10 Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android

voice recorder apps

Nowadays technology won’t let you miss anything. As the Android device comes with a bunch of software and excellent features that make your task even more easier.

One of the interesting and cool features of every Android device is the ability to record yourself. It offers you a robotic assistance that works virtually anytime and anywhere you go.

Every Android smartphone ships with a built-in voice recorder app. They are also good but they do not come with high-end functionality and are too basic even for normal users.

You won’t find many customizable options in the pre-installed voice recorder app on Android devices. The quality of recorded audio may not match your expectation level. And the lack of features could force you to look for best voice recorder apps.

This is where Google Play store comes into play. As there are a plethora of options available on best-recording apps.

The Need Of Voice Recorder App

The need or uses of voice recorder apps may vary from person to person as the working field is different for different people.

The voice recorder apps play a vital role for students in recording lectures, for journalists to record interviews. It is also essential for singers, businessman, even simple user use it to record random ideas and thoughts. Some even set it up to record whether they talk in their sleep or not.

10 Best voice recorder Apps For Android

You don’t need to go anywhere like Amazon or Walmart to buy a voice recorder. Your smartphone is capable enough to handle it for you.

Google play store make it simpler for you as there are houses of options are available on voice recorder apps.

You might get confused between the lots of options to choose which one is suitable for you. But don’t worry, to make your work smoother and easier I make a list of top 10 best voice recorder apps.

No. 1 Easy Voice Recorder

 voice recorder apps

The easy voice recorder is a free app and your everyday companion to record important things with your Phone.

It is an ad-supported app.

This app has the ability to record audio in the background even when the screen is off. So, that you can save your battery.

Using this app is very easy. Just open the App >>  tap on the mic button >> record >> share if needed >> then close the App.

It also supports additional file formats like high-quality PCM, Mp4 and WAV file format. Also includes the space-saving AMR.

That’s why it has the ability to change the kind of file that has been recorded.

It also comes with useful widgets and shortcut supports which is very much helpful to start a quick recording.

Android wear support present on it. Which means you can record from your smartwatch.

If you want more features on an Easy voice recorder, then there is a pro version also available.

The pro version cost you a little of $3.99. After which you can enjoy features like stereo recording, Bluetooth microphone support, upload all new recording to your Google drive or Dropbox automatically.

The pro version also removes the ads from it.

Download Easy Voice Recorder Here

No. 2 Smart Voice Recorder

voice recorder apps

It is one of the cleaver voice recording apps, as the name suggests so. It is designed to record high-quality long-time sound with a simple and easy to understand interface.

This app comes with a skipping relative silence on-the-fly feature, so you can record night noises skipping the silence to use less memory and enhance battery life.

It allows you to choose the location where you want to store the recorded file in your SD card or in phone memory.

The live audio spectrum analyzer helps in best audio input and also offers you to choose the quality of the recording.

This is a great app to use in conference, business meetings and taking audio notes in class. You can also record how you sing or play the guitar, which you can use later as alarm tone, ringtone or even notification sound.

Download Smart Voice Recorder App Here

No.3 Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

 voice recorder apps

This is one of the best voice recorder app which recorder in MP3 format and takes your recording experience to the next level.

Open the app and Press the striking Red button, and you’ll immediately start recording.

You can record Personal voice notes, group discussions, band practice, concerts, lectures, talks, sermons and much more.

After the recording complete, it will automatically upload into Dropbox.

You don’t have to launch the app every time, as it comes with widget support. So, you can start, pause and resume recording in a flash with home screen widgets.

This app offers you to change your recording quality up to 320kbps. You can also record in WAV, OGG, M4A, and FLAC (experimental) formats.

Choose the mic by which you want to record. The more sensitive front microphone, or the clearer back microphone as per your need.

This app comes with built-in Wi-Fi transfer support, by which you can transfer the recorded file to your Pc wirelessly, utilizing your home Wi-Fi or device’s Wi-Fi Hotspot capability.

Hi-Q MP3 does not allow you to record phone calls but you can record voice up to 10 minutes per clip.

Download Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder Here

No. 4 Music Maker Jam

 voice recorder apps

The next app in the list of best voice recorder apps is ‘music Maker Jam’. Which let you make your own remix music and tracks.

If you are a musician or love to make remix music, then this app is the best one for you.

Don’t get confused! This app also lets you record your own vocals. You can use it at the conference, business meetings or even taking lecture notes

This app has direct integration with YouTube, sound cloud, Facebook WhatsApp and many other social media networks.

So, you can directly share your creations from the app to social media platforms.

Download Music Maker Jam Here

No.5 Voice Recorder

 voice recorder apps

This voice recorder app is easy to use and records high-quality voice files. It also records your voice in the background even when the display is off.

You can use it in your meetings, personal notes, speeches, lectures, interviews, songs etc.

Share your recording file through email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Dropbox, MMS etc. directly from the app.

