Bose SoundLink Micro Review: Best Portable Bose Bluetooth speaker

Bose Bluetooth Speaker

The seasons are changing at a relentless pace and you might be thinking,” Should I Upgrade to a Portable Bluetooth Speaker?” well, if the question matches with your thought process, you have surely come onto the right place. Here, right in this article, we will be going to review the Bose SoundLink Micro which is one of the best Bose Bluetooth Speaker available in the market.

Well willing to find is this guy the one for your Sound Thirst? Let us move ahead and discover a whole in-depth review of the Bose SoundLink Micro.

Bose Bluetooth Speaker: Bose SoundLink Micro Review

Bose Bluetooth Speaker

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What it is Like to Have a Bose SoundLink Micro?

Starting with the color lovers, the SoundLink Micro comes in midnight blue, black and orange color. To be honest, all these colors look elegant on the Bluetooth speaker and you will enjoy with each of them. Further, moving ahead, the soft rubber finish makes it a gem to hold the speaker in hand. In addition, the rubber grip even protects it from the harsh environmental factors.

Not only this Bose wireless speaker can withstand spills, it can even run under a full submersion experience for nearly 30 minutes. Well, thanks to the IPX7 rating which keeps it alive even in deep water conditions? Now, unlike the UE Roll 2 Speaker, this Bose Bluetooth Speaker doesn’t float due to its rubber built.

Well, for shower Lovers, the Bose SoundLink Micro is a must go choice. With this little beast, you can immerse yourself into an endless shower disco experience. In addition, play your favorite music and make your bathing much more exciting and cheerful.

I know some of you might be thinking, Will the speaker play music being submerged? Well, I have got the answers for that too. Though the audio quality is not that good, still, you can get above average audio quality with this little beast.

Further, I checked my Google Assistant on the Bose SoundLink Micro Speaker in a submerged state and couldn’t get it done. But, while out of the water, the speaker works flawless and handles the amazing reputation of Bose speakers.

Sure sure, without any doubt, this Bose Bluetooth Speaker water-proofing ability is amazing and quite impressive. What’s even more exciting is that the SoundLink Micro has the ability to enter the Speakerphone mode. With this, you can take up calls while your phone is left lonely in another room. In terms of its Mic Quality, it is pretty fine and I had no sorts of issues with that.

Well, Got an Insight on the Bose SoundLink Micro, Right? Still, there is much More to the Story

Bose Bluetooth Speaker

Again, in this part of the section, we will be reviewing each and every element of the Bose SoundLink Micro. Seems that you are pretty excited, so am I. Hence, without wasting any further time, let’s dive in.

An In-depth Review of Bose Bluetooth Speaker: SoundLink Micro

  1. Design

Bose Bluetooth Speaker

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Unlike every bose wireless speaker, the SoundLink Micro has come up with a pretty different sort of plan. It is compact, portable and can fit-in almost everyone’s pocket with whole ease and comfort. Further, having a rating of the IPX7, it can survive water splashes and even a shower will do no harm.

Moving ahead with the design part, this Bose Bluetooth Speaker is covered all over with the Rubber Exterior. Well, there is a reason for everything and the same stands for the Rubber Exterior too. With such a rubber exterior, water finds it really tough to enter into the speaker regardless of any trial. In addition, it also protects the internal components of the speaker which is yet another amazing thing.

Coming down to the port of SoundLink Micro, there is only one for Battery Charging. It is a Micro-USB Port which comes handy in inserting the USB pin and charging the speaker’s battery.

When it comes to the Micro Grills, the control on the SoundLink Pro is minimal and efficient. One control is on top for amplifying the sound frequency while the other one is a passive radiator. Further, with the addition of the passive radiator, it provides an additional thump which is useful in many cases.

Different Buttons Available

As with every bose Bluetooth speaker portable, the SoundLink Micro packs almost the same thing. The controls are minimal and you will find no difficulty in using them. Here, you will find a Power and the Bluetooth Button on the side of the Micro Speakers. Further, there is an LED power level indicator which comes handy in power-charging conditions.

Right on the top, you will find the Volume Buttons which use, you know it pretty well. Hence, moving ahead, there is a button which you can use to Play/Pause or move forth, back any song. Wait, the button’s functionality doesn’t end here itself as it provides something much more than that. Yes, the button can be used to provide you a direct access to Google’s Assistant. Isn’t this thing amazing? Yes, it truly is.

