Pixel 3 From Google: All Updated Leaks,Rumors Right Here (August 2018)


Thinking about the very last year, Google pixel 2 was definitely a huge success. it was a blockbuster and people bought that lone phone, to endless limits. However, it is 2018 and this time, Google is all set to release their next beast, the pixel 3.

Yes, I know you really don’t know much about the Google Pixel 3 which is the reason for making this article for you.

So, what we will do now? Passionately dive into the topic and unwrap the hidden leaks, rumors of the latest Google phone.

Pixel 3: Everything From Rumors to Leak, Read



pixel 3

credits: Android Authority

Well, talking about the most impressive things about Google Pixel 3 will bring the design factor into the limelight.

If we talk about the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL, it was manufactured by LG and HTC. So, what we can expect In the case of pixel 3?

On the basis of WinFuture.de, Google is thinking to partner with Foxconn subsidiary for making their pixel 3 and pixel 3 XL.

In addition, according to the Bloomberg reports, Google doesn’t seem interested to talk with Foxconn on this topic.

Although, we have got months remaining to see the actual Google pixel 3 right through our eyes. But, over the past weeks, we have got some leaks in relation to the Pixel 3 which are worth considering.

Out of which, some of the most amazing prototype is as follows:

 google pixel 3

Now, if the above images are found to be legit, we can see the all-new glass panel in the pixel 3.

Moving ahead, right from the first glance, the pixel 3 XL looks to have the same metal design and a glass window design same as the earlier generation.

But, if you will closely look, you can see that the back is a stab of glass having a matte finish right on the lower part. What does it mean? It means that the device can support wireless charging.

Although the real design specs are not yet confirmed, these are just speculations and leaks, altogether.

What’s there in the store from OnLeaks?

In the fever of different leaks of the Google pixel 3, OnLeaks is still the same game. From their part, they posted the 360-Degree Video Renders which showed a glance at the Google pixel 3 XL in black color.

In addition, there was also the depiction of the Google’s pixel 3 in white. Just check out below and let us know your opinions in the comment section.

Finally, in the category of the design, we saw some of the most exquisite unboxing videos and photos of the Pixel 3 XL whose images are as follows.

pixel 3

What You Will Notice in the Design of Google Pixel 3 & XL?

If you take a keener consideration, you will notice that there is a USB Type-C headphones slot in the phone itself.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruSrBCqfMME[/embedyt]


What does that mean?

It means that the traditional headphone jack will not be available as the USB Type-C will take over the same.

Now, I hope you have known about the design of the pixel 3 and must have filled yourself with excitement. Hence, there is much more to this article as we go on to unwrap the specs factor of the Google pixel 3.

So, let’s begin,

Pixel 3 Specs: There’s Much more beyond your imagination

pixel 3

Till now, right from the leaked images above & the unboxing videos, you must have known how the Google pixel 3 XL will look like.

Now, let us move ahead and turn our heads towards the most important factor of any Smartphone.

Yes, it’s the specs section which will further clarify some more doubts of yours, for sure.

The first thing from the specifications is that this mighty beast will come with the all-new Android Pie 9.0.

However, this was much more than expected from a phone like a Pixel 3. In addition, the phone seems to be powered by an Octa-Core Qualcomm Processor which will run at 4×1.77GHZ and 4×2.8GHZ) which almost the Snapdragon 845 SoC.

Further, coming down to the RAM section, it can come with a 4GB RAM and a GPU Adreno 630.

For display lovers, the Google Pixel 3 can come with a 1,440 x 2,960 resolution display with a massive 494 PPI rating.

What about the camera on Pixel 3/XL?

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_W_ypCIsDc[/embedyt]

Although the earlier Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL managed to include the portrait mode, pixel 3 can do revolution on the same.

Right from the given above leaks, the pixel 3 can come with a single rear camera just like its predecessors.

Why? Because Google’s phones are strong enough to click portrait’s mode photos even without the secondary camera. Hence, such a thing is quite marvelous and Google will seem to continue on the same path.

But, on the other hand, when it comes towards the selfie section, we expect more from a company like Google.

Here, we assume that the giant will boast of two selfie cameras on their XL version. What will it do?

It will help to click pictures in bokeh mode, help in taking wide-angle shots and do tons of other things.

However, the smaller Pixel 3 seems to come with a single front-facing the camera. Still, much more powerful than the other Smartphone’s.

Google Pixel 3 Release Date: When this beast will arrive?

google pixel 3 xl

credits: BGR

More often, Google every time launches its latest Smartphone’s right in the second half of the year.

In fact, the last two pixel phone generations were launched in the month of October. Hence, will it be all three in a row? We will surely have to wait for this one.

Some Word Exchange by the YouTube Listing For Sponsored Event

Now, on the basis of the YouTube Listing for a Sponsored event, the request is being offered of $10,000 for Canadian YouTube Content for the release and the promotion of the latest Google Smartphone. 

Wondering about the rumored Date? Well, it can come alive on October 4, 2018. While such an announcement is yet not official and there are tons of things to be confirmed. But, according to strong leaks, the same may be the date of release of the Google pixel 3.

Hence, until we don’t hear any confirmation date, mark October 4, 2018, as the release date of Google pixel 3 Smartphones.

The Pixel Watch: What’s About this SmartWatch?

pixel 3

It is 2018 and Google will certainly look to shift their gears. Now, according to rumors, Google will look to launch its first Smartwatch at the launch event of latest smartphone.

However, we don’t have any leak images to prove the same. Still, based on the rumors which keep on coming, the coming of the Smartwatch seems to be a high possibility.

In addition, the Qualcomm sent out different invitations for the smartwatch event which they will unveil their latest Wear OS-compatible chipset.

Keeping the above thing in mind, Google can launch their latest Smartwatch on October 4.

Still, these are rumors at this point but mentioning the same was my sole duty for all you folks.

Google Pixel 3 Price?

pixel 3 release date

credits: Google

Drive back in the year 2016 where Google kept the starting price of its first pixel as $649. This price was for the 32GB Variant while the arrival of the pixel 2 shattered the whole mobile market.

Why? The pixel 2 came with the same price but the storage was doubled than the pixel 1. In addition, the 128GB Pixel 2 shared the $749 pricing which was truly amazing and magnificent.

However, the pixel 3 price can increase but we hope that Google maintains the same pricing as the earlier pixel Smartphone’s.

Further, moving towards the larger models, the Pixel XL 32GB came at the price of $769 while the 64GB variant was priced at $849.

While the Pixel 2 XL had the massive $949 price tag which was little on the expensive side? Hence, can we see the Pixel 3 XL destroy the $1000 barrier? Time is inevitably the best-possible answer.

Wrapping Things Up: Google Pixel 3, The Next Flagship Beast?

Well, I know you all were waiting for the Google pixel 3 2018 rumors which were my driving force to write this article.

I know you readers have been faithful and have always loved my article. Hence, now, I am over with my part and all is up to you.

What will you need to do?

Scroll down to the comment section and give me your views/opinions on the following:

  • Will be Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL be far better than its predecessors?
  • When will be the expected launch date of the pixel 3?

Either way, you can comment your thoughts and as usual, you will hear a reply from me.

Till then, you can share this amazing pixel 3 rumors/leak article with Google phone fans. And, let them emerge themselves in the mysterious journey of Google pixel 3 all over.


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