JioMeet Now Launched In India: How to join or start a meeting


With the launch of JioMeet in India, it is a direct  competition to many already running apps like Zoom, Google Meet . Microsoft Teams and many others. The JioMeet is now available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The app has already been downloaded by more than 100k people. It was launched when the people of India  are avoiding products that are especially made in China. currently it is rated very high on Play Store as well as App store i.e. 4.6 on Play Store and 4.8 on App Store.

We used JioMeet for some conference meeting of our own.

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Features in JioMeet

  1. Similar to Zoom, It lets you schedule meetings before hand and share the meeting invite link.
  2. JioMeet also has incorporated the feature of screen sharing.
  3. Most of the video conferencing platforms have a limit to free calling but on JioMeet you can go for 24 hours without any disturbance.
  4. JioMeet is password protected keeping privacy of each meeting.
  5. You can join a meeting without signing up but if you want to host a meeting then you would have to  create a account and login.
  6. Signing up is easy. you just have to enter your phone number, name and email-ID.
  7. JioMeet supports multiple devices as it can support up to 5 devices.
  8. JioMeet has included the option of Waiting Room which means a person cannot enter a meeting until the host permits him or her.


How to join a meeting in JioMeet?

To join the meeting, you just have to click the Join button and enter the meeting ID provided by the meeting host.

You can enable or disable video and audio , before joining the meeting and also after joining the meeting.

How to start a meeting in JioMeet call?

  1. To start a meeting first you need to sign up with your name and mobile number and enter the OTP you received. It is as simple as that.
  2. Just click on New Meeting option on the home screen of the app. Zoom and JioMeet has almost the same interface so if you have used Zoom before than you won’t face much problems.
  3. You can choose whether you want to  keep video on or off and generate your unique meeting ID .
  4. Select the “Start Meeting” option.
  5. Invite people by clicking on participant option and then on invite. You can choose whether to mute or unmute the people in your meeting.
  6. You can share link via Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter among others.

Click here to Download JioMeet.



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