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The process of plagiarism has been there in the world from a very long time. Plagiarism means taking someone else’s content or work and using it yourself for some benefit without even crediting the real author or creator for it. Plagiarism is wrong and unethical. If your goal is to rank a website on Google, then its damaging for your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as well and would make it impossible for you to rank your website.

Plagiarism is copy-paste of content you want to cover and you took it from someone else’s website. We can also call this stealing of content.

If you are ever writing a content for a website or bog, you should always  write unique content and should take  a plagiarism test before you upload it. Even if you think, that it is your content there is no harm in going through a plagiarism test once to double check the content’s authority.

So here are the Top 10 Free plagiarism Checkers to avoid uploading copied content.


paperrater plagiarism checker tool

PaperRater plagiarism checker is a well-known website and has a good authority as well. Make sure to tick to include plagiarism checker as it basically is a content checker.

The plagiarism check is very accurate but it might take  a little bit extra time than others.

It includes a various other results other than plagiarism report such as grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and grade of content.



duplichecker plagiarism checker

This is also a well-known plagiarism tool .Duplichecker takes less time to give the results. It also has many other features such as spelling checker and grammatical mistakes checker.

It is a very to use tool . You just have to copy paste your content into the text-box provided by them.

But the only drawback is that there is 1000 word limit to  this tool. You can divide your content and check plagiarism in turns if your content is more than 1000 words.



plagscan plagiarism checker tool

PlagScan is also a great tool to use but it is more suitable for students.It works fine for online content as well.

You have to ‘Create an Account’ and then use select a free trial but this tool only provides you 20 free scans with the free trial.

This software also saves your previous scans so that you can access them anytime.

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copyleaks plagiarism checker tool

CopyLeaks is one of the most accurate plagiarism checker on the web. You have to ‘Create an Account’ before you start using it. It offers only 10 scans a month. So this might be unsuitable for many people who  generate a lot of content.

You can check  your content by uploading a URL to check  from, uploading a folder or just upload plain text.

You get a similar feature like in PlagScan to see your previous scans.



plagiarisma plagiarism checker tool

Plagiarisma is  one of the plagiarism checker or a plagiarism tool for online content and blog posts. It makes very easier to check whether the content is copied or unique.

It supports more than 190+ languages. It only takes minutes to  check  your content and you  will know from where the content has been copied and which part was copied.



quetext plagiarism checker tool

Quetext is one of the most easy-to-use and widely used plagiarism checker software. It lets you copy paste the content and will provide you results in seconds.

One of the drawbacks  of this plagiarism tool is  that  it doesn’t let you add links or folders to scan so  it is very unknown from where the content would be scanned from.

Quetext also highlights the unique content and plagiarized content.


Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker is a good plagiarism tool but the website containing this tool is outdated.  It directly takes you to Google pages and use checker to find duplicate content on Google onnly.

Though you can choose Yahoo if you want the tool to check your content from there as well.

It is an ideal free plagiarism checker for SEO.


plagium plagiarism checker tool

Plagium is plagiarism checker free tool. It works fine for online content but not for academi papers as it only searches the Google Index pages.

In this online plagiarism tool you just have to copy and paste the content and it will show the results quickly. But there are no option like plagiarism checker for PDF.

There is an option to perform ‘Deep Search’ , but that feature is’t free.

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Plagiarism Checker-Small SEO Tools

small-seo-tools plagiarism checker tool

This Plagiarism checker free tool by Small SEO Tools is a widely used tool that provides you results quickly just below where you upload or copy and paste your content.

It also has the option to check using PDF or scan a specific URL.. This is one of  the best plagiarism checker for PDF.

It has a 1000 word limit and it shows result using percentage of unique and plagiarised content.

Search Engine Reports

search engine reports plagiarism checker tool

Search Engine Report has been added to this list because of its ability to upload files from Google Drive.

There are many drawbacks such that the ads are just close to  the buttons, it makes it very difficult to use.You can use it as an alternative to Small-SEO-Tools




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