This app comes with a simple and easy user interface and supports features like a live audio spectrum analyzer, mp3 encoding with adjustable sample rate 8kHz – 44 kHz and many more.

‘Voice recorder’ not support to record phone calls.

Download Voice Recorder App Here

No. 6 Call Recorder

 voice recorder apps

Call Recorder is one of the most effective voice recorder apps that let you record your phone calls automatically.

It organizes your call records. You can view all your calls with options such as list by time, group by names or group by dates.

You can mark the recorded calls to Favorite, Search, Whitelist, Blacklist etc. Then this app automatically filters the list and detect which number is whitelisted or blacklisted and record the call by default.

It both record the incoming and outgoing calls. You can also choose the source by which you want to record like microphone, voice call or the video call.

You can share the recorded clip through SMS, email, Dropbox, Skype etc.

 Download Call Recorder App Here

No. 7 Snip Back

voice recorder apps

Snip Back is a slightly different kind of Voice recorder app, which allows you to take audio notes and voice memo in a new, smart and free way.

Open this app and put your phone in listing mode, when you heard something interesting press ‘RETRIEVE AUDIO’ and Snip Back will record the last phase of audio which you like, from the past.

Avoid recording big voice files that consume extra storage, with this app record small and perfectly arranged audio notes.

With its noise reduction feature, it always records high-quality audio clips for you. If you want to keep secret any recorded file, Snip back also comes with a hidden voice recording feature!

It allows you to customize the audio quality of recorded clips and also offers to adjust the snippets (last phase audio) duration up to 30 minutes.

With this app, you can easily take video memos out of a conversation or during a conference.

You can also use it for record songs, or record yourself singing. After the record finished you will find all your saved audio memos perfectly arranged in sessions. So, you won’t face any problem to find them.

Download Snip Back App Here

No. 8 Voice Recorder Pro

voice recorder apps

Record all your important conversations like a pro.

This fully-featured and beautiful designed app record voice clips at high-quality without time limit (only limited by memory size).

You can use it as a regular dictaphone for record voice notes and memos, business meetings, interviews, lectures, speeches, concerts and even sleep talking or anything else.

It also features the live audio spectrum analyzer which helps in best audio inputs.

You can record voice notes in MP3, high-quality PCM (wav), good quality AAC (m4a/mp4) and AMR (3gp) to save space.

This app also comes with widget support, by which you can quickly access the app without launch it. It also comes with features to record in the background even when the screen is off.

Set your recording clips as ringtone, alarm and notification sound. If you want to share any recorded clip you can use email, WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social media network.

Download Voice Recorder Pro Here

No. 9 RecForge II 

voice recorder apps

This voice recorder app is specially designed for music lovers. If you are a musician or love to sing, then this app is for you.

You can record voice, note, dictation, rehearsal, meeting, lecture, music learning, EVP, studio recording and many more.

Manage your recorded files with folder rename, copy, move, delete and Sort recording clips by date, name, and size.

This app comes along with music speed changer i.e Time stretching with playing rate, pitch, and tempo adjustment.

It also features some other options like a live audio spectrum analyzer, skip silence, schedule recording, archive recording, cloud recording and many more.

It only allows you to record file for a limited time i.e 3 minutes in mp3, m4a, OGG, WMA, opus and FLAC. But for WAV format this limitation not applied.

If you want to remove the recording time limitation, you have to subscribe to its Pro version. Which cost you a little.

Download RecForge II Here

No. 10 Cogi

voice recorder apps

Last but not least. Cogi is one of the best voice recorder among voice recorder apps with some unique features that no other apps offer.

It allows its user to add images, hashtags contacts and text notes with your recording to improve focus and productivity.

There is no time limit for recording and it also allows you to go back in time up to 45 seconds to record what was already said.

You can manually set the time for when to start the recording and when to stop it. This helps you in capturing the important aspects within the recording.

Store all your recorded clips to Cogi cloud. It also Keeps your audio recordings and manages notes all in one place. So, you can find the one quickly for which you are searching.

There is also a paid version of Cogi is available, which activate an interesting feature called ‘call recording’.  After that, you can able to record both sides of Phone calls i.e incoming and outgoing.

Download Cogi App Here


So, Here is the list of 10 best voice recorder apps for Android. These apps will help you to record all your important conversations, notes and any vocal noise which you want to record.

In the busy schedule of our life, we often face the situation like ‘I did not remember what he said’, ‘Oops! I wish had recorded it’.

But by using these voice recorder apps you won’t have to regret it. Because they can record any type of voice. if you can hear it, then they can record it for you.

All the above-mentioned apps are useful with their own unique features, by which you can record all your personal and professional voice clips. Choose them as per your need and the functionality of the app.

So, which one is your favorite? Drop a line on it in the comment section. If you know any other ideal voice recorder apps for Android, then don’t forget to mention it.


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