Mi Power Bank 20000 mah: The Best to Recharge Batteries On the Go?

powerbank 20000 mah

In 2018, if there is one company which is ruling the Smartphone & Gadget market will bring Xiaomi into the limelight. Yes, the company has played a major role in revolutionizing the gadgets to the highest levels. And, as for today, it is continuing to do so. Hence, to make your moods bounce a bit, I have brought the mi power bank 20000 mah 2i review for you.

But, before we actually hop down into the review of mi power bank 20000 mah, let us discover some amazing things about Xiaomi

A Take into Xiaomi Company

powerbank 20000 mah

Imagine the times when xiaomi was just a name, yes, not enough revolution was brought into the mobile and gadgets industry.

Hence, fast-forwarding to 2018, we are seeing some of the best and amazing products from Xiaomi.

I mean, the company is everywhere and is expanding at a pretty much unending scale.

In addition, Xiaomi is also known for making good electronic accessories with smart features and at affordable pricing.

Thus, among a different range of products, one such product from Xiaomi is their power bank.

Even in the power bank segment, Xiaomi has conquered the market and are delivering some of the most amazing power banks at affordable prices.

Hence, to let you know more about the mi power bank 20000 mah 2i, let us move ahead and unwrap some of the deepest & informative things about it.

Mi power bank 20000 mah 2i Review: Each and Everything you need to know in 2018


Design Section

 mi powerbank 20000 mah

In case if you don’t know, the design of xiaomi products has always been up to the mark. Hence, the mi power bank 20000 mah 2i power bank is not an exception in any case.

As we compare this xiaomi power bank with its earlier brother, it boasts of some of the most extraordinary features.

Here, you will get to see an extraordinary look, sleek and a strong stylish profile. Except for the width criteria, the mi power bank 20000 mah 2i falls nothing short than a masterpiece.

Further, covering every corner, the company has put an anti-smudge coating which makes the body scratch-resistant.

Hence, with this, you don’t need to keep your power bank in some case or hide it in your bags.

However, do not assume scratch resistant as scratch proof as you will have to be cautious while keeping it on dusty desks.


What’s more in the Design Section of mi power bank 20000 mah 2i?

powerbank 20000 mah

Taking a peek at the top section, you will see two USB ports and yes, the 2i power bank from Xiaomi supports dual charging.

Further, other than the charging ports, you even get a micro USB charging port to charge your power bank to the fullest extent.

In addition, there is an LED light indicator present at the top accompanied by a power button.

Does the mi power bank 20000 mah 2i charge wearables?

Yes, the 2i xiaomi power bank can charge wearable which means you can charge your bands, smartwatches from this power bank.

So, what you need to do for charging purpose? Well, simply press the power check button twice for activating the lower power mode.

Here, if no device is connected, it will automatically power off itself which is an efficient thing.

Other than that, the mi power bank 20000 mah 2i power bank even comes with safety systems to prevent any kind of overcurrent to your Smartphone.

Does the mi power bank 20000 mah 2i Supports Phone with Quick Charge?

xiaomi powerbank 20000 mah

Yes, Xiaomi has done an excellent job to make xiaomi power bank 20000 mah support phones with Qualcomm Quick Charge. Hence, it can support relatively higher power inputs and can charge your phone at a relentless pace.

As per my testing, I plugged my iPhone 8 into the xiaomi power bank and it charged my phone faster than an Apple charger.

Well, that’s a pretty much plus point which every one of you must take into consideration.

On top of everything, the 2i power bank from Xiaomi can even use fast charges to fully charge itself.

And, the same can be done under just 3 hours which is an amazing thing.

However, with this Xiaomi power bank, you only get a micro USB Cable and you will need to buy a dongle port if needed.


Performance of the Xiaomi 2i power bank 20000 mah

powerbank 20000 mah price

credits: androidcentral

As you know, the 2i’s massive 20000 mah lithium ion battery can charge your phone 4 to 5 times quite easily.

According to xiaomi, it claims that this power bank can charge your mid-range phones with 3,000 mah battery 5 times with ease.

Further, as per our testing, we tested this power bank on different phones such as One Plus 6, Xiaomi Mi 5. And, this power bank didn’t fail to impress in any scenario.

Mi 2i power bank 20000 mah Specifications


·         Sales Package ·         Power Bank, Micro USB Cable, User Manual, Warranty Card
·         Suitable Device ·         Mobile


·         Number of

Output Ports

·         2
·         Charging Cable Included ·         Yes
·         Power Supply ·         5 V/2 A, 9 V/2 A
·         Output Power ·         5.1 V/2.4 A, 9 V/2 A, 12 V/1.5 A
·         Other Features ·         Charging Time: 10.5 hrs (Input 5 V/2 A), 7.2 hrs (Input 18 W Max), Dual USB Output, Two Way Quick Charge Support, 9 Layer Circuit Chip Protection, LED Indicator
·         Width 69.6 mm
·         Height 149 mm
·         Depth 23.9 mm
·         Weight 358 g
  • Warranty
·         Warranty Summary 6 Months warranty
·         Warranty Service Type Carry In
·         Covered in Warranty Manufacturing Defects
·         Not Covered in Warranty Physical Damages
·         Domestic Warranty 6 Months

credits: Flipkart

Wrapping Things Up: Mi Powerbank 20000 mah 2i Review 2018

Well, to sum up, the whole story of Xiaomi’s 2i power bank 20000 mah 2i, it truly excels in almost every scenario.

Hence, it ticks almost every box whereas a stylish body, safety system and fast charging with Qualcomm complete the whole package.

Wondering about the mi 2i power bank 20000 mah price comes at an exclusive pricing of Rs. 1499

And, in any case, if you want to buy this amazing mi 2i power bank 20000 mah 2i, just click on the link below:

Mi 2i 2i power bank 20000 mah: Buy From Here

Finally, share this article with all those people who truly want to recharge their phone batteries on the go. Or else, those who are seeking a good company power bank.

Last but not the least, do share your opinions in the comment section based on the mi 2i power bank 20000 mah 2i and as usual, I will be grateful enough to respond to it, for sure.



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