. Download AdLock

You can visit the official website of Adlock and download it to your handset.  If you use an Android device and you are desperate for solutions to your Ad problems, redirect problems, etc., AdLock might be able to help you.

But this extension is not free. It comes with a 14-day trial version.

After you have installed the app from their website, launch it. Tap the Menu tab on the top right corner of your mobile screen and click “check updates”. Now, click on “Update All”. Next thing is to switch to the AdLocker tab and then you enable the HTTPS filtering feature. Enabling this filtering is key to stopping the redirects on your mobile.

4. Copy and paste this text


-into your browser’s address bar for Chrome, then press “Enter”.

As you press “Enter”, you will get a dropdown menu, then click it and then click on the “Enabled” option. By selecting this option you have prohibited iFrames from taking you outside a webpage without your consent.

This works only on Chrome. And should be able to fix mobile redirects on your android phone browsers.

5. Scan your phone for viruses and malware.

You can solve this by downloading a good antivirus software on your mobile. Some good ones include Avast Mobile Security, Norton Mobile Security, etc.

These will scan your mobile phone for malware or virus which may have secretly installed in your system from redirects. It will also block malware requests, install attempts, and protect your mobile device.

6. Turn on the built-in Safe Browsing mode for Firefox in Android

Firefox provides you with a safe browsing features that you can turn on to protect yourself from redirects. Though it doesn’t protect you 100% from redirects and can be unreliable. But turning it on is a smart option whenever you are using the Firefox browser.

So, these 6 methods we recommended that can fix mobile redirects on your android phone browser. They might not be 100% effective because Google does not like users turning off Ads, but they should reduce the number of redirects and malware overall.

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