Sony Aibo – The Robot Dog

Sony Aibo

After a long time interval now Sony introduced its latest robotic dog from the Sony Aibo series of model number “ERS-1000”.

Sony was once recognized as the biggest giant of the electronic market. With its quality products, it attracted lots of attention.

But in the past few years, it struggled a bit to maintain the same frame.

Now the electronic giant backing up itself by relaunching its Pet-robot project AIBO. It was stopped in the year 2006.

AIBO – the name come from Artificial Intelligence RoBOt and is also for the Japanese word “Companion or Friend”.

For those people who want a robot as their Pet, ERS-1000 is the best option out for them. Though pets are parts of our society but train and maintain them properly is a bit difficult task.

But Sony Aibo comes with proper training. Not exactly training but with many commands. By which you can collab with it easily.

You don’t have to excuse sweating a lot, just spell the commands and it will behave accordingly.

Sony Aibo ERS-1000 is not the first model of Pet-dog from the giant. Before stopped the production in 2006, Sony has brought ‘9’ number of robot-puppies into the market. Which had created a lot of craze among the people?

History Of Sony AIBO

Let’s come and take a look at how the evolution took place in the AIBO – project over time to time with the development of technology.


It is the 1st member of the AIBO series was released on May 11, 1999.

With snoop like appearance, it created remarkable jinks In the market and sold out within 20 minutes after launched.

Only 3,000 units for Japan and 2, 000 units for the USA are manufactured by the company.

The price of ERS-110 was 250,000 YAN at that time.


AIBO ERS-111 is the 2nd member of AIBO series. With some improvements, it was launched in November in the same year of lunch ERS-110.

This time the company had produced 10,000 Units and all are sold out within a few minutes of lunch.

The company had come with 3,000 units for Japan and all were bought in just 17 sec of lunch.

With that, you can guess what kind of eccentricity the Sony AIBO made on the market.

There two ERS-110 and ERS-111 are the First generation Sony AIBO, models


With the grand impact of the First generation AIBO models, the company decided to lunch the second generation of AIBO modes into the market.

To reduce the gap between AIBO and its owner, ERS-210 came with features like voice recognition, touch sensor, facial LEDs and better mobility.

It was launched in October 2000 and looked like a cub. It was available with red, white, black, silver, gold, blue, green colors.


The LATTE and MACARON models were added to AIBO series in September 2001.

The LATTE version was decent with its features but sweet and was available in cream-colored. But the MACARON is cute and was available in black color.


With some improvements, smooth and futuristic look ERS-220 (nickname – RoboDog) was launched in November 2001.

It can be controlled by an optional wireless LAN card. It included a slew of highly advance actions with 1.5 hours of continuous performance.

With many lights and sensors, it was available at 180,000 YAN.


They both look alike, so it is pretty much difficult to distinguish between them. But the improvement with CPU makes them unique.

Both are available at $1299.

ERS-210, ERS- 300 and ERS-220 makes the complete second generation AIBO series.

Before stopped producing the AIBO robot-dogs in 2006, the company had already completed the third generation series with ERS-7, ERS-M2, and ERS-M3.

The ERS-7 is more sophisticated than its previous AIBOs, which Sony wishful to relate as a dog.

It is the first AIBO from the giant which look like a puppy. With white color, nearly hour-glass figure, more curved, canine-like face, translucent ears, floppy and a tail. Which are enough to look alike as a natural puppy.

The main moto of discontinued the AIBO robot-project along with some other products in the year 2006 is too high up the profit of the company.

Now a decade later the old monk came back with fourth generation AIBO robot model- ERS-1000. It was launched on 11 January 2018 in Japan?

With more advanced mechatronics and AI, the AIBO is able to develop from a newborn puppy to an adult. Not in size but in personality.

Sony Aibo
It can identify up to 100 faces and remember the conversion with people, which later help him to become a unique personality. Due to the Artificial Intelligence, the newborn canine can able to recognize its owner’s voice, respond to the touches and shows its emotions.

With highly-evolved cameras and sensors it can map your house and move accordingly and able to go to its charging station by itself.

Design Of AIBO ERS-1000

It is the second model after ERS-7 which looks exactly like a ‘puppy’ and more natural.

With the cute rounded appearance and Ivory white color, it looks rich.

It includes 400 parts, 22 actuators, OLED eyes sparkling with a cleaver twinkle to show its feelings.

With the use of the same AI that uses in self-driving cars and the sensors, it shows its love and response towards its owner.

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It shows great movements and imitates the actions of a real dog. Through the combination of eye, ear, tail and with different voice it expresses its body language.

With time to time, it learns from its owner’ behavior, expression, words of Praise, similes and remembers them. Slowly but surely is aware of these and respond to the situation accordingly.

Sony Aibo

The new AIBO has two fish-eye camera one on his nose and another one is near the tail. Both are work on sensors to detect sound and image and also able to identify its owners face. Thanks to the Sony’s deep learning technology.

