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honor 9 lite

Well, it is 2018 and the mobile phone market is booming at a rapid pace. Every now and then, there is a Smartphone being launched outshining the previous one. This time, it is Honor Company which have come up with their beast Honor 9 lite. Can’t be sure whether to opt for this Smartphone? No issue. I have jotted every detailing point to serve you with the best Honor 9 lite review.

Hence getting pretty excited? So am I. Let’s hope into the article and discover some very interesting things about the Honor 9 Lite.

An All-New Honor 9 Lite Review

Before we go on with the latest Honor 9 reviewing, it is essential to know some pre-detailing about the honor 9 lite smartphone. Thus, let us first know what actually Honor 9 lite is.

What actually is the Honor 9 Lite?

Yet another feature-pack phone from Honor and the mobile market is shivering yet another time. Well, as the name suggests, this phone is a cut off version from its predecessor, the Honor 9. Further, you can find the Honor 9 lite resembles far more with the Huwaei P Smart and the Honor 7X.

As we talk about the release, it is released in most countries from where you can purchase this device, without any issue.

Design: Honor 9 Lite

honor 9 lite

credits: intellectdigest

Very similar to the Honor 7X which came weeks before this little beast, the Honor 9 Lite boasts of providing the bezel-less design which most flagship phones are possessing. From the company, they call this design approach as the “Full View” where the device ratio is far greater.

To be honest, the Honor 9 lite has the minimum bezels and looks sleek, stylish from every possible angle. In addition, it has got a black border in the bottom area which displays the enchanting honor logo on it.

In terms of the screen size, this smartphone comes with 5.65-Inch Display which has got some marvelous vivid colors.

Still, there is no space for fingerprint sensor in the front section which is not of an issue. The Finger-Print sensor is present in the back section and is positioned to an absolute level of perfection.  Further, the Biometric system is super fast and I saw no Lag whatsoever.

Right at the back side, Honor 9 lite boasts of a highly reflective glass covering which can easily get cracks. While in other smartphones, such design gives a privilege of wireless charging, the Honor 9 Lite doesn’t have any as such.

Final Verdict on Design

Right from the very first view on the Honor 9 lite, this phone stands out from the rest. It looks much premium and the offering of glass back completes the whole package.


honor 9 lite review

credits: LiveMint

Making your phone talk their display is one of the hardest things for any smartphone manufacturer. Further, these even place more amount of pressure on the screen quality itself. But, with the Honor 9 lite, such a thing was never found as an issue in any case.

Starting with the basics, the screen of the Honor 9 lite is sized at 5.65-inch IPS LCD screen with pretty decent viewing angles. In addition, the contrast, as well as the brightness level, was found up to the mark.

In any case, if the pixel count appears little less, it is because of the 18:9 aspect ratio rather than the traditional 16:9.

Moving ahead in the honor 9 specifications, it gives a super wide screen which is excellent for video viewing and gaming. Although, some video apps such as YouTube and Netflix will consume an extra black space on your Smartphone. Still, the thing is manageable and you will get used to it with time.

Moving a little further, coming down to apps, Honor still has got good news for the customers. Huawei’s EMUI skin has the functionality to go full-screen and stretch any content you wish for. Although, this doesn’t look that elegant but is workable to some extent.

Final Verdict on Screen of Honor 9 Lite

Well, the basics such as an 18:9 aspect ratio, IPS LCD Screen all seem pretty decent as far as the pricing goes. In addition, the viewing angles are great and shining of vibrant colors truly completes the case of Screen for this Smartphone.

Performance: Honor 9 lite

honor 9 lite

One of the most important reason so as to why you get Honor Phones at a cheap price is because of their homemade processors. Yes, they produce the cheapest & high-end processors which are owned by their parent company Huawei.

Hoping straight into the honor 9 lite spec of the processor, it offers much more than the ordinary. It comes with a 2.36GHZ Kirin 659 CPU which is powerful, fast and poses no lags. Although this CPU is the same one which is used in the Honor 7Z and the Huwaei P Smart, it really does a better job.

In addition, It comes with a 3GB Ram which is 1GB lesser when we compare it with the honor 7X.

Whenever we talk about the Kirin 659, a sense of low-mid range chipset automatically comes to our mind. According to the Benchmarks, store, I was pretty much surprised so as to where the score of the honor 9 lite ended. It was just below the less-expensive Moto G5S Plus which comes with the Snapdragon 625.

Moving farther, in the day to day lifestyle, I faced absolutely no issue with the Honor 9 lite Smartphone. Whereas, the app sections such as visiting apps, using the fingerprint sensor were all blazing fast.

By any means, this Smartphone isn’t a gaming device at any cost. While playing PubG on this device, I faced a couple of lags at ultra settings. And, the same happened with quite other games as well. Still, for gamers, there are a plethora of the games which run absolutely fine on the Honor 9 Lite.

In any case, if you are buying the honor 9 lite 32 GB variant, you have the privilege to expand your storage using a Micro SD Card.

Final Verdict on Performance

Delivering the Kirin 659 at a budgeting price, the Honor 9 Lite gives exceptional performance. There were no lags when navigating through the apps and the fingerprint sensor was even snappy and up to the mark. All in all, it’s a Win-Win situation for the customers when it comes to the performance section.

