No Internet Shutdown in India Says Cyber Security Official

No Internet Shutdown

Well, since the past days, the issue of global Internet Shut Down was widely taken into consideration. There was news on the Internet, News Channels and each one of us was in complete vain, Right? Still, as per the latest reports, by the Cyber Security Official, India will not face any Internet Shutdown.

Yes, the top government cybersecurity official told the same thing on Friday which made this report, a truer one.

On the other hand, Russia reported the Internet users across the whole world will face some sorts of Internet shut down the issue.

Well, Reason? The key domain servers will undergo routine maintenance over the next 48 hours.

A Word of Mouth by Gulshan Rai

Gulshan Rai who is the National Cyber Security Coordinator said, “All arrangements are in place and no internet shutdown will take place in India as said by the media.

In addition, the Russian Today Report said that the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will carry out maintenance for the next 48 hours.

Here, they will change the cryptographic keys and will eventually protect the Internet Address Book. In either word, the Domain Name System (DNS) is safe and India will face no Internet Shutdown.

Why Global Internet Shutdown is mandatory?

No Internet Shutdown

As you know, cyber attacks all over the world have taken the rise. And every day million account is prone to hacking.

In addition, even in the world’s most powerful countries like Russia and America, hackers are busy in finding newer ways. With which, they can hack into the systems and do malicious activities.

Hence, with an intention to tackle the ongoing cyber attacks, Russian authorities decided on global internet shutdown.

Further, as per the reports by ICANN, they clarified that the report was a “clickbait” headline and the impact on users will be on the minimal side.

A Word of Mouth by ICANN

“Unfortunately, that story carries a headline that is a click bait. There will be minimal impact to users. Note that data analysis suggests that more than 99% of users whose resolvers are validating are safe.  As per the ICANN representative meeting with NDTV.

Further, the ICANN spokesperson said, “It has been about 20 hours since the rollover and based on all the information we have, everything is going smoothly. There have been only a small handful of reports of issues suspected to be caused by the rollover.

Wrapping Things Up: No Internet Shut down in India as per the Cyber Security Official

Well, we know what the necessity of the Internet in the world is. And when it comes to India, Yes, it is the second air for us.

Hence, there is really no need to worry as the “No Internet Shutdown” phenomenon in India as per the reports from the Cyber Security Official.

And, as we see Internet Shutdown which will undergo in the whole world, Internet authorities will surely come with a more stronger solution.




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