Types of Smartphone Displays in the Market 2020

Types Of Smartphone Displays

With the evolution of display technologies in smartphones, you are now in a position to enjoy a truly cutting edge smartphone display. While some of the latest devices feature several different types of smartphone displays, most phones have a single type of display. This article will help you determine what that type of display on your phone is.

different types of smartphone displays

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Every smartphone screen is created with different characteristics.

There are three types of smartphone displays:

  1. Flat-panel LCD: This is the display type most people are familiar with and will have the most in common with the iPhone, the HTC First, and the Samsung Galaxy S. The display has pixels that are even and has a wide viewing angle.
  2. Retina display: Retina displays utilize a reflective layer of glass, which is less prone to backlight reflections than the LCD. This makes for crisper, more detailed images and gives phones a higher viewing angle.
  3. Tri-panels: Tri-panels are new to the smartphone scene and are a type of LCD that contains three separate layers of LCD or Plasma. The layers vary in intensity and can change the way the display is lit, making it easier to adjust for different display configurations.
  4. Low light: Low light is a kind of screen display where the display displays darker images that are necessary for use in low light conditions. This is a display type where the screen cannot be used in all situations.
  5. One common display types in smartphones are the multi-touch display. These screens have touch-sensitive buttons and large amounts of the viewing area. While they offer some conveniences, these are not typically the primary purpose of these displays and they are not used nearly as much as the others.
  6. Second Generation: This is where the keyboard and device’s user interface are combined to form a single screen. The keyboard is integrated into the display, giving the screen a larger viewing area.
  7. The Touch Panel: In a Touch Panel, the keyboard is integrated with the touch panel on the iPhone.

This is where most people find that the market is going in regards to displaying technology. The displays are not so different from each other as they are based on the LCD or Plasma technology that has been around for several years.

It is just that the newer types have taken the idea of integrated screen displays to the next level by merging the display into the keyboard.

One of the biggest benefits of having a second display is that you can give users more flexibility and some of the best features that can be offered by these types of displays.

These features are the touch screen and multi-touch. Of course, while having an integrated keyboard offers greater functionality in several cases, the multi-touch screen offers the ability to surf the internet, send emails, manage your contacts, and more.


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