Latest Android Games (August 2018) For Every Passionate Gamer

latest Android games

While there is an endless debate between Apple’s iOS and Android Games, Android certainly seems to have an edge over Apple. Well, wondering about the reasons, there is a plethora list which explains the same. Out of which, it is the gaming section which truly separates, the “Best From the Rest”. Yes, in this criterion, Android has an edge in offering some of the latest Android games, every single day.

Nevertheless, there are over a thousand games available for Android. Be it the lone shooting game or the adrenaline Asphalt 9, each game brings tons of excitement for their users.

Well, wondering about the best android games in the latest section? No need to worry as I will cover it for you right in this article. Can’t wait? So can’t I. Let’s hope down into the topic and discover the true gem games of 2018.

Discover the Latest Android Games of 2018


Racing Games


latest Android games

credits: iTunes

If you are willing to burn rubbers out on the racing track, nothing can be the best racing game than Real Racing 3. In this game, you can witness wide racing tracks and cars running aggressively to beat each other. In addition, with countless opportunities to be the number one, you will feel that inch while paying this game.

Overall, with tons of customizations all around you, Real Racing 3 is one of the best latest android games, for sure.

Download From: Download Real Racing 3


free download games for android mobile phone

Who can forget the Asphalts game, a game full of excitement, thrill, and gush at every single level. Well, this time, the company has taken it one step ahead and has come up with the Asphalt 9 Legends. Further, just like the previous Asphalt games, this one will provide an all-new set of racing experiences.

Right in the game, you can get hands on your favorite supercars, drive them and turn your beautiful racing dreams into reality.

Download From: Google Play

Adventure and Action Games


latest android games

In any case, if you are a fanatic of Zelda, then Oceonhorn can be one of the best latest android games for you. Right in this game, you can witness amazing graphics, a smoother set of controls and a storyline which brings new sets of excitement.

In addition, the solid soundtrack boasting of a narrative nature makes the game-play, marvelous than ever before.

Download From: Google Play



android games free download for mobile phone

Brought to you by developers, Square Enix, the “Life is Strange” is already a huge hit on iOS. Finally, the game is coming to Android making every other game shiver due to its growing popularity.

Here in this android game, you get everything right in your hands and you are the master of your own destiny. You are MAX and having the power to rewind time will surely make you love every bit of the gameplay.

Download From: Google Play



android games download

credits: Google Play Store

Wondering about the free download games for android mobile phone, stay your eyes at the Dragon Ball Legends. With Dragon Ball Z series causing havoc of popularity all over the world, the developers have made their mind to kick-start their Android gaming campaign.

Well, in this game, you will get to see tons of different levels, the ability to choose characters.  And playing in portrait mode will be a sizzling experience, all over.

All in all, if you are a Dragon ball Fan, nor I or anyone can stop you from playing this game, for sure.

Download From: Google Play


First-Person Shooter


latest Android games

credits: Express

Talking about one of the biggest hit latest android games will bring PUBG straight into the limelight. Yes, that’s true. Regardless of your gaming category, playing PUBG is a never-ending experience. SkyDown into the Erangel Island, search for your opponents and take them down one after another.

Although the controls are a little difficult to use, you will understand and get used with time. Till date, if you want the best First-Person Shooter Game, the “GREAT PUBG” is your sole answer.

Download From: Google Play



latest Android games

Being a retired Orbit Vanguard Alliance Soldier is an experience, you will mesmerize throughout your lives. Well, you can relive the same experience in the NOVA LEGACY game. Here, options are tons so as the enemies.

Fight back the battles alone, be the lone king or die to be a sheep. Talking about the storyline, it revolves around an alien force who are on the verge to destroy the humanity.

Looking closely, you will find this game as a lot more similar to the Android’s Halo. Last but not the least, you have the multiplayer option making this game, a must playable one from the latest Android games.

Download From: Google Play



latest Android games

I bet you remember the first INTO THE DEAD game which was a global hit of the previous years. This time, the company has added a crunch of creativity and have come up with INTO THE DEAD 2 game. This game boasts of a pure zombie killing experience where possibilities are endless, so are YOU.

In addition, along the way, you can pick up some of the most powerful weapons. And, go on an endless zombie killing journey all across the jungle.

Download From: Google Play

Platformer Games


latest Android games

Time after time, the Sonic series has amused the gamers, without a single penny of doubt, Right? Well, the company seems to never end their streak and is yet again with, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, if you are willing to get android games free download for mobile phone, this one is a gem choice.

Further, riding into this game, you will drive across the racing fever having different characters at your rescue. Hence, collect rings, defeat your enemies and make your name, in the world of SONICS.

