Pubg Update: Take A look At The Latest Update of Pubg (New Weapons)

pubg update

Well, if we talk about that one game which has made the world out in the storm, it is none other than PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds). Every day, millions of people play this game which truly shows the glory of this game. Hence, at this stage, it is time to appraise the all-new pubg update.

Hence, what are some of the most awaiting things in the update?

Well, let us move ahead and unwrap each of the updates with passion and enthusiasm.

Pubg Update: Take a look At the Latest Features Added in Your Favorite Game

pubg update

First of all, I bet you must have known about the most famous game PUBG. Yes, it is that game where players land from the airplane, parachute on their shoulders and land on an island.

Where, they survive to get the best weapons, fill their desires and then try to knock down the opponents with a furious nature.

Hence, just like the fortunite game which is gaining popularity, PUBG developers have also started to roll-out updates for their users.

Addition of New Set of Guns

pubg update

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Well, nothing can be a soothing thing for the players than to get a new gun in pubg game play. Hence, with the latest update of pubg, a new gun has been added.

In a game where players prefer to use SCAR-L and UMP9 for damages, the new weapon QBU DBR is all set to give these guns, a strong competition.

Further, the QBU DMR uses the 5.56mm rounds and will be available solely in the Sanhok Map.

Well, wondering which gun it will replace? It will replace none other than the all-time favourite Mini 14.

Pubg Update: Weapon Improvements

Well, if we will focus on the player’s shooting capabilities, some changes have been done.

Here, when the player is in a prone or crouching mode, the bullet spread accuracy from the hip fire will be reduced a bit.

On the contrary, on a stationary position, the accuracy will be increased a bit which will give an edge over prone players.

Newer Improvements for UMP9, Vector and SLR

pubg update

First of all, the guns which make use of 5.6mm bullets like the QBZ & GBU will now come with the latest magazine attached models

In addition, UMP9, Vector and SLR will come with a new 4x scope crosshair designs.

Also, AKM’s vertical and the horizontal recoil has been reduced to a considerable extent.

More to it, some attachments will have a reduced accuracy bonus and light grips will have an increase in recovery and stability.

What More Efforts Have Been Made by the PUBG Developers?

In the midst to make pubg update, the best in its class, developers are trying their real best. Here, efforts are being made to make the recoil animation and firing more on the realistic side.

Further, improvement has been made in the reloading animations of weapons in TPP as well as FPP mode.

Introducing a New Vehicle in PUBG 

pubg update

Well, for every other vehicle fanatic, introducing a new vehicle became mandatory.

Hence, this time, the PUBG game developers have listened to the users and have added a Rony Pickup truck in the game.

However, just like weapons, the Rony truck will only be available in the Sanhok Map.

Pubg Night Mode: Play Wearing Night Goggles On the Go

As per the latest update, the developers of PUBG have introduced night mode in the gameplay. however, this type of mode isn’t available as and when the gameplay starts.

But, as soon as the gameplay reaches toward its end destination, the night mode slowly comes into the picture.

Here, you can wear night goggles, pick your favorite weapons and go all guns blazing.

Other Improvements worth considering

Music lovers, make your way onto the latest pubg update.

Why? Because the new pubg vehicles will have an in-built music functionality.

Hence, you can play some of the pre-given tracks and rejoice in more joy and freedom.

Further, the engine sound effects of the Buggy and UAZ have also been tweaked to a good extent.

In addition, even some amount of detailing has been done to the vehicle interiors to make it look more realistic and natural.

Also, in driving mode 1 and 2, the brake has been added for more accurate stopping.

Where the characters will now be able to stand while the motorcycle is airborne, PUBG is about to take gameplay, to another level.

Last but not least, the sound effect of the Dacia vehicle has been adjusted and will sound similar to the original PUBG.

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Wrapping Things Up: Pubg Update: Take a look At the Latest Features Added in Your Favorite Game

So, there we go. After spanning throughout the whole article, we have come to the concluding phase.

Well, I know almost all of us are fanatic about PUBG mobile and want the latest updates, much faster.

Hence, this time, PUBG developers have listened to us and are about to roll out the above-given fantastic updates.

Where the introduction of new guns will make firing cheerful, the availability of music in vehicles will lit up users mood.

Hence, what else we can really do? Well, pretty much one thing. Wait for the pubg update, download it afterward.

And certainly, amplify the overall gaming experience to new levels of success and glory.

Finally, if you are a PUBG Gamer, do share this Pubg update article with your friends, family. And, even let them stay much more excited and full of enthusiasm, for this amazing update, for sure.




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