iPhones Latest 2018: Discover What Android is Up Against (August 2018)

iPhones latest

It is mid of 2018 and all of us know what happens in such time of the year. Still, Guessing? This period is the time for iPhone to release its latest iPhones in 2018. Yes, I know you all are pretty excited for iPhones latest so am I.

As far as we talk about Apple, it’s set of the next beast lineup of iPhones can come anytime in the month of September. Being Android’s greatest rival, this time, Apple will surely look to turn the tables around.

Hence, to let you know everything about the iPhones latest 2018 and its rumors, let’s not waste any further time. So, what we can do? Let us move forward and discover some of the most awaited iPhones latest news, all over.

iPhones Latest 2018: What You Can Expect From the Tech Giant?

iPhones latest

Like Apple did in the year 2017, Apple is yet again ready to launch three of their latest iPhones 2018. This thing will obviously be done at the event of Apple which can happen at any time in the month of September most probably.

But, here is the twist which Apple will bring to its current line-up of Smartphones. Instead of releasing two regular iPhones, the next set of iPhones are said to be on a different tangent.

What is the Real Rumor on latest iPhones 2018?

latest iPhones in India

credits: Macrumors

Based on rumors and speculations, Apple is all set to release two iPhone X models which will obviously differ in their speculations.

Whereas, there will be a higher variant of the iPhone X probably known as the iPhone XS accompanied with its larger brother, the Apple iPhone XS Plus.

In addition to the above Smartphone’s, there will be a base variant which will be a little less expensive one than the other two.

What will Apple name the less-expensive Variant? Well, the name can be anything like the Apple iPhone 8S, 8S Plus or any stunning name.

What Exciting do the iPhones latest models boast of?

I know you have been dreaming about the latest iPhones model of 2018 which is the main reason for writing this article for you.

Well, all the folks, the two X-Models of the new iPhone will come with OLED Screens covered all over with stainless bodies.

Although, in terms of the less-expensive iPhone model, it will have an LCD Screen still will be sharper and vibrant.

What about the Looks of Each iPhone?


Comparing the looks of future iPhone at this stage can be a stringent task. Still, all the 3 models of iPhones are expected to look similar to iPhone X having the unique notch design.

A Cheaper iPhone is in the Making?

latest iPhones in 2018

On the basis of the iPhone latest update, the iPhone XS and the XS Plus will definitely be priced at a higher price as the iPhone X.

Meaning? It will be above $1000 or even more when we talk about the Plus model of the latest iPhone.

However, talking about the cheapest iPhone of 2018 will probably bring the iPhone 9 straight into the limelight.

Thinking about the specs? This phone will come with LCD Display and a single camera and loads of other features.

In terms of the pricing, it can cost around $600-$800 which still can change, based on Apple’s demands.

Can the Cheap Variant of iPhone do some Magic?

Talking about the latest cheap version of the iPhone, the pricing is still on the higher side. Well, you really can’t spend $700 on a phone and call it budgeting one, Right?

Still, for Android lovers who like to use an iPhone within their budgeting range, this little beauty can tickle them to some extent.

For Android, it has been the powerhouse of one of the cheapest Smartphone’s, the world has ever seen. Here, you can go for any category ranging from the high-end devices to the cheapest ones.

Being said that, Apple’s $700 iPhone can be a game changer or else, failure awaits them sooner.

The Set-up of Dual Camera Vs Triple Camera

iPhones latest

In the recent years, both Android as well as Apple has taken photography to the next level of detailing and perfectionism.

Here in the modern days, we are relentlessly seeing the dual camera’s on almost every Smartphone. Coming down to Apple, photography is an integral part of their overall phone’s feature.

To date, Apple has used the Dual Camera Setup but will the company go for the Triple one? We really don’t know.

Still, there is one Phone which has already bagged the triple camera setup. Well, if you really can’t guess, it is the Huawei P20 Pro.

I mean, seriously, the triple camera set-up of the P20 Pro is amazing and clicking pictures from it is a sheer blessing.

As per the reports, the selling of the Huawei P20 Pro was quite decent and the company made huge numbers with that.

What about iPhones latest in case of Triple Camera Setup?

Still, now, there are different conflicting rumors whether the iPhone’s latest models will come with a triple camera. Hence, without a triple camera, we will still see some amazing snaps being clicked from the latest iPhone models of 2018.

Data Speeds of the iPhones Latest 2018

For over a decade, Apple was using the Qualcomm’s modems which were quite fast and decent.

However, this time, Apple is on a different curve and willing to opt for Intel processor as per the latest reports.

What does this mean? It definitely means that the Apple’s latest iPhones could be unbelievably fasts than it counterparts coming to connectivity.

It may sound to be a nightmare for Android but if you will closely observe the scenario, the speed difference can be almost negligible.

Further, moving ahead with connectivity, it depends on several factors such as the network choice, location, climate and much more, ‘

Finally, comes down towards the sales, it doesn’t seem that it could be affected with Apple using the Intel Modems. I mean, if they are providing good connectivity, users want the same from Apple as well as every phone company.

Fight of the Face ID Vs In-Display Sensors

iphones latest news

credits: Apple

Coming down toward the fight between Face ID and In-Display Sensors, both Android and iPhone are odds.

Here, Android is looking to implement In-Display Fingerprint sensor in their phones while iPhone has its focus on the 3D Face Authentication Route.