Software: Honor 9 Lite

honor 9 lite flipkart

Having its similarities from the Huawei P Smart, the Honor 9 lite runs the latest version of Android Oreo. Well, this is truly a good thing as most Smartphone companies have stopped upgrading their older Smartphone’s.

On top of the latest Android O, you still get plenty of other things, you can get fascinated about. You get the latest EMUI version which serves as a duality of stock Android and iOS elements.

Still, Huawei is following the footsteps of Apple when it comes to the software section. It places the app tray together where you can drag & drop the apps into the theme folder.

Further, coming to the notifications, it seems close to the stock Android which serves a sense of minimal and true notifications.

However, still, the EMUI lacks in some other features on which, the company surely might be working. One area where the EMUI sucks is the pre-installed bloatware apps. Still, you can remove these apps and make your Honor 9 lite, lighter and performance booster.

For gamers, the software section of the Honor 9 Lite can be a boon to you. This beast comes with some of the pre-installed games from Gameloft. Still, if you want to play the new ones, you have got every right to uninstall them. And, install exciting ones from the Google Play Store.

Although, on the positive side, text entry with the help of Swift Key, typing can become flawless and error-free.


Camera: Honor 9 Lite

honor 9 lite reviews

credits: TechJuice

More impressively, the Honor 9 lite has changed their tracks apart from Honor 7X and Honor 9. This time, the Honor 9 Lite packs a dual camera setup. In fact, Honor has taken it to the next level and gave the same setup for selfies too.

In the camera section, the front, as well as the back section, has one 13-megapixel shooter and a 2-megapixel sensor. Further, similar to the Honor 7X, the secondary sensor is there for depth sensing which provides portrait shots and a wide aperture.

Still, on the Honor 9 lite, you can think of getting reasonable results when it comes to the camera section. Right in the wide aperture mode, you can set the aggressiveness nature of the camera and get some pretty decent snaps. After which, the results can vary from a good picture to an unusual extreme end. Nevertheless, if you keep trying, you will come up with the exact setting for clicking pictures.

What about the ever-famous Portrait Mode?

When it comes to Portrait Mode in the Honor 9 Lite, pictures are pretty decent where the blur effect works average. The difference factor here is the beauty effect which makes the subject look aggressive than usual.

Fortunately, you can turn on and off such a feature which gives this Smartphone a second lifeline.

Now, coming down to general shooting, the Honor 9 lite can take amazing pictures in decent lightening conditions. It has got the Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) which can make you take shots in automatic settings. Well, there is absolutely no need to worry. Its quick, easy and can take pictures to an absolute level of perfection.

What’s there in the Front-Facing Camera Section?

When it comes to the front camera of this Smartphone, rich colorful selfies truly comes into the limelight.  Its front-facing 13-megapixel camera clicks sharp and rich selfies in the standard mode. Again, you will need to have a good amount of lightening for your perfect selfie shots.

Final Verdict on Camera

  • Normally, the Wide Aperture mode grows the Blur effect
  • In the Normal Auto Mode, the Pictures come vibrant and sharp
  • The honor 9 lite takes good shots in balanced lightening

Battery Life: Honor 9 Lite


Last but not the least, the battery section is the most awaited for any Android Users. Yes, batteries suck and then, we keep wandering for the charging source. Thankfully, when it comes to the Honor 9 lite, the battery phase shifts down to the brighter side.

It comes with a 3,000mAh battery which is pretty good for a phone of this size. Although it is lesser than the Honor 7X’s 3340mAh battery, still it gives enough juice which can last easily for a day.

In addition, Honor claims that you can get 1-hour extra battery life if you watch offline Videos on the Honor 9 Lite. Well, sounds, interesting, right? Yes, it is. On the other hand, I played Guns of Boom Game for 15 mins and the battery dropped down just by 6 percent.

Further, when it comes to full-day usage on the Honor 9 lite, honor claims seems to be pretty useful. They say that the phone can last for whole one day when it comes to general usage. Moving ahead, when it comes to charging, the Honor 9 Lite lacks in most of the departments.

First of all, it doesn’t have a USB-C port and no wireless charging support is given with this device. Still, for general day users, this phone will work fine without much issue.

Final Verdict: Should you buy the Honor 9 Lite?


Well, over the Internet you may find different Honor 9 lite reviews but not all of them will give you a call to action statement. Coming back to the Honor 9 Lite, it offers some brilliant set of powerful features when we compare it with its pricing. The elegance of look, powerful Kirin 659 CPU and a battery which can last all day, a normal user surely doesn’t want more than this.

My One Sentence Answer, “YES!” Go for this little beast if you are looking for a budgeting Smartphone under 15000 Rs.

Here, also, you have got two options to choose from. You can either go for the honor 9 lite 32GB model which is priced at Rs 10,999. Or else, the honor 9 lite 64GB can give you that extra boasts at Rs 14,176.

Buy From Here: Honor 9 Lite  32GB,  64GB

In the end, the decision is all yours so as to for which variant you need to go for. At last, for thankfulness, you can share this article with your friends, family members and let them know about this budgeting beast.

For any query, you are free to comment below and I will try my best to reply you with the best possible answer, in any way.


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