Nokia X Mobile (Full Detailed Review, Price & Specification)


Nokia launched its first ‘Android’ phone Nokia X in India, to entice buyers through Android app support. We will see in this review whether Nokia X comes across the scale as it was attacked or it is a long-delayed product from the company, which is not something special …

Nokia X Mobile (Full Detailed Review, Price & Specification) 1


Build and Design:-

Nokia X’s design seems to be inspired by Nokia Lumia 520, Lumia 525 and Asha 503. There is such a rectangular design and color polycarbonate structure, which is slightly thicker. When you notice that its front has capacitive buttons just like with the arrow mark right below the screen, you will realize that this is not a Windows Phone device. Lumia 525 and Lumia 520 are different from its edges and are not sharp. Rough on the edge of the front, they need to be sorted out slightly.

The red color that we used to call was neon shade and matte finish. The phone has a 4-inch display. There are volumes and power/screen lock buttons in the right edge of the phone, their color is similar to the color of the phone and they look fine. The micro-USB port is down, while the 3.5mm headset jack is up.

The phone has 3 megapixels camera and speaker outlet on the rear side. Its body can be separated. In the battery side, there are 2 slots of SIM cards (micro-SIM) and one slot is of micro-SD card. The battery can also be separated.

Overall, Nokia X looks durable due to the good quality plastic material. There is a similar design, which we have seen in Asha phones. In terms of design, Nokia has liked to go to the old-fashioned way rather than separating something completely new series.


 The Nokia X has a 4-inch WVGA LCD display (480x800p, 233ppi), which looks better than the Asha phones display. If you do not notice the lower resolution of the display, then the reason for this is the phone’s user interface, which has tiles like Windows Phone. There are good looking angles in it, but it is very reflective, stains on it easily and falls short in the sunlight.


 Nokia X runs on a custom operating system, which is based on AOSP (Android open source project). This means that Nokia took the free, open-source Android (which does not include Google’s apps and services) and added its (and Microsoft) apps and services to it. Nokia has changed the user interface very much. In this, things like Windows Phone, Asha Operating System and Megro Harmonan have been added. The result is that it does not look anywhere near stock or pure Android interface. Although the good thing is that even though it looks like its windows phone, a lot of Android apps can be run on it.

The Nokia X user interface is broadly divided into 2 homescreensFastlane and App Launcher. The look of the App Launcher has been taken from the Windows Phone Start screen and there are tiles for app launching. This screen also works for the Android widget, but adding the widget to it looks disorganized and messy. Unlike windows phones, there are no tiles live tiles in it, but some of its apps like Calendar and Gallery app icons are not just full static icons.

Tiles can be customized to some extent by changing their mindsets. You can choose from two sizes of its own native app tiles. You can choose from the remaining apps, that is, 6 colors of third-party app tiles. You can move the tiles according to your mind, you can set them from one place to another.

If you install more apps, the number of tiles increases and you have to swipe down to see them, until you put them in the same folder.Swipe right or left, you get Fasten screen. We first saw Fastlen in Nokia Asha. This feature has been taken from Nokia N9’s notification interface, which was part of MiGo Harmon OS.

FastLen not only shows notifications of alerts, messages, missed calls and events, but also records how you use the phone. Its long list shows all calls, emails, web pages, installed apps, pictures taken and heard the music.

Thank you that you can change the screen according to your own i.e. this is customizable. You get the freedom to say that you do not include certain things or apps in it. Even if you want you can do such settings that no notifications appear or show notifications from some apps.

However, the FastLine phone also has a multi-tasking interface. Unfortunately, this is the only multi-tasking interface of the phone. This means that if you open many apps in the background and go from one to the other, you will have to use Fastlane. There is no button or gesture in front of all the open applications, as in traditional Android interface and even in Windows Phone or iOS.

Similar user interface is the same, but Java apps do not support real-time multitasking in them, as do Android apps.

Nokia X has the same capacitive button ‘back button‘, with navigation is also a little problematic. The back button takes you back one step. You have to keep it long press to go to the home screen. Many people will not be able to know about it and such people can be confused who have previously used Android or Windows Phone interface.

The phone allows you to apply the ‘swipe to right’ gesture so that you can access the home screen directly, but it only works with native apps like Phone, Messaging, and People. The transition is not smooth and it feels obstructed.

Notifications are shown for apps on the lock screen. Swiping on the right opens the app whose notifications have been received. Swipe left to go away notification.

Adding the App Launcher screen slightly brings the universal search like iOS Swiping from top to bottom on the same screen comes from the settings tray, which comes with a button to go to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile data, Silent mode and directly into settings. Used for similar tray notifications in Android and IOS. This is what we liked in Nokia X because access to notifications is easy.

Nokia has used the feature of Tap twice to bring the phone out of sleep mode, as its Lumia windows phone is in. While the phone is locked, when something looks on the screen, (which does not cost too much battery) double tap did not work properly at that time. Actually, 9 out of 10 times did not show the effect of a normal tap on the phone. You have to tap it very strongly, you should understand that you have to hit the screen so that it works tapped.

