Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs 2500: The Best from The Rest

portable Bluetooth speakers

Well, it is mid of 2021 and the market for the Best portable Bluetooth speakers is on the verge of expansion. Every now and then, we are seeing different quality wireless speakers arising at a relentless pace. Although, they can have their own sets of similarities but have one thing in common. What? That they are one of the Best Ones under Rs. 2500. Isn’t this sound amazing to you as well as for your pockets? Yes, it surely is.

Hence, without wasting even a second, let’s blink into the article and discover the best portable Bluetooth speakers under 2500 Rs.

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers under 2500 Rs

  1. JBL Go
portable Bluetooth speakers

Talking about one of the most famous portable Bluetooth speakers will inevitably bring the JBL Go into the limelight. Although this beast might look to you like a tiny box, it has got the ability to do wonders. Whenever we talk about the categories of Bluetooth speakers, two things truly come to our mind. Where the first one is the Outdoor and the other one being the Indoor.

In terms of the JBL Go, it is one of the smallest and lightest portable speakers you will ever get in the market. But, is portability that one thing which we need? Let us move ahead and find out some more interesting things.


When it comes to the design of the JBL Go, it is a block-shaped speaker which you can resemble it with a matchbox. It is just 130gms which is small enough to fit in perfectly in your hands. Moving ahead, the front end has got powerful speakers which are protected by a grill section.

Although the grill is made of plastic, the company claims it to be a tough choice. Further, moving onto the Top, there is the presence of rubberized coating and the back section comes with the JBL Go LOGO.

Overall, the design of the JBL Go portable Bluetooth speakers was pretty basic, decent and aesthetic.


As compared to its size, this sound machine is much more than you could ever expect. After reviewing this portable speaker, I was absolutely stunned by its performance.

Honestly, it can easily compete with the larger speakers, without any problem. Overall, the JBL Go is Super Loud and is one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers loudest currently available in the market.

Pros of JBL Go

  • Easy to Handle and Portable in Size
  • Built Quality is up to the mark
  • Looks Aesthetic and pleasant to the eyes
  • Good Battery Backup
  • Audio Quality is loud, crisp and free from any distortion.

Cons of JBL Go

  • Lacking in the Bass Output Section
  • Bluetooth Range is Limited
  • Audio Distorts very high volume

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  1. Logitech X100

portable Bluetooth speakers

Credits: Cnet

If you are the one who is looking for a small and powerful portable Bluetooth speaker, make your way for the Logitech X100. This small beast can outperform even the best of speakers in this price range. Further, the battery is more than excellent and can last for around 5 to 6 hours of musical sessions. Well, want a clearer overview? Read below to discover some great things about the Logitech X100.


From the very first look, the Logitech X100 looks pretty colourful and can attract viewers to enjoy its built quality. Well, in terms of the build quality, it is sturdy and looks like it can withstand several drop tests, with ease.

Further, it comes in different color options but one which we got was an orange and blue color variant. In terms of the speaker positioning, it is placed at the top where there are controls present in the side section.


When it comes to these portable Bluetooth speakers performance, I was literally rocked and rolled by it. I mean it was super loud and can compete with some pretty high-end Bluetooth speaker in the market. In addition, in terms of the conference calls, the speaker doubles itself and the voice was super clear and crisp.

Overall, the Logitech X100 is a good buy in the price range below 2500Rs.

Pros of Logitech X100

  • The sound is super Loud, Clear and Crisp
  • No occurrence of Distortion in any case
  • Premium Looking Design

Cons of Logitech X100

  • Lacks in some prime features such as the ability to daisy chain

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  1. Frontech JIL-3906

portable Bluetooth speakers loudest

Not many but few people constantly search for the smallest ever speakers which can provide a great sound performance. Well, if the same is the case for you, let me present to you the Frontech JIL-3096 Bluetooth speaker. The speaker is quite inexpensive, gives a good sound performance and even supports Music Playback via Aux cable.

Hence, willing to go onto a full Frontech JIL-3906 review journey? Definitely Yes, then let us move ahead and do the same.


In terms of its built quality, the Frontech JIL-3906 looks pretty decent and brings in a rugged built structure. Further, it wrapped in steel grill from the side portion and the protective elastomer comes handy in tough situations. In addition, it also has a metal loop which makes it easier to hang this speaker on your bag pack, tree branch or on appropriate stuff.

Overall, honestly, at such a low price range, this portable Bluetooth speakers design looks exceptional, aesthetic and different from the rest.


