Oppo Realme 2: Image Leaked on Oppo’s Official Website & More Info 2018

Oppo Realme 2

Well, talking about that one company which is making revolutions in the mobile industry will bring Oppo into the limelight. I mean, yes, they that edge over others especially with the release of Oppo Find X. As of now, the transformation king is all set to release their next beast, The Oppo Realme 2.

Oppo Realme 2Yes, we know that the Oppo Realme 1 was released months before and was loved by people all over the world.

Still, the company is planning to release its successor which is, inevitably a good thing.

Eager to know about this amazing budgeting phone? Of course, you will be.

So, let’s turn around the time on the fast-track mode and discover some amazing things about the Oppo Realme 2.

Oppo Realme 2 Latest Reports and Leaks

Oppo Realme 2


According to the reports by GSMArena and MySmartPrice, some interesting stuff has come out. In this, an image, as shown above, was leaked clearly depicting the design of the all-new Oppo Realme 2.

Wondering about the leaks? Well, the image was popped up on the official Oppo Phone website. However, the same was taken off after some time with immediate effect.

What will be the Design of the Latest Oppo Realme 2?

Oppo Realme 2

Hovering the design of the first Oppo Realme 1, the Oppo Realme 2 boasts of similar pattern design.

Right at the back side, there is the similar diamond pattern which looks stunning & marvelous in every aspect.

Further, leading the same thing, there was also a tweet from the original Realme Account which showed the upcoming of the phone. However, the tweet was more about the fingerprint sensor as the Realme 2 will pack the same.

What Really Differentiates the Realme 1 From the Oppo Realme 2?


Whenever we talk about the Oppo Realme 1, everything was on point. Still, there was one thing which the phone badly missed on. Can’t guess? Well, it was none other than the Fingerprint sensor.

Even with face unlock, Android phones are still not that secure like the iPhone X. Hence, to revamp the Fingerprint sensor, Oppo will finally include the same on its Oppo Realme 2.

This would possibly be a game changer as the fingerprint recognition has tons of different uses. On an everyday basis, it unlocks the phone, helps in day to day payments and works along with other banking apps.


Oppo Realme 2 Coming with a Dual Camera Setup


Apart from the fingerprint sensor, still there are other features worth considering in the Oppo Realme 2.

Looking at the back side, the Realme 2 bags a dual camera support which was one of the most awaited features. Hence, this certainly is a better upgrade from the first Realme which ran on just a single piece of camera.

But, it is unclear, what will be the actual form of the secondary camera. Still, we can hope for the best possible result from a better promising company like Oppo.

Notch Introduction has truly become the Latest Trend


Spanning through some leak features of the Oppo Realme 2, who can forget the latest trend ”Notch”. Yes, every Smartphone manufacturer apart from Samsung is busy to make some stupendous phones including Notch.

Hence, in the case of the Oppo Realme 2, the story of Notch seems to be unstoppable. Yes, it will come with a smaller notch situated in the center making the Smartphone look amazing and magnificent.

Is the Notch Water-Resistant?

Being a much budgeting phone, we cannot expect the Oppo Realme 2 having a water-resistant notch.

Still, what the actual design will bring for the customers, time is inevitably the best answer.

Final Word of Mouth: Oppo Realme 2, Successor At its Best


As of now, we know only the above detailing about the Oppo Realme 2. Still, I hope you must have enjoyed this article at the core.

Last but not the least, in case of the Processor, I wouldn’t be surprised if Oppo will include the P60 in this mighty beast.

Either way, I and you are all waiting for this handset to come at a budgeting price, lesser than its competitors.

Now, I have done my part and it’s YOUR TURN

Head down to the comment section and let me know, what will be the time range in which the Oppo Realme 2 will come?

Let me know in the comments and till then, wait eagerly for the Oppo Realme 2 to hit the reality, much sooner.




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