New iPad Pro 12.9 inch Complete Review

ipad pro

Through the years, the iPad has been a more primarily consumption device outside  the office to save yourself from the shoulder pain of carrying big laptops . Now it has been part of this generation from quite a long time. But there has been some drawbacks working on iPad such as while working on large spreadsheets because this is what touch screen is not equipped to do.

But this has drastically changed with the launch of this 2020 version of iPad.

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What is new in 2020 version of iPad Pro?

The Apple iPad pro now comes with multiple cameras at the back. A 12 MP wide and a 10 MP ultra-wide camera , which takes it photography to pro level. It now comes with a Lidar Scanner which adds fun to it and it means that you can bring Automated Reality(AR) apps to improve your work.

The best added feature to this iPad Pro is the Magic Keyboard, because this keyboard comes with a trackpad and it is not just a common keyboard which you could have bought as an accessory to it. The latest version of iPad Os has brought a new sphere to the iPad Pro.

ipad pro

What features would make you buy the iPad Pro?

This iPad Pro comes with a A12Z Bionic Processor which is as powerful as most of the laptops in the market. If we compare this processor to A12X which had four cores, this processor has eight cores. So it makes it more powerful as well as capable. Apple has also claims that this iPad Pro is the best AR device in the market and it can even change a lot of dimensions other than gaming with the use of Lidar Scanner.

After the use of this iPad Pro it nowhere fall short of expectations. The use of Sharp 3D was too natural as stated by one of its user. With the Applle Pencil You can do much more in this iPad Pro than just note taking.

The stand that comes with this is much fun to use and has a lot of importance . It itself adjusts in a way which makes a perfect position to reach out to screen , watch videos , etc.

ipad pro

The Tracpad is not much bigger but is perfect to use screen effectively. There is a dot on the screen at all times which is our cursor. It is so seamless and smooth to use.

Though the keyboard is very similar to MacBook Air and will be very familiar to users who already have used MacBook’s in the past or are currently using it. With all the advancements, this iPad Pro can be used as a full-fledged laptop.

For the camera, this iPad that comes with extra camera you should must give it a shot, though tablets are not meant for photography. But the camera is still pretty good and can be used for  various personal as well as professional purposes.

Why should you buy the Apple iPad pro?

This latest version of iPad pro  not only defeats all the Tablets in competition but is even as powerful as most of the laptops out there. If you keep travelling and have to carry your laptop everywhere then this iPad Pro can change the way you work. Even the new generation is more comfortable with touch than with keypad at all times.

So in conclusion, this iPad Pro can replace high-end laptops at every household in the world.



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