New Features In iOS 12

iOS 12

A good news for all Apple lovers. The luxurious tech giant Apple has released its latest OS called iOS 12.

iOS 12 is the twelfth major release of the iOS mobile OS developed by Apple Inc. It is the successor to iOS 11. The first announcement of iOS 12 on June 4, 2018, is at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference. It will be released to the public on Monday, September 17, 2018

As any products released by Apple is always on trending, this one also. People are just crazy about the destiny of the company. Why not.

At the Apple’s special event on September 12, 2018, it shows the features of iOS 12.  Actually, the event is for the launch of the latest iPhones.

In the same event, Apple launched its three brand new iPhones and the latest smartwatch. The name of the phones is iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR and the Apple Watch 4 smartwatch.

Recently, Google releases its latest mobile OS named Android Pie and get a grand welcome. So, this may be the best time to release the latest mobile OS by Apple.

As rumored earlier, iOS 12 has a lot of new features and improvements. This is also more convenient than the iOS 11.

Apple has made this OS public and many devices will get the update soon.

In this article, I am going to discuss the new features in iOS 12. Many people have the doubt that what are the devices that will get this update. Don’t worry, I will discuss this one also.

So let’s start.

iOS 12 release date

First, let’s look at the some of the important dates related to the iOS 12.

  • June 4 – Developer beta launched (to paid Apple Developers)
  • June 25 – iOS 12 public beta launched (it’s free)
  • September 17 – the final iOS 12 software (still free)

iOS 12 new features and improvements

1 – Performance

This is one of the most important updates in iOS 12. Everyone needs the best performance on the phone.

50% faster keyboard display

The keyboard will appear fast and typing is more responsive. No need to wait a long for typing.

40% faster app launch

Time is very important for all that before. So no one wants to wait even for apps to open. So Apple makes this improvement. Nowadays multitasking is on trending. So you can easily do multitasking. The app will open two times faster.

Smoother animations

The animations will smoother. So when you do things like bring up Control Centre, swipe while multitasking or scroll in apps, it’s more smooth and faster.

70% faster swipe to Camera

Sometimes we are so hurrying to take a photo. So in this situation camera option on the lock screen plays a vital role. Swiping to the camera on the Lock screen happens faster. So you will never miss a moment to capture.

Two times faster Share sheet display under load

The Share sheet will appear faster than ever. You may feel the difference if you have a lot of sharing extensions installed.

2 – Group FaceTime

With the new Group FaceTime, you to chat with up to 32 people simultaneously. You can Join or add people to Group FaceTime at any time.

During Group FaceTime, your speaker will automatically be front and center. Or with Focus View. There is an option double-tap so that you can view the person you’d like to see.

iOS 12

Now it starts integration with iMessage. So you can easily set up a group FaceTime call through the iMessage group chat window.

You can transform your look by using some built-in filters. The filters are like classic black and white, comic book and watercolor.

You can add text effects like emoji and speech bubbles to your photos or videos.

FaceTime is very secure. It is encrypted end to end for both one-to-one and group calls.

3 – Messages

Animoji and Memoji

Apple has made improvements to its Animoji and Memoji. The funniest one.

iOS 12 comes with new Animoji features like tongue detection and better face tracking. Devices with a TrueDepth camera system can enjoy the feature more accurately. With tongue detection technology, Animoji can now stick out a tongue. There is also an option for detecting a wink.

iOS 12

Apple has increased the Animoji recording duration. Now you can record up to 30 seconds. So you can able to record much longer Animoji messages.

There are also new Animoji options, including Tiger, Koala, Ghost, and T-Rex.

Apple has brought a new concept with this iOS version. Now you can customize the Animojis. This is called Memoji.

With Memoji, you can make your own personalized Animoji. There are various customization options. You can choose a hairstyle, eye color, eyebrows, skin color, hair color, nose, features like freckles and facial hair, accessories, and headwear.

There’s no limit to creating Memoji. You can do any number of Memojis. You can use both Memoji and Animoji in Messages and FaceTime in iOS 12.

Download some sticker packs from the App Store. This will help you to enhance your photos and videos inside Messages. Stickers can track the movement of your face and move along with you. What a nice option.

The messages app get a new look. The App Strip within the Messages app has been customized with a new look that takes up less space.

Photos iMessage app gives you photo-sharing suggestions based on the past message history.

4 – Screen Time

This is a new feature. Screen time collects data on what you’re doing on your iPhone and gives you an insight into how much time you’re spending on your iOS devices.

iOS 12

This feature offers full insight into how much time you spend in different categories of apps. It also shows you how much time you spend in each app, how often you pick up your iPhone, which apps are sending you the most notifications. It also tracks the websites you’re visiting and many more.

