Upcoming Phones (Top 10): Watch Out For Them in 2018


Yet another amazing line-up of the upcoming phones in mid-2018 and the Smartphone companies are competing yet another time. Right at the start of 2018, we have seen the revolutionized 18:9 aspect ratio display from the top brands. On top of that, the invention of the notch design by Apple has made the mobile companies transform like never before. Still, some of you might go GAGA! Over the previous 2018 Smartphone’s, the upcoming series will make you certainly crave for them.

Well, this time it is mid of 2018 and when it comes to the best upcoming phones, this review will be different from the rest. Altogether, this article will be like a cherry on the cake where will unveil the upcoming beast lineup of Smartphone’s, right here itself.

So, what are we waiting for?  Let us move ahead and unwrap the Top 10 upcoming phones of 2018.

Top 10 Upcoming Phones of 2018: A Review Like Never Before

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1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9


Talking about the most enchanting launches in Smartphone’s, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 falls nothing short than a masterpiece. As per Samsung, they will be launching this device on August 9. I know you have been waiting for this Smartphone and Samsung is here to turn your wondering dreams into reality.

Heading towards the specs, it will come up with its magnificent Infinity Display which is big, vibrant and marvelous. For writers and creativity, the S-Pen is a thing which every Note Series packs in. The pen comes with some great productivity features which can surely suffice your day to day schedule.

In the design department, it looks like Samsung will retain the Note 8’s design to some extent. Still, what Samsung has got in the bag for their customers, the beast will come into existence on August 9.

2 LG V40 ThinQ


To date, despite several amazing Smartphone’s from LG, the brand hasn’t been able to pick up the pace. Still, in the lineup of the upcoming phones by LG, the V40 ThinQ might do wonders for this tech giant. According to the reports, the LG V40 ThinQ will be released in September, if you believe in leaks.

In addition, leaks claim that LG will be coming up with 5 cameras on their flagship Smartphones. Well, still an illusion, LG can make such things happen in no time. More likely, this phone can come up with a triple camera set-up which will be quite extraordinary. Altogether, with the LG V40 ThinQ, the line up of new upcoming mobiles will get a new direction, for sure.


3. Oppo R17


To be honest, when it comes to turning our imaginations into reality, none other brands can compete with Oppo. I mean, their latest phone Oppo Find X was a revolution in its own. Still, the company’s hunger doesn’t end here and they are all set to launch their Oppo R17. This phone can come at any time in August, September which will please every single Oppo Fan.

Talking about the specs, like the Oppo FindX, the Oppo R17 will come up with a full-screen display. Further, a small notch will be present magnifying the display of this masterpiece. Moving at the back side, yes! It will boast two cameras whereas the fingerprint scanner will find its place, below the camera.

When we talk about the battery on the Oppo R17, the sense of VOOC charging technology makes me wonder about it. According to the speculations, this latest charging technology gives two hours of talk time with just 5 minutes of charging.

Altogether, with the Oppo R17 and its pro version, the mobile market is all set to be shaken, far more early.

4. Xiomi Mi MIX 3


Whenever we talk about the true bezel-less smartphone, Vivo and Oppo are ones which truly comes into the limelight. Still, there is one rival company which is preparing for their destruction. Well, you guessed it pretty right. It is Xiomi which is all set to rampage the market with their upcoming Smartphone’s.

Recently, Xiomi launched their Mi MiX 2 which was a global hit and people loved it to some serious extents. This time, they are all set to take the things to the next level with their Mi MIX 3. According to reports, the phone is all set to arrive in September or October.

Further, in terms of its specs, inevitably a full-screen bezel-less display, pop-up camera. And, of course, a support for wireless charging will complete the package, with pride, popularity, and enthusiasm.

5.  Apple iPhones


In the midst of some of the very best upcoming phones, who can ever forget Apple. Yes, it is that one company which has been setting some revolutionized benchmarks and is continuing to do so. Be it the all-new apple notch design or an introduction of air pods, Apple has always been the lone king.

This time, in September 2018, Apple is ready to set the stage on fire with their biggest flagship phone of 2018. Alike 2017 which was a BOOM year for Apple, this time, the company is planning to release 3 Apple iPhones.

