Oppo Announces Hyper Boost Technology For Mobile Gaming Optimization

Hyper Boost technology

Mobile gaming is now skyrocketing. People are spending a handy amount of time on their mobile than never before.

Yes, most of the time is spending by surfing the internet. But games also has been essential nowadays. Why not. The high-end games like PUBG, Fortnite etc attracts us too much. Have I missed a famous game Clash of Clans?

Whenever we have the thought of playing the high-end mobile games, we have to ask ourselves that is our mobile has made for this?

To say simply is our phone manufacturer provides extra functionality for gaming sessions. Simple games may manage the provided resources by manufactures. But when it comes to high-end games like PUBG, we have to think twice about out phone’s hardware components and special GPU technology.

Phones are smarter and smarter each day. So the traditional technology is counting its last breath.

When it comes to gaming optimization, the race has already begun. Several phone manufacturers crafting their system performance enhancement. Companies like Huawei‘s introduced GPU Turbo technology and Xiaomi‘s AI-enabled system management in MIUI 10.

Hyper Boost technology

We have known the Oppo brand as the selfie expert. Now we will know it for a new technology. Now, selfi expert, Oppo introduced Hyper Boost to for mobile gaming optimization.

Let’s know what is the technology.

Oppo Hyper Boost technology

At an event in Shanghai, China, the Oppo introduced Hyper Boost technology.

Hyper Boost technology

As we know in high-end gaming sessions, there is a huge requirement of mobile resources. You can tell that it is an examination of the RAM and GPU.

The company claims that it will boost 100 times faster to the hardware frequency.

Oppo worked with Tencent, Unreal, Netease, Unity, and others to implement this optimization technology. This has implemented this to the Top 100 mobile games through this component acceleration.

According to the company, Hyper Boost is a “full-scenario, system-level performance boost engine,”. It is so intelligent and capable of allocating system resources based upon the scenarios.

The boost is categorized into three sub-categories. Targeting system, gaming, and application performance.

Oppo says it has tested it with MediaTek and Qualcomm to optimize resource allocation. In fact, it will provide 31.9 percent shorter loading times in apps.

Gaming improvements

Oppo said, first 11 games will receive instant performance boost like PUBG and Honor of Kings. It enforces “polymorphic network acceleration technology” and “intelligent distribution of traffic between cellular and Wi-Fi data network channels.”

Hyper Boost technology

To say frankly Oppo’s Hyper Boost technology is not efficient like Huawei’s GPU Turbo technology. Because Oppo doesn’t provide any specific figures for performance gains.

When it comes to social media apps, Oppo has something for it also. Hyper Boost can optimize social media apps like WeChat, Mobile Taobao, and Mobile QQ – they will receive “dramatic acceleration in 39 common usage scenarios”.


The age of system performance enhancements has begun. Oppo has started its journey towards it quite late. Huawei and Xiaomi have ahead in this race.

As the games becoming high-end have to have this type of technology in our phone. So we can expect better performance in the coming days.


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