Hence, in the case of Apple, the job of 3D face recognition seems to be a little bit, “Mission Impossible”. Still, there are concerns over the security which iPhone will have to take into consideration.

What does it Mean?

Simply it means that even the latest version of the iPhone can be tricked by one mean or another. Hence, the total 3D face recognition still remains a dream until Apple steps up and works more on security.

Thus, on the other hand, Android phone manufacturers have already started their work on the In-Display Fingerprint sensors.

Hence, in the security section, Apple will have to bring a more secure system if they will have to beat Android in the unlock security section.

Finally, what Apple will bring for us in 2018 in case of the security section, Time is inevitably the best answer.

Apple’s Latest Software

As of now, Apple has unveiled most of the features which will come with their iOS 12. Hence with this, Apple has given us a large hint, what the iPhones latest models will bring for us in 2018.

Still, to let you know some of the marvelous features of iOS 12, let us quickly go through some of the most amazing ones.


Siri Shortcuts

iphones latest models

Well, be it the Android Phone or your latest iPhone, Shortcuts makes our navigation far simpler. Hence, with Siri Shortcuts, you can speed up the certain action of yours, with grace and comfort.

For example, say you want to get your home directions & at the same time message your loved ones, what you will do?

Here, you can estimate the arrival time and can create the same option for yourself. After which, you can assign the same to a trigger phrase (“Let us Go Home”) and that’s it.

Further, coming ahead on the Siri Shortcuts, it appears that the company is planning to make it more digital assistant.

What will the digital assistant allow?

It will help in pushing more things such as the contextual display notifications to users accompanying with suggestions.

In addition, if you want to learn more about the Siri Shortcuts, you can learn the same from Apple’s developer page.

Usage habits

We know that the arrival of the iPhones latest is not far away and the fans are pretty excited for the same. Hence, moving down to our next section, Usage Habits of iOS 12 will truly be loved by people.

Here, Apple will include the device usage stats which will help users in every possible aspect of their life.

What will the Usage habits help in?

At first, it will give you information about how you interact with your iPhone deciding on different patterns.

Talking about Android, the company has installed the same known as the Digital Wellbeing which comes in Android Pie.

Hence, from the above scenario, both Apple and Android are going head to head. So, we really can’t guess the winner at this point in time.


iPhones latest 2018

If you remember the last year, Apple came up with their Animoji in their iPhone X Model which replicated user’s actions and facial features.

This, the time the Animoji is revamped and it is the Memoji which will come as a successor to the Animoji.

What’s new in Memoji?

Despite iOS 12’s software features, the Memoji stands to be an essential part of it. Here, you can create more animated emoji’s in a human form to a massive extent.

Further, with the help of the Apple’s True Depth Camera, the iOS 12’s Memoji will surely be more accurate and amazing.

Want to see the same in action? Click here for the same.

The Notch Fashion seems to be an Un-ending Thing

iPhones latest

credits: Android Authority

Since the arrival of the last iPhone X, the notch has become the every Smartphone trend. Apart from the iPhones latest, even Android manufacturers have adopted the same and making Smartphones including the notch.

Yes, Google has developed some of the latest notch guidelines which will make the Notch Fever, ignite for some more years.

Till now, we aren’t sure whether Apple will bring an innovation in their notch for 2018. Still, the various rumors point towards an all-new revolution in the notch design.

Although, the difference will be negligible, still, “Some Innovation is much better than no Innovation”.

The Dual Sim and Dongle Functionality

It is 2018 and almost every Android device is coming with Dual-Sim functionality. Hence, in the case of Apple, this might be the year where they can introduce their first ever Dual SIM Smartphone.

What Benefits Does Dual SIM Phones Possess?

Whenever we think about the Dual-SIM Phones, travelers always come in our mind. Yes, having dual SIM makes it easy to swipe between the SIM for uninterrupted calls and network. Apart from this, there are different tons of features which Apple, must take into consideration.

Finally, driving on speculations, Apple is all set to drop their lightning to 3.5 mm audio dongle in their latest iPhones.

Hence, with this, Apple can speed up the overall market’s transition keeping the 3.5 mm headphone norm quite dead.

What will Apple get Benefit from removing headphone jack?

After the removal of the traditional headphone jack, the sales of Apple’s lightning adaptors can increase to sky extents.

Either way, it’s a complete Win-Win situation for Apple unless the Fans will completely ban Apple (Which is surely a rare thing).

Hence, based on my opinion, I would not suggest Apple ditch their headphone feature which has become a necessity for every user.

Still, it is Apple and its fans are crazy enough to accept any feature, with pride and comfort.

Final Words: iPhones Latest 2018

So, after reading the whole article, here we are in the concluding phase. Till date, the above are some of the most hidden and exclusive features of the latest iPhones in India 2018.

As for me, I will update this article as and when the iPhones latest news will come into the picture. Till then, I leave all up to you.

What do you need to do?

Head down in the comment section and let me know answers to the following questions:

  • Will you be buying the Latest iPhone?
  • What feature of iOS 12, you like the most?
  • Do you think Apple’s Phones are overpriced?

Either way, let me know the answers in the comment section and I will be glad enough to reply to you.

Until then, share this article about the latest iPhones 2018 with your friends, family. And, make every iPhone Fan feel that pinch before the arrival of its 3 giant variants in 2018.



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