Mi Mix 3:Support 5G Networks, Video Leak & Manual Camera Slider


Well, it is 2018 and still, the upcoming phone from Xiaomi seems an unending thing. Right after the launch of Poco F1, people have been amazed to truly good extents. But, this time, it is time for Xiaomi’s flagship phones to up their game. For that, the mi mix 3 is all-set to rampage the whole mobile industry.

Yes, Xiaomi is all set to launch their Mi Mix 3 and the world will witness the same in October.

Wondering about bezel-less design, this mi new Smartphone will boast the same feature where the focus will be on the high-end internals.

In addition, the premium design has to be the basic norm in mi mix 3 as it will come under the category of flagship mobile phones.

So, what are some of the most spectacular things about the mi mix 3? Well, we will uncover each and everything right here in this article.

Mi Mix 3: The Next Future of Mobile Smartphones?

mi mix 3

credits: weibo/linbin

On Xiaomi’s term, the mi mix 3 will come with a lot more premium design and specs, the world can go gaga over. In addition, there are two amazing teasers of this Smartphone being released at some regular intervals.

Firstly, we have strong possibility that the mi mix 3 will come with a 5G Network out of the box.

Secondly, it will feature a marvelous Slider Camera mechanism which boasts of mi mix 3’s exceptional build design.

Chinese Microblogging Platform

In a recent post of the Chinese Microblogging platform, Weibo who is Xiaomi’s Co-Founder teased a pic of the mi mix 3. In that post, the phone had the front bar with 5G+ written on it.

Hence, it will not be a surprise if the mi mix 3 India will come with an all-new 5G support. However, until the phone doesn’t come into reality, we really cannot keep our hopes, on the high note.

Right in the next post on a social networking site, Xiaomi’s Lin Bin showed the revolutionary camera slider on the mi mix 3.

Well, you might wonder that the slider is a mechanized one but you might take this one wrong. Here, the slider is manually controlled which is an amazing thing for every Smartphone user.

However, it is unclear whether the whole back panel will slide or only the camera section will pop up.

Xiaomi’s Official Channel Announcements

In the late August month, Xiaomi’s official channels confirmed that the mi mix 3 will come with a “near-bezel-free display” which will eliminate the notch design.

On the other hand, the camera slider which comes with the front and rear sensors is put in place with perfection.

What are the rumored specifications of Mi Mix 3?

While the latest mix 3, the specifications are bound to be a killer one. Here, the phone is expected to come with Samsung QHD+ AMOLED display which will encompass the COP packaging technology.

In addition, it will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC and the camera will come with a massive 20-megapixel selfie one.

What will be the expected pricing of the Mi Mix 3?

Well, in case if you are wondering about the pricing details of the mi mix 3, we have got something for you.

Here, the phone will come in the following basic variants:

  • 6GB RAM/ 64GB Internal (Roughly Rs. 36,300)
  • 6GB RAM/ 128GB Internal (Roughly Rs. 39,500)

Finally, for the premium customers who want an edge over the two variants, Xiaomi has left no stones unturned.

Here, the 8GB RAM version along with a massive 128GB Internal Storage will be an absolute blessing.

This variant will cost around Rs. 42, 700 roughly which you can go on and purchase after the launch.

Hold On! If you think that the variant list of Xiaomi has handed, you might be wrong.
For Xiaomi’s ultra-premium customers, the mobile tech giant has still got one more variant in their bags.

Here, the 8GB RAM and a whopping 256GB Internal Storage variant comes at a costing of Rs. 45,600. Though the costing is a bit on the expensive side, the feature-rich mi mix 3 has got everything to amuse their customers.

Wrapping Things Up: Mi Mix 3- The Next-Gen Super Smartphone

Well, by reading the above article, I know all of you are pretty excited. Hence, we can say that every time Xiaomi upcoming phones are launched, the whole becomes a lot more curious to know the same.

Hence, I have pretty much done my part and have a list of some very basic questions for you to answer.

  • Will you buy the Xiaomi mi mix 3?
  • If yes, Which Variant you will buy?

Either way, you can just drop your comment and as usual, I will respond to it with grace and comfort.

Finally, as a thankful nature, share this article with your friends, family and let them even know about the next-gen Super Smartphone, the Xiaomi mi mix 3.




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