Download From: Google Play


best free android games

Willing to get your eyes on the highest creativity game? Look nowhere else than the BADLAND game. This is one of those few latest android games which boasts of a creative design gameplay.

Here in this game, you will find hedgehog-like characters which will take you on an amazing BADLAND Journey. At last, in an attempt to teem in wild-life, escaping will be the last option, for you.

Download From: Google Play


Role-Playing Games


latest android games

credits: todoentertainment

If hacking and slashing your way through demons, zombies is your craze, take a look at the ETERNIUM game. This amazing game has got everything to take you at the very edge of your seats.

Right in this game, fight with all the zombies, demons and make your way to eternity. While there are some of the in-app purchases, developers have made this gameplay free to the highest extent.

Download From: Google Play



latest Android games

I bet, every Pokémon lover must have remembered the year 2017 which was a blast for the Pokémon GO Game. While you know the basics of this game, the Pokémon GO has a lot more to offer in the year 2018.

Right through your Camera Lens, you can capture your favorite Pokémon, win the battles with him and become the next LONE King.

Eager to know what POKEMON GO has got in 2018, you will need to install the game and discover on your very own.

Download From: Google Play


Arcade Games

R-TYPE ($2)

latest Android games

Willing to play a side-scrolling shooter game? The R-Type game will remind you of the 1980’s era. Right from the start, the R-Type game is full of challenges where you are the pilot of a small spacecraft.

Further, you will need to attain victory across eight levels where each of the levels will have its own boss.

Hence, as a shooter, you will need to become a master in your shooting skills. All in all, with power-ups and your shooting skills, you can expect an exciting adventure to go all guns blazing, all over the gameplay.

Download From: Google Play



latest Android games

While some of the latest android games have gone past graphics, there is Pac Man which is still standing heads strong. For a period of nearly four decades, the Pac Man series is providing some sense of enthusiasm and excitement to the users.

Here, the Android Pac-Man App comes with the original format & adding few levels, completes the whole gameplay package.

Download From: Google Play

Endless Running Games


latest Android games

Who isn’t a fan of the all-time famous Mario Game? Yes, since our childhood days, we all loved to play Mario Games on our Small Nintendo devices. This time, the era has changed and this amazing game is available for Android too.

Originally, this game was available for the iPhones. But, as of now, even the Android users can enjoy lure benefits of Super Mario Run. I really can’t say much about this game as you more than me.

Hence, it is one of the most revolutionized attempts by Nintendo which will make this game, a global success much sooner.

Download From: Google Play



latest Android games

After attaining success on the iPhone OS, the Alto’s Odyssey is heading towards Android Smartphone. Hence, if you are looking for free download games for android mobile phone, the ALTO’s ODYSSEY can be an absolute choice. Why? Because of this game packs in every possible feature which makes it much exciting, vibrant and addictive.

In addition, you can bounce back on the hot air balloons, discover some magnificent destinations. And, make every single gameplay of yours, worth every time.

Download From: Google Play


Sports Games


latest Android games

Over the course of time, the Pro evolution soccer series has gained immense popularity and is still running like a dark horse. While this game has been played on PC and Play Station, it is available for the mobile phones too.

Be it the iOS or Android, Pro Evolution soccer has got everything to amuse every kind of user. This time, their latest Android game is the Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 which is promising loads of exciting gameplay.

Although, this game is free, there are certain In-app purchases which you are free to make to buy your best-loved players.

Download From: Google Play


latest Android games

credits: distinctivegames

Last but not the least, in the latest android games download section, the Hockey Nation 18 has to be in this listing section. While the Winter Olympics are over, there seems to be no end for a game like Hockey.

On Android devices, people are playing hockey games with full craze and enthusiasm.

Hence, jumping right into the Hockey Nation 18 game, you can play as one among the 40 North American Teams, 19 International teams, and 27 Russian League teams.

On a more essential note, if you are a lover of ice hockey, this game will suffice your burning desire to massive extents.

Download From: Google Play


Wrapping Things Up: Latest Android Games (August 2018)


So, there we go. Wondering throughout the latest android games, I hope you have chosen one, two or all of them. Hence, for your simplicity and ease of choosing, I gave a glimpse of the Android game reviews.

Now, what’s next? All is left up to you. Being a master of your own gaming life, choose your wishful category android game. And unleash your gaming experience to new heights of adrenaline gush and glory.

Last but not the least, you can share this article with your gamer friends and let them know the latest Android games much sooner. Till then, you can share your comments below and I will be glad to respond them to the quickest possible manner.




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