Guessing the name of these Apple iPhones? Well, Apple hasn’t disclosed the names of any of their phone models. Hence, regardless of the names, two of those phones will come with OLED displays while the 3rd will comprise an LCD display.

At last, can 2018 be the year when we can see upcoming phones of Apple with Dual-SIM? Just wait and watch to treasure to answer.

6. Huawei Mate 20


Wonder in the previous years when there was no name of Huawei. This, time the cards have changed and Huawei is on the verge of expansion. In 2018, Huawei is set to launch their Huawei Mate 20 in the mid of October.

Further, right in the last year, Mate 10 was a gem and boasted of some serious specs. Following the same pattern, we hope that the Huawei Mate 20 can be the next best Smartphone.

Now, coming to the expectations, the phones will come with a full-featured display, the latest AI chipset. And, probably 4,200 mAh battery which will support wireless charging will give adequate juice to last 2 days long.

7. One Plus 6T


There is absolutely no doubt that the One Plus 6 is the biggest hit of the year 2018. Still, the company doesn’t seem to stop and are all set to launch their One Plus 6T. Yes, according to speculations, this masterpiece from One Plus will be arriving in the month of November

As of now, it will be too early to guess what the One Plus 6T will bring for its fans. Still, according to rumors, the phone will come along with a small notch, triple camera setup, wireless charging and pretty more exciting features.

Well, can’t wait for the One Plus 6T? so can’t I. Till then, let us wait and see what this megaphone giant has for their exciting customers.

8.Google Pixel 3


Well, whenever we talk about the upcoming phones, one of the Google phones has to come into the picture. Why? There are a plethora of reasons to justify the above statement. Apart from Google’s reputation in the Internet Industry, the company has set the flagship mobile market on sole fire. Traditionally, Google has been launching its device in the month of November. But this time, the things can be done differently.

In 2018, we can get the upcoming mobiles from Google right the start of September. Yes, I know you all are pretty excited but the case seems to become real as the days are passing. Now, among Google phones, the company will launch their Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL which will be a blast in mid-2018.

More often, the Pixel phones have been known for their simplicity.  But this time, Company is looking to add a crunch of creativity in their two upcoming phones.

While talking about Google smartphones, let us pay some heed towards its specifications, Right? Well, the Pixel 3 is rumored to come with a full 18:9 display while the Pixel 3 XL will be taller having 19:9 display.

At last, for knowing the real specs, we will have to wait for Google to unveil the same on an official day.

9. Honor Magic 2


While the Honor Magic was known as a concept Smartphone, the company is yet again on the verge to release its successor. Yes, the Honor Magic 2 will turn to reality in December which will clear all the speculations and rumors. Still, if you want to get a glimpse of the speculations, I can get you some information.

At first, the phone will have a bezel-less 2K display which will have a humongous 95% screen to body ratio. In case of the other features, it will boast of a triple camera setup and will have wires charging support, of course in any case.

10. Vivo X22


Thinking about the most number of revolutions in the year 2018, it will be Vivo to grab the first spot. Time after time, Vivo is surprising the customers with some lucrative Smartphone’s every now and then. This time, it is the Vivo X22 which will also come up with an in-display fingerprint scanner.

Still, the launching date is not specified but according to rumors, December can be the month. Will this be the device where Vivo will feature its 10GB RAM? Chill-in with your favorite show and let Vivo present you with the answer.

Final Words: Top 10 Upcoming Phones of 2018


In any case, if you were wondering about the upcoming phones in 2018, I hope you have got the answer. Needless to say, every Smartphone brand has geared on the fast-track mode. And, are coming up with brilliant yet affordable phones. “Which upcoming Smartphone will be the best?”  This time, I really can’t say which one is the best but still, I pass down the question to you.

You let me know in the comment section so as to which upcoming Smartphone will rock at the end of 2018. And, in case of any query, feel free to comment the same below without any issue.

At last, do share this article with every upcoming phones lover.  And make them feel that inch of excitement, every time they will think of the amazing upcoming Smartphone’s.



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