The Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Have A Dedicated AI Unit

Samsung Galaxy S10

AI race is on trending. You will see the widespread horizon of AI everywhere. We have also see the impact of AI on the mobile industry. From AI selfi to AI based OS every traditional technology is migrating to the new AI technology.

Mobile phone manufacturers like Apple, Xiamoi, Huawei etc. have already started their race towards the AI.

Samsung has little bit behind the AI race. As Samsung uses its own Exynos processor we have not seen any significant change for AI in it.

Apple A12, Huawei’s Kirin 980 has already ahead in the race. In fact, Huawei also claims that it’s Kirin 980 processor is powerful than Apple’s A12 bionic chip.

We have already seen the power of Apple’s A12 bionic chip in the latest iPhone XS and X Max. Note that Huawei will introduce the powerful Kirin 980 processor in its upcoming Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro.

Samsung’s flagship models like Galaxy S9 or Note 9 is lack of AI and the processor is not made according to the latest AI trend. Samsung Galaxy S10 May fill the gap.

However, it is not too late. Samsung has already realized it and make the debut of AI in the upcoming Exynos 9820. We may say that it is the flagship chip of Samsung.

Upcoming Exynos 9820 flagship chipset

The Korean giant is ready for the race. It will introduce the second generation of its own dedicated neural processing unit (NPU) chip in Samsung Galaxy S10. It is suggested by various sources.

Recently, a LinkedIn profile bio of one of its former employees below.

It should handle all the current Vision Processing Unit (VPU) chip’s tasks as well. So it will give more optimized and more multifunctional hardware.

Samsung Galaxy S10

In the US, Samsung utilizes Qualcomm chips for its phones. Qualcomm is also preparing to push an NPU on its own upcoming flagship chipset. This may be the Snapdragon 8150.

Samsung is looking to coordinate between its Exynos and Snapdragon device variants.

The entire mobile industry is putting extra effort into AI processing. This is capable to handle corresponding hardware and the workloads. Both Huawei and Apple currently battling to acquire this space.

According to Gsmarena, The A12 Bionic has its 8-core Neural Engine, capable of 5 trillion operations per second, while the Kirin 980 has a new Dual NPU that can process 4500 pictures per minute.

Samsung Galaxy S10


Race to AI is still open. All phone manufacturer is preparing their weapons for this battle.

Throughout the years, Samsung is completely ignoring the AI. Now it is back and up to the race.

We may expect the Exynos 9820 flagship chipset in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10.

As consumers, we can expect better photography, smarter battery management, and a wide range of other AI-enhanced functionalities in this. Let’s wait and see what will Samsung interduce in 2019 in its flagships rage phones like S10 or Note 10.


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