Talk about apps, so Nokia has already put many apps in it. Many can be downloaded from its App Store i.e. Nokia Store. You can also download apps from third-party app stores like 1 mobile market, Yandex, and Amazon App Store.

It is important to mention that the app using the Google service will not work, such as the use of Google Wallet for payment within the app or the app using Maps for the location will not work. Such apps will only work if developers put them on Nokia Store.

You can download the APK file from the internet by downloading it. However, before installing these you will have to inadvertently install the application from the unknown source in the phone’s settings. Although we will not advise you to do this because it allows you to install malware-based applications.

In Nokia X, you will not find the Google Play Store. If you would like to install Play Store’s APK files or other Google apps (like YouTube, Maps, Gmail etc.), then the phone will not support them.

Nokia has already added several demo games in addition to Hair Maps and Nokia Mix Radio, along with Twitter, Facebook, Wechat, BBM, Astro File Manager, Oprah. You can download offline maps and use them for turn by turn voice-guided navigation.

You can stream music from Mix Radio on Nokia X. You can also download up to 4 offline mixes. A mix is a playlist, which includes tracks from an artist. Unlike the Windows Phone version of this app, you can not download and access each track separately. You need to subscribe to Nokia Music.


If you use Google’s services too much, you will be disappointed with this phone. You can use Gmail from the phone’s email client, but you will not be able to sync Google contacts and calendars. It gives these features in Microsoft’s Outlook.

The phone’s browser is based on chromium and works great. You will not be able to install Chrome in it and since there is no case connected to Google account, you will not be able to sync your browsing history and bookmarks as well.

The phone did not look too good to use its own keyboard and if your fingers are too small, then this keyboard is not too good to use.

Yes, there are several third-party launchers and keyboards, which will make the phone interface user’s interface much like the rest of Android phones. There are ways to install Google apps, but they can end your phone’s warranty. We think most users, especially for the first time using smartphones, routing phones or installing third-party launcher will not be very convenient.


 The Nokia X has a fixed 3-megapixel camera with fixed focus on the back. There is no LED flash in it. The camera is one of the most vulnerable aspects of the phone. We expect autofocus to be in the price range of Nokia X. It is ironic that Nokia has put such an app in such a bad camera phone, which manages the settings of ISO, anti-banding, saturation, white balance, contrast, and sharpness. Even there is panorama mode in it too!

The camera gives average photos in daylight when working very well. Grains, noises, are seen in low light or photos taken in indoor. Due to lack of LED flash, you can not take pictures in very little light.


 Nokia X’s hardware is fine. It has a Gigahertz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 512 MB RAM. It has 4 GB internal storage and up to 32 GB, micro-SD card can be installed.

The performance of this phone is a little lower than the average. The phone will feel a little lag (slow down or interruption) to move up and down in the App Launcher screen. It does not have much to do with multitasks. When you want to go from a heavy app to the home screen, a ‘please wait‘ message will appear on the black screen.

Opening a website with heavy graphics will affect the performance of the phone and you will notice the blockage and slowness of the phone clearly. In synthetic benchmarks, the phone got a score of 7422 on Entutu, 2844 on Quadrant and 27.2 on Nanamark 2. The Nokia X connectivity options include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and A-GPS. Based on the A-GPS network, it takes information related to the location.

Nokia X holds good signal and its call quality is good. We did not find any problems calling the places where the signal was relatively weak. The phone is dual-sim, the first of which supports 3G. You will be able to use the same SIM for a voice call at a time.

The phone’s external speaker gives good and fast sound output, however, when the phone is placed somewhere (when the previous part is down) its voice gets slightly suppressed.

We were able to run full-HD MOV video files in addition to popular video and audio file formats, although the third party video player could overcome this problem.

The phone has 1500mAh battery. Keeping the most of the screen brightness, it’s been half day (around 7-8 hours) when using 3G data all the time. It includes 1-2 hours of phone calls, a little gameplay and some web browsing for a while. Video can be played for 4-5 hours continuously. We had some frustration with the battery backup of this phone.

Overall, Nokia X’s performance is little weak.


 While playing popular games like Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers, we did notice lag and frame drops. Games take about 20 seconds to start. Games like Tetris, Fruit Ninja, and Angry Birds play well with other games. However, gaming cannot be included in the strong points of the phone.


 This phone is launched at a price of Rs 8,499. At this price, we will not recommend buying this phone. It’s an entry-level phone, in which there is no special thing other than running Android apps (that’s not all). It should have been priced at 6000-7000 rupees instead of the high-end hope phone.

In its price range, you can take Zolo Q800, Zen UltraPhone 701 HD or Micromax Canvas 2, whose performance is better. These phones have a quad-core processor, large screen, and a GB RAM. These all give full Android Experience and have Google Play Store.

Nokia Lumia 520 is also a great Windows phone in this price range. The Lumia 520 is being sold in the market at a lower price. We could not understand why Nokia needs X series, especially when entry-level Windows Phone Lumia 520 is being sold well and Microsoft’s app marketplace has become quite good.

Perhaps Nokia X is just a part of an excerpt from the Research and Development Lab’s company and we would advise you to buy it.


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