10 Popular Websites and Apps Blocked in China

whatsapp popular websites and apps blocked in china

Though India has recently blocked China’s 59 Chinese apps. Though, the ban on international websites and apps is not new to China as they have themselves blocked many popular websites and apps. The very strict internet censorship is known as the “Great Firewall Of China”. This policy includes blocking of certain IP addresses, filtering specific URLs and keywords.

Popular websites and apps blocked in China


google Popular websites and apps blocked in China

Yes I know you must be shocked hearing this. The world largest search-engine is blocked in China. People of China use Baidu in India. Baidu is considered to be the Google’s rival in China.



Facebook is too blocked in that country. This clearly means people of China have no connection with the people outside their country as on social media platforms. WeChat is the largest social media platform used in China .

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People of China have no right of sharing their views with the world on Twitter. They just share their views with their own country people on Weibo, considered to be China’s Twitter.



People in China cannot become YouTubers as they have no access to watch videos or create videos on YouTube.



Like the parent company Facebook, Instragram is too blocked. Instagram is a great photo-sharing app and has over a billion downloads all over the world.  Tencent-owned WeChat is said to be a mix Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.



The world’s most-popular email service Gmail is blocked in China. It can’t be accessed from anywhere within the country.



The world’s no. 1 instant messaging app WhatsApp is blocked in China. Tencent-owned instant messaging app QQ is quite popular in the country.

Google Maps

google maps

Like all popular Google services, Google Maps too is banned in China. The map developed by Baidu search engine is widely considered the most popularly-used map in China.



The question and answer site and app is not accessible in China. One of its biggest rival in China is Zhihu.



The dating app cannot be accessed in China. One of the most-popular dating app in China is Momo.

So we have only seen the most popular websites and apps that are blocked in China but there are many more not so popular websites and apps too which are blocked by the Chinese Government using the Great Firewall Of China.




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