For music streaming, the speakers Bluetooth 2.1 does a pretty decent job. I tested the speaker at full volume and still the voice was pretty loud when we compare it with the price range. For FM Lovers, this speaker comes with an FM radio option. Hence, with this, you can listen to your favourite songs, on the go with ease and comfort.

Further, in terms of its Battery Performance, it can provide a great playback time of up to 180 minutes which is far decent.

Overall, with the availability of a 3W speaker, clear and crisp sound delivery is bound to happen. All in all, compared with its price range, the Frontech JIL-3096 is a pure gem in any case.

Pros of Frontech JIL-3096

  • Comes at a much cheaper price
  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • The design is super impressive and aesthetic

Cons of Frontech JIL-3096

  • Traces of Distortion when the sound reaches the highest volume

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Keep reading… Two more wonderful portable Bluetooth speakers are on their way

  1. Philips BT64R

portable Bluetooth speakers best

Getting your wishful colored Bluetooth speaker might be a tough ask. But, with the Philips BT64R, you can over a plethora list of some marvelous colors. To be frank, these portable Bluetooth speakers are the powerhouse of some exceptional performance, good sturdy design, and much more.

Hence, to let you know further details, let us move ahead and unwrap one of the best things I have ever seen.


Willing to a Bluetooth speaker to connect it with a short-range device? Well, the Philips BT64R can be the best option in this case. You can connect this device with any device and can listen to seamless music on the go. Talking about the design, it looks like a small rectangular box that comes with two speakers.

Further, the branding is written in big white colour which is viewable even from a distance. Wondering the button locations? Well, at the very top, you can see four buttons which are easy to access and press.


When it comes to the performance section, the Philips BT64R/94 is one of the best portable Bluetooth Speakers you will ever get in the market. The performance on this speaker was loud, clear and I found no sorts of distortion whatsoever.

Further, the best thing which I really liked about this speaker is that it comes with an SD Card Slot. Hence with this added feature, store one or 1000 songs, the music destiny comes completely in your hands.

Pros of Philips BT64R

  • Body Portability is up to the mark
  • Design metrics is pretty decent and looks attractive from every angle
  • Easier to use buttons
  • Dedicated SD Slot Available

Cons of Philips BT64R

  • Battery Charging takes a prolonged time
  • The Device Controls are on the minimal side
  • Calling functionality is not up to the mark.

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  1. Portronics Posh

portable Bluetooth speaker

Quite a success story from Indian manufacturers, Portronics was founded in 2008 and has come up a long way. Talking about the Portronics Posh Speaker, it has left none of the stones unturned. Its top-notch design, amazing sound quality and a massive 6W speaker completes the package quite brilliantly.

Further, let us move ahead and discover some more details about the other factors of this little beast.


When it comes to the design of Portronics portable Bluetooth speakers, it is small, convenient and can be handled quite easily. Coming to the bottom section, it has got no grip pads which can cause the speaker to move a bit while playing. Further, the front, as well as the back section, comes with the grill. And the texture section is made up of plastic.

Moving to the top, this Bluetooth speaker has got the controls right at your fingertips. In addition, there are dedicated power and volume buttons which are effectively placed and easy to use. At last, it comes with four LED Lights which indicates the battery level of the speaker.


I used the Portronics posh with my One Plus 3 and got some amazing yet stunning results. Starting with the basics, the Speaker pushed out a large volume of sound which was crisp. And, I could actually listen to the beats of every instrument.

Further, the availability of two speakers effectively manages the sound and gives a clearer and power pack performance.

Pros of Portronics Posh

  • Compact in Size
  • Good Sound Quality throughout any volume level
  • Extremely Powerful & Loudness at its Best
  • Does Support USB Audio through the PC

Cons of Portronics Posh

  • Does Shake A Lot on Rough Surfaces
  • Does not comes up with a Built-In Media Player
  • Above Average Battery Life

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Wrapping Things Up: Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under 2500 Rs

So, after spanning throughout the article, we have come to the conclusion phase. Well, if you will ask me, “Which is the Best portable Bluetooth speaker” of them all, I cannot really different because all of them are marvellous in their own way.

Almost every one of them packs in performance, have an aesthetic really Cool Design and the list goes on and on… Hence, so what are you waiting for? Move ahead, choose one, two or all of the above portable Bluetooth speakers. And, make your life full of rock, roll and a little bit enthusiasm all over.

Last but not the least, share this article and in case of any queries, you can leave a comment below.  And I will be glad enough to answer it, without any doubt.


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