Microsoft Surface Event – Updates And New releases


Microsoft, a well-known name in the field of IT. The tech giant has recently released a verity of products on the Microsoft Surface event.

The event was organized in New York. Microsoft showed off its new line of Surface products in it. It also includes some updates to the existing laptop line. The focus is on the new Surface Headphones with Cortana integration.

Microsoft Surface event

Microsoft was hidden for some time and there is no major updates or new release. This event may fuel it and keep it into the track.

Microsoft also unveiled an interesting change to its Windows 10 operating system. Windows 10 will soon fully welcome Android to mirror mobile apps to your PC.

See the tweet from Microsoft

As Microsoft’s mobile platform is out of the race already, this may be an impressive step to embrace The Google’s Android platform.

This is a much-awaited feature. We will see about this App mirroring feature later in this article.

Let’s cover the major updates and new releases in the Microsoft Surface event.

Surface Pro 6 and Surface laptop 2

The Microsoft Surface event kicked off with the announcement of the Surface Pro 6.

Microsoft is refreshing its Surface Pro tablet/laptop hybrid on the event. Surface Pro was last updated before almost a year and a half. Now it comes with Intel’s 8th Gen processors and a new black color variant.

We’ve seen Microsoft use black on the Surface Pro for the first time in at least five years. It was seen in the original Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2.

It weighs in at 1.7 pounds, and run up to 13.5 hours of battery life. Surface Pro 6 has the same 12.3-inch display and up to 16GB of RAM inside.

Microsoft Surface event

The Surface Pro 6 has the same connectivity and external design as on the previous model. It means there are still no USB-C ports. It is quite surprising that Microsoft is not adopting USB-C in its flagship Surface Pro.

Microsoft is updating the existing Surface Laptop. Now it is packed with 8th Gen Intel processors, 8 GB RAM, and a matte black finish.

Except for these changes all other hardware is identical. There’s a still a 13.5-inch display with a 2256 x 1504 resolution. The latest version still doesn’t have any USB-C port. You use this laptop for heavy gaming and video editing or animation making works.

Microsoft says the Surface Pro 6 will start at $899 with an Intel Core i5 processor. It will be available on October 16th. The Surface Laptop 2 starts at $999. These are the latest flagship range laptops.

Surface Headphones

Surface Headphones is one of the attractions on Microsoft Surface event. It is the newest member in the Surface lineup. Surface Headphones has a built-in Cortana.

Microsoft Surface event

It is a pair of over-the-ear wireless Bluetooth 4.2 headphones. It offers noise canceling feature. One of the cool features is, it has 13 different levels of noise canceling. There is a rotating ring around the left ear cup to adjust it. You can find a shiny Windows logo on them.

The headphones weigh 290 gram. These headphones can charge via USB-C. It can last for up to 15 hours.

You can pre-order it for $349. But Microsoft did not confirm a specific ship date.

Microsoft may back in track with this smart Surface Headphones.

Surface Studio 2

Microsoft unveiled the second generation of the Surface Studio on the event. It looks similar on the outside. It has a 28-inch display at 3:2 aspect ratio.

In the Surface Studio 2, Microsoft puts 7th generation Intel Core i7 processors.

Microsoft has changed the display to be 38 percent brighter and it has 22 percent more contrast.

Microsoft Surface event

Microsoft has also upgraded the storage to a 2TB SSD in the flagship model, or 1TB SSD in the base model. It has built-in Xbox Wireless.

This has Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or GTX 1070 according to the model. So you will get the best performance in the latest games.

The company is taking preorders for this Surface Studio 2 new model. The price starting at $3,499.

Surface All Access

The Surface lineup is really expensive. Microsoft is trying to make it simpler and cheaper. So customers can buy Surface lineup.

It has launched a new payment option called Surface All Access. Surface All Access is based on a monthly fee. It will give customers to buy the Surface device and access to Office 365.

Microsoft Surface event

Surface All Access seems like a subscription plan. Actually, it is just a well-branded payment plan.

One may think what is the advantage of buying through the All Access program? You can get the devices at cheaper prices. You can check the plan here.

The Surface All Access plan is like the Xbox All Access plan. Microsoft says Surface All Access will be available first only in the US.

If you are intended to go with this plan make sure you have read all the terms and condition.

App Mirroring

Microsoft has upgraded its Windows 10 OS.

Microsoft announced a new feature for Windows 10 in the Microsoft Surface event. The new feature is App Mirroring. This lets Android and iOS user view and uses an app on their device from a Windows desktop.

As Microsoft has already stopped its mobile services, now it shows its affection towards Android and iOS.

Microsoft Surface event

This feature is inside of a Your Phone app. It allows users to select an app from your Android (for now) smartphone to use on a Windows 10 desktop.

Checkout the Tweet from Microsoft.

Microsoft says the new feature will be available with the new Windows 10 October update. Some people already get the update and starts using this feature.


These are some of the major updates from the Microsoft Surface event. Microsoft introduced its latest gadgets and updates in that event.

These five are the major update one should know. To back in tech track it also introduced a surface headphone. Actually, it is the newest member in the surface lineup.

The surface lineup is known as the flagship grade devices. If your wallet allows you to buy these devices, then go for it.


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