Jio & Ericson Reveal India’s First 5G User Cases 2018


On Friday 26th, Reliance Jio and Ericsson confirmed that they are jointly working on 5G user cases.

Here, both the companies unveiled the 5G User cases. And a live 5G network demo was shown in Navi Mumbai and Delhi.

Hence, to let you know the complete story of 5G User Cases, let us move ahead and discover some more insights on the same.

A Take on Jio & Ericson Reveal India’s First 5G User Cases

5G User Cases

From the first instance, use cases leveraged gigabit speed and other ultra-low latency capabilities.

Here, both the things were done for the arrival of the 5G technology which is said to come in the year 2019.

A Word of Mouth by The President of Reliance Jio

“For us as a nation, it is imperative that operators are aggressively incentivized to accelerate the deployment of deep fiber. And this lays the foundation for this transformation, enabling us to seamlessly transition to 5G,” said, Mathew Oommen, who is the president of Reliance Jio.

Further, he also said that use cases which came out on Friday can have application in sectors such as education, mining, and healthcare.

In addition, some 5G use cases even constituted VR assistant driving and connected VR car.

5G User Cases

The company also said that the ability to visualize & simulate different types of situations, scenarios makes VR, one of the most valuable tools to be used in education.

Hence, even the employees can make use of the same and teachers can enhance their teaching capabilities with the help of VR.

Additionally, with the use of VR in healthcare systems, patients can be treated on a much firm scale. And, with the availability of 5G Speed technology, work can be done at double fast rate.

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Final word of Mouth: Jio & Ericson Reveal India’s First 5G User Cases

Well, the world especially, India is waiting for the 5G technology. And it will certainly change the whole perspective of speed and networks.

Yes, it will surely be blazing fast and Jio, Ericson is working quite hard on the same. Hence, what else you can do now?

Well, pretty much one thing. Just wait, see different 5G related news, especially our upcoming posts. And, sooner, 5G will evolve as one of the greater network, speed technology, the world has ever seen.




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