With simultaneously localization and mapping technology (SLMT), Sony Aibo able to detect its surrounding. The camera near the tail helps it to understand the space around him.

According to Sony, AIBO is like a real dog and it won’t do the things that you ask him even though it knows you.

It comes with 64-bit quad-core processor, 4-microphones to listen to your voice and commands, 4G LTE capabilities and multiple sensors. It can run for about 2 hours with a full charge and takes approximately 3 hours for a full charge.

The software of Sony AIBO ERS- 1000

Sony Aibo ERS-1000 is not built on Open-R architecture or memory stick media, as found in previous ERS models

ERS-1000 runs on top of AIBO life software, which helps it to develop its personality and syncs the data with the cloud by Wi-Fi or LTE connection.

Sony partnered with Amazon web service to enlighten the Aibo’s cloud-based artificial intelligence functions.

You can control your AIBO through “My Aibo” app. It is specially designed to help the owners.

Through this app, you can access system settings and owner information. Other option like “Aibo photos” in which you can able to see the photos that Aibo will have taken.

A feature to “Play” with your actual Aibo inside the app is available. And in the “Aibo Store,” where the owner can add additional tricks to their Aibo for better interaction.

Exciting features of Sony Aibo

Aibo also has a sense of like and dislike, it loves anything pink. Which is another feature of its personality?

Sony Aibo
As it like the pink color it also dislikes when it’s up high or in a tight place. It feels nervous and anxious enough to lose its trademark curiosity.

Though the Aibo loves to pink color. A ‘pink ball’ and an ‘AIbone’ comes in the packet and also a charging Pod to charger your Aibo.

Aibo response to commands like ‘come here’, ‘sit down’, ‘kick the ball’ – (so it will go and the pink ball), ‘pick the bone’ – ( so it will go and pick the bone for you).

If you say ‘bang bang’ – (it will behave like dead). When you say “go to your charging station”, it will go and sit on its charging pod and start charging.

In its cloud storage, it stored all your memories and also all its experience. So that it can develop a precious bond with its owner.

Sony AIBO Education and Academic

No two Aibos are same. Your perspective and your training help it to improve its personality, behavior, and knowledge to become a unique robot.

It will keep learning from you, will remember the new tricks, update in its cloud over time. It also experiences the change in seasons.

With the Sony’s unique AI technology, Aibo able to create a bond between the family members. When it sees someone is very nice and kindly towards it, it gets closer and comfortable with that person.

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With its high pixel cameras and multiple sensors like time of flight sensor, two ranging sensors, capacitive touch sensors, gyro sensors, acceleration sensors, a light sensor, a motion sensor, and the paw sensors, it diagnoses spaces and walks around the room.

It also detects obstacles in his way and avoid them and figure out the shortest root to reach a location.

As I said before, Aibo uploads everything to its cloud that it experiences in day-to-day life. Which you can browse through “my Aibo” app.

You can even hold the Aibo’s hand to teach it new tricks.

It all depends on you, what type of approach and behavior you show towards it, it shows exactly the same to you.

Sony Aibo Robot Dog Price

You have to pay more to get it. Because it won’t available at cheap.

In Japan, its price is 195122 YAN ($1760) with three years of internet plans and service fees and also include its toys “pink ball” and “AIbone”.

Despite its high price in Japan, it got sold about 20,000 units in January.

Before stooped the AIBO project in January 2006  in order to increase the company’s profit, 150,000 units of Aibo-robots were sold out.

Sony Aibo

And now with the new AIBO ERS-1000 all set to launch in the USA in September. And the price will be $2899, which includes a three-year cloud plan, service, dogs toys, a commemorative dog tag.

With this price range, you can able to afford two mid-range Mac book laptops. But if you want the cute-puppy, you have to go through it.

“It’s not a product I want to push and drive hard for revenue. It’s more about innovation and how the best of Sony comes together. It really is a true expression of the brand — this is what Sony president and the chief operating officer “Mike Fasulo” said at the launch event of Sony Aibo in Japan.

First Impressions On Sony Aibo

From the first model of Aibo project ERS-110, it has a huge craze in between the people for the robot- dog.

Despite almost 12-years long gap, the craze is still intact.

Sony Aibo has sold 20,000 units since January this year?

Sony brought every new model of Aibo to the market with some new features and changes.

Though all the models are dog-like, other inspiration includes lion-cup and space explorer but the ERS-7 and ERS-1000 clearly looks like a dog.

Presence of multiple sensors and perfect craftsmanship with the hardware in the Sony Aibo ERS-1000, help it to move more accurately.

With day by day, Aibo will read the behavior, word of praise, tricks, and commands. Store all the data in its cloud storage and later respond accordingly to the situation.

With the great implementation of advanced Artificial intelligence, it will learn from its owner and remember what action make it owner happy.

Move freely in the room and find the shortest distance to a point, go to its charging station on its own.

It will keep growing up, adapts to its environment. That what makes it more like a real dog.

Despite its high-price, people are still taking interest in it in a large number. If you want to add a robot dog in your home then, it will be a good option out there.



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