At the end of the week, Apple will provide a weekly Activity Report for you to review. You may wait for the weekly report or check the Screen Time widget in the Today view to see statistics on notifications, app usage, and device pickups.

App limits and Downtime

Apple will take more care of you. You can set a time limit on an app category, such as games. When you will spend the specified amount of time your iOS device will send you a notification. It will let you know that it’s time to move on to something else. You can ignore the warning easily but it’s a useful feature.

iOS 12

With Downtime, you can set a time that you want to be away from your iPhone or iPad. When Downtime activated, it allows access only to phone calls and the apps that you have chosen.

Parental control

Parents can restrict app access with App Limits and Downtime. You can control your child’s use of the device. You have to set up a family’s Apple IDs to Screen Time so that you can keep an eye on how much time they spend on apps and websites. When they want more they can request more time for you to approve.

This feature is robust and will provide parents with more information on and control over iPhone and iPad usage.

5 – Notifications

iOS 12 gives you greater control over the notifications on the daily basis.

Deliver quietly

When a notification comes in on the iPhone or iPad, after you press on it will show you two option like Delivery Quietly or Turn Off.

iOS 12

By choosing Deliver Quietly makes it so an app’s notifications show up in the Notification Center and it will create a badge on the app icon. But it will not appear on the Lock Screen or display banners.

As the name suggests Turn Off, turns off all of the notifications for a given app. You can find an option in the Settings app to see a full list of notification controls for each app.

Siri notification suggestions

The voice assistant Siri will give suggestions based on how you interact with your notifications.

Instant Tuning

You can control your notification settings at the moment you receive an alert. The cool thing is you can manage it without leaving what you’re doing.

Critical Alerts

Apple brings a new type of opt-in alert for important information. The important information like reports from a healthcare provider. You will able to receive this type of notification during Do Not Disturb also.

6 – Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb is a must needed feature in today’s busy life. In iOS 12 you will get the enhanced version of it. There is a new Bedtime mode. This will dim your display and silence the device overnight notifications until you unlock your iPhone in the morning. So you will never be distracted by notifications.

iOS 12

On iPhone and iPad, there are also new Do Not Disturb controls in the Control Center. Pressing on the Do Not Disturb icon shows you the options that include turning on Do Not Disturb for one hour, until tomorrow morning, or until you leave a set location.

7 – Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality platform allows developers to create augmented reality experiences within iOS apps and games. Apple has released the ARKit in iOS 11.

iOS 12

This year it introduced the ARKit 2 with some new features and improvements. ARKit 2.0 delivers improved face tracking, USDZ file format, and support for 3D object detection.

USDZ file format

Apple designed a new file format named USDZ. Apple created this in partnership with Pixar. This new file format is optimized for sharing while retaining 3D graphics and animations. Now you will see augmented reality assets in Safari, Messages, Mail, and more.

It will help 3D creators to create rich content and animations specially optimized for mobile devices.

3D object recognition

ARKit 2 can able to recognize objects and how your device is oriented to them. With this feature, you will get a better AR experience.

Face tracking

Face tracking now sees where you’re looking. It is also able to detect whether you’re sticking your tongue out or winking.

Measure app

With the new measure app, your iPhone or iPad camera can able to measure objects and surfaces both vertically and horizontally. It will automatically detect dimensions of rectangular objects.

8 – Photos

The Photos app comes with iOS 12 is better than ever. Thanks to Apple for giving a range of performance and feature improvements.

The search feature is more powerful than ever. Apple has added more than four million event references for things like sporting events and concerts, so you can also search by event and find your photos that way.

Sharing suggestions

There is an awesome Sharing suggestions feature. Photos in your phone are learned by the app when you do things like taking a trip or attending an event. This is more intelligent and tries to recognize who is in the photos.

iOS 12

Based upon this it will suggest you share the photos with the people who are in the photos. And if you receive photos from someone else, your device will look for photos in your library from the same event and suggest sharing photos back.

In this app, you will get a more accurate photo sharing suggestion than ever. The app uses AI technology to give you the best possible suggestions.

For You tab

A new “For You” tab has been added to the Photos app. This will offer a selection of Memories, recent photos from shared albums. Based upon this it will suggest for adding a new flare to your best existing images through image edits. The interface of the app is more organized.

iOS 12

New importing tools make it easier to import photos and videos from professional cameras. Now you can import RAW photos on iPhone and iPad and can be edited. There is a new option for sharing photos using an iCloud link.

9 – Camera

Actually, Apple didn’t make any changes to the Camera app in iOS 12. It also does a few improvements.

Improved Portrait Lighting

Portrait Lighting features on compatible devices are better than ever. The camera has the ability to generate a mask when it detects a person, intelligently separating the person from the scene.