Verdict on Design

While the amazing SoundLink Bose Bluetooth Speaker is designed to perfection, you will love to carry it in your hand. While placing it on a hard surface, there is an addition of the Silicon Strap, “whose use is truly amazing”. With the built-in Silicon Strap, you can mount it to your hard surface, handlebars, and BOOM! You can now release off your hands, listen to your favorite music in a hand’s free manner. All in all, the design of the SoundLink Micro is up to the mark and lovable in every possible case.

Hold On! Performance and Connectivity Information is On the Way…


  1. Performance and Connectivity

4- Connectivity and Performance

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When it comes to the connectivity scenario, the Bose SoundLink Micro is a complete gem. It is much easier to connect your speaker to wishful Smartphone’s, tablets and more such devices. Well, all thanks to the Company’s Bose Connect App which is improving and providing new features to the consumers? Moving ahead, in the Bose soundlink Micro review, whenever you will pair this Bluetooth speaker, it will provide you with audio prompts. In addition, switching between the paired devices is flawless and I got no issues too in this case.

In any case, if you don’t want to connect via the Bose Connecting app, you are left with other options. Kick-off the app, bring in the old-school pairing method and you are good to go without any problem.

Performance That Matters

I hope you have gone through the connectivity factor of the Bose SoundLink Micro and understood it quite nicely. Hence, here we are into an essential phase of our article. Yes, it is about the Performance and almost every one of us wants it to be the very best.

To be honest, there is a whole plethora list of a collection of the Bluetooth speakers. But, when it comes to Bose Bluetooth Speaker, the bar of performance is bound to increase. Unlike other wireless Bluetooth speakers, which are bulky and provide a good performance, the SoundLink Micro is a lot different. It is much lighter, compact and still provides sound quality at the highest level.

As compared with the size of the SoundLink Micro, the sound quality is truly exceptional and amazing. In addition, for keeping the disruptive sounds away at the back door, Bose has introduced the Digital Signal processing into the speaker. Hence, regardless of your volume level, you will find no distortion in any case. Be it at the 50% or at full blast volume, enjoy and rejoice in your favorite music, all over.

As per my tests, I used my iPhone 7 Plus and connected it with the Bose SoundLink Micro. Here, I kept the sound level at 70 percent and still the audio was crisp and no distortion was present. Surprisingly, there was a great level of separation and I felt the bass vibrating my forearm every now and then.

Still, at the extreme levels, distortion starts creeping in but still is manageable and soothing to the eye. All in all, inducing components in a Micro Speaker is a tough ask. Still, Bose has made it far more to a level of perfection.

  1. Battery Life

We are here in the mid-stage of the SoundLink Bose Bluetooth Speaker review and here comes an essential part. Yes, the Battery, For how long will the Bluetooth Speaker Last has been a question for ages. Well, we have got the answers for that too.

To be honest, the battery on the Bose SoundLink Micro is a little disappointing. The speaker is said to offer 6 hours of playback time but at the volume of 50%, you will get nearly 5 hours of playback time. Still, this is manageable if you don’t go by the written stats.

On the basis of Bose, a 1A power source will take around 4 hours to completely charge itself while a 1.5A will do it in 3 hours. Hence, the ratio of Charge time to playback time, possible not that Great.

Again, after every darker side, there comes a good side too. With the SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker, you can play your favorite music while charging. Yes, I am sure this thing fascinates you where you can use a power bank while away and still listen to music.

Naturally, doing the above thing will consume time and will take the charging time to a farther extent.

It May be Called Micro but Isn’t Micro When it Comes to Sound

bose bluetooth speakers amazon

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Yeah! This bose wireless speaker goes pretty load regardless of the environmental condition. For any user, just tickle in the volume up and you will get quality sound without any sorts of disruption in any case. Though it will fail to entertain in large parties, still, this pocket dynamite is a good choice for smaller parties.

Further, its minimalistic design gets away as soon as you will hear its bass. Having the volume level maxed out, I felt the vibrating moment and enjoyed every pinch of music. Again, keeping the volume below 60% lessens the sound quality.

