Spotify Launch a Special Premium Plan for couples


Spotify has always been looking for opportunities to increase their premium subscriptions. This time Spotify has launched a Premium Plan for couples and has made easier for couples who are living together and are willing to  share the cost of a premium membership while merging their music taste as well.

What are the offers in this Special Spotify Premium Plan?

With this Premium Duo, Spotify will create a special playlist to incorporate music that the couple like and this playlist will update regularly as well. The software will create a playlist that both of the partners like as Spotify knows what person likes individually. People can anytime switch between an upbeat or chill playlist in Spotify.

If you already are a Single Premium member, you can anytime upgrade to Premium Duo and it won’t effect your preferences and existing playlist. Premium Duo is only $2 cheaper than the Spotify Family Plan membership and it can support up to 6 accounts.

The Family Plan also provides same features ass this Premium Duo. If you don’t have to buy any, then the single membership costs $9.99.

Spotify ha always been coming out with cool plans to increase their userbase. They have tried to create a premium plan for every other person with different needs. They have also  provided student discounts and a kids app through the family plan and now a plan for couples.


Subscription now is very important for Spotify due to this Covid-19 pandemic the revenue budget for ads have gone down for many companies and so it has affected Spotify as well. In the recent earning reports by Spotify that it has lowered revenue guidance for the year too.

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This is one of the reason Spotify is giving exciting features to subscribers only so that more and more people would want to become premium members. Premium members can share DJ duties with anyone in their vicinity and hide songs from playlist. Spotify has also  given HULU subscription free  and a Google Home Mini to its Premium members.

Spotify hopes that one day everyone will become their premium member.

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