Improved QR code reader

The improved QR code reader has a feature that highlights QR codes in the frame. So it makes them easier to scan.

Portrait Segmentation API

Good news for the developers. Apple has added a new Portrait Segmentation API feature. This allows for the separation of layers in a photo. One can easily separate the layers in a photo such as separating the background from the foreground.

10 – Siri

The virtual assistant Siri is more powerful than never before.

Siri suggestions

Siri suggestions are available for both Shortcuts and frequently used apps. It will show suggestions on your Lock Screen as well as when you pull down on the Home screen to access search.

iOS 12

Siri might suggest messaging people at a certain time. It may also suggest a third-party app that you use regularly.

If you have the habit of ordering coffee every morning, Siri might suggest your favorite coffee app on the Lock screen. Or if you love workout then Siri may suggest the tracking app at the gym.

Siri suggestions are highly intelligent and accurate in iOS 12.


Apple has brought a Siri Shortcuts app that is capable of much more via quick actions. You will be able to use Siri Shortcuts on both iPhones and HomePods and Apple Watches.

With this feature, you can open Maps app with directions home all with a single “I’m going home” Siri command.

You can find hundreds of Shortcut suggestions in a Gallery in Shortcuts app. Shortcut suggestions are also available in the Shortcuts section of the Settings app. The main motive is to help you figure out what Siri Shortcuts might be useful to you. It will show suggestions based on apps you’ve recently used.

Other enhancements

Siri in iOS 12 can answer questions related to food, motorsports, and celebrity questions. It can provide you access to the passwords stored in your iCloud Keychain.

A new food knowledge feature gives you much information about it. Siri can access information from the USDA database. So you can ask questions like “How much caffeine is in a cup of tea?” or “How healthy is fish?”.

You can ask Siri to turn the flashlight on and off. If you misplaced iPhone, iPad, or AirPods then ask Siri to find it.

Now Siri is able to pull up photos and memories based on time, people, events, places and keywords of objects. Moreover, it can pull on the base of the scenes in the photos.

You can check the facts about celebrities, such as “Where was Amy Adams born?”

Siri now capable of translating more than 50 languages.

11 – Privacy and Security

Apple always wants to give the best possible Privacy and Security to its users. So in this field, it makes many improvements.

Automatic strong passwords

iOS 12

In iOS 12, whenever you need to create a login for each and every website and app, your iPhone and iPad automatically suggest strong, unique passwords. All of these passwords are stored on your iOS device. You can even ask Siri to open up your list of passwords, which are synced across your devices. If you ever need the password, just ask Siri.

Security code AutoFill

Most of the apps and services nowadays offer two-factor authentication. It requires a code texted to your phone number. We have to remember the code and enter in the appropriate field.

iOS 12

Now, Apple detects these incoming security codes from the Messages app and gives it as an AutoFill option. So no need to leave the login screen to read the code or to remember the code.

Enhanced tracking prevention

In iOS 12, it is harder than ever for sites to track you on the web. Social media Link, Share, and Comment buttons and widgets will not able to track you without your permission.

Safari browser also prevents advertisers from collecting your device’s unique settings and other sensitive data. So the advertisers will not retarget ads to you across the web.

Password reuse auditing

With password auditing feature, Apple will warn you if you’ve used a password that’s too weak or has been used across multiple sites. iOS devices flag inadequate passwords and give you an option to go right to the site. You can replace it with an automatically generated strong password.

iOS 12 has a new feature to locate iPhone users in emergency situations. The new feature automatically provides secure location data to first responders when someone call 911. 911 is the emergency service in the USA.

These are the major updates and improvements in iOS 12.

As I told earlier I will give you the list of compatible devices for iOS 12. Now let’s see the compatible devices for iOS 12.

Compatible devices

This is the list of devices that can support iOS 12.

iOS 12


So Apple has released its much-awaited iOS 12. We have discussed all the major updates in this mobile OS. There is a long list of new features and updates. With this major updates, there are also some small small updates. These updates may not have that much of importance.

Apple always brings some amazing feature in their OS. This time also it brings some completely new concepts to it. The power of AI will more in this iOS 12. Every corner of the app is made for easy access.

The virtual assistant Siri is superior to ever. Apple has given it some new roles. Now Siri can able to do more and make life more simple. You can manage the day to day tasks from Siri.

A few days ago Google has released its latest Android OS named Android Pie. It also contains some awesome features.

Now, Apple’s iOS 12 is left behind. It is the most advanced version from Apple. Things are going to be more flexible with this OS.

As listed the comparable devices above, check it once. If you have any devices in the list, then you will get the update.

This is a major update from Apple. So share it with your friends and let them know about it. Which new feature you like the most. Leave a comment below and let me know.



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