Different Environment Testing

In an indoor environment, the speaker sounds at the highest perfection level. With such an amazing sound, the walls also vibrate which can make you feel every bump of the beats. On the contrary, while testing the SoundLink Micro Bose Bluetooth Speaker in the outdoor condition, I saw the other side of it. At the very first glance, the sound went into the treble mode and ambient noise interruption was a common cause. Here, you can just increase the volume and listen to your music in most of the cases.

During Biking, wind becomes increasingly loud and the SoundLink Micro fails to cope up in this case. Still, the volume helps a lot in such conditions and you can get decent quality audio fighting against the wind. Though, this amazing bose Bluetooth speaker mini can be wrapped around the handlebar section. Being said that, if you don’t want to use earphones, the SoundLink Micro is a good option to go for.

Who is it for?


  • Hiking Freaks

This sounds interesting, right? Well, owning the SoundLink Micro for trekkers is one of the best choices. What do you need? Just a bag and this small beast are smart enough to latch onto that. Well, it will just ask you to go on a long adventure to showcase its marvelous sound quality, for sure. Further, be it rain or anything, the IPX7 certification can protect the SoundLink Micro without any issue.

  • Bikers

I bet, most of you must have thought to ride your motorcycle hearing to music in the hands-free mode, right? Well, with the presence of the SoundLink Micro, this job of yours has become a lot easier. The SoundLink Micro makes pretty good use of the handlebars present on your bike. Well, you can attach them to the handlebar and that’s it. All you need is to turn on your favorite music and listen to your favorite song, along the way.

  • Students

Well, the amazing benefits of this Bose Bluetooth Speaker don’t seem to end. And, here, were are back with yet another advantage. For students, from class parties to timeless place music, the SoundLink Micro does a pretty decent job. This Micro speaker hardly consumes space and you can play it in your own desired location. Despite its minute size, the Micro plays pretty loud music, more than enough to rock any average party.

Pros of Bose SoundLink Micro


  • Rugged and weatherized scenario up to the mark

With the availability of rubber finish all over the Bose Bluetooth speaker mini, you don’t have to worry about its durability. It is tough, rigid and you can carry it anywhere, without any sorts of issue.

  • Pleasant Audio Production All the Way

Keep the Volume at 50% or make it to the max level, song quality has always been up to the mark. Further, there is a good separation between voices and all that you get is a clearer and crisp sound, for sure.


  • Parable with a second SoundLink Micro

In case of you are interested in Stereo sound, the SoundLink Micro has got a booster here itself. By connecting with a different SoundLink, you can enjoy the amazing stereo sound quality right from the Bose Bluetooth Speaker.

  • Portable in Size

Be it your tiny pocket or your school bag, the SoundLink Micro has got it all to fit in any desired location.

  • IPX7 Certified

Want to play in water splashes or heavy rain, SoundLink Micro can come at the rescue in such situations. You can carry it in watery conditions and the sound quality will still not degrade at any cost.

Cons of Bose SoundLink Micro


  • Production of Monophonic Sound unless you connect it with a second speaker
  • The occurrence of Low-Frequency distortion whenever the volume reaches its max state
  • Unavailability of auxiliary audio input and output
  • Nearly Par-Level battery Life
  • Issues with the Latency
  • Sound Quality degrades when the volume reaches above 60%
  • Doesn’t Support 360 Degree sound

Final Verdict: SoundLink Micro Bose Bluetooth Speaker


So, after spanning through a detailed review of the amazing SoundLink Micro speaker, it is time for the final word of mouth. Well, if you are the person who likes to travel a lot, this Bluetooth speaker can be a good choice for you. It is light-weight, compact and produces the desired sound quality, for sure.

Considering the above factors, the SoundLink Micro is a gem for travelers. You can roam with it all day and still, its durability mark stands headstrong. For those who are willing to buy this Bose Bluetooth Speaker, go ahead without much issue.

It is a great choice for sound listeners and is the best in the given price segment. Moreover, there are still plenty of other options open too for your viewability.

Want to Buy? You can purchase it from Amazon, Here is the Link to the same: BoseSoundLink Micro

“One Sentence Answer?” Go for the SoundLink Micro Speaker if Money doesn’t bother you. In the end, going with the best one is everyone’s priority and SoundLink Micro Stats are inevitably worth every penny.



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