‘Smart Stores’ launched by Amazon,a New Initiative to Digitise Local Shops in India

smart stores by amazon

Smart Stores, a new initiative by Amazon to digitise Indian local shops and to let the offline retailers enable online payments and sell products with contactless discovery of products. These Smart Stores are powered by Amazon Pay and work  with a unique QR code.

smart stores by amazon


This new move by Amazon is a direct answer to Google’s Spot Platform which is a little bit similar. In google’s spot platform, every merchant in the country are offered unique spot codes which can be scanned to make payments.

The local shops signing up for Smart Stores programme have the ability to offer their establishment and digital storefront through which the customers can discover products, send offers and read reviews through the Amazon app.the customers would just have to scan the QR code for the particular shopkeeper and get started.

smart stores by amazon

Along with this,merchants of Smart Stores Programme allows merchant to make contactless payments using UPI,credit and debit cards,and EMI. Customers will have the option to pay directly using Amazon Pay. The  customer will receive a digital  bill from merchant once the transaction is done successfully.

The Local Stores enrolling for this initiative will also get the choice of rewarding amazon pay coupons and other bank and brand offers to customers.

According to reports, 10,000 local stores have already started their  journey to become Smart Stores in India. Apart from local stores , giants like Big Bazaar have also joined this initiative.

Amazon is initially targeting medium sized stores, however, this programme has no special eligibility criteria,which means any local store of India can start their journey with Amazon.

“Amazon Pay is already accepted at millions of local shops, we are trying to make customers’ buying experience at local shops even more convenient and safe through Smart Stores,” said Mahendra Nerurkar, CEO, Amazon Pay, in a prepared statement.

Amazon has started showing their interests towards Indian Shopkeepers to overcome the criticisms that say they just want to scale their business and are just impacting their own business by the Smart Stores Programme. Now Amazon has also launched Covid-19 Health Insurance for their sellers.

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