Google Jio Deal: Google Now Ready to Invest Rs. 33,737 Crores For 7.7 Percent Stake in Jio Platforms

google jio deal

Mukesh Ambani told on Wednesday, that Google will invest Rs. 33,737 crores for 7.7 per cent stake in Jio Platforms.

Google Jio Deal

google jio deal

Google Investment in Jio

“We are delighted to welcome Google as a strategic investor in Jio Platforms. We have signed a binding partnership and an investment agreement under which Google will invest Rs. 33,737 crores for a 7.7 per cent stake in Jio Platforms,” Ambani said at the company’s annual general meeting.

This has increased Reliance Fund Raising to Rs. 2,12,809 crores in less than 3 months, he told.

Google Plan to Invest In India

Google had announced a $10 billion digital fund for India a few days back that entailed investments in existing companies as well as the expansion of AI footprint and spreading internet awareness in rural areas.

“We’ll do it (deploy funds) through a mix of equity investments in large Indian companies, startups, partnerships, as well as infrastructure investments such as data centres,” Google’s Sundar Pichai had said. The fund size, he said, provides an “opportunity to directly make larger investments” in bigger companies.

Jio is going to expand its wings in every sector you can see below Jio products launched with name Jio Platforms.

Jio Platforms:

  1. Jio Glass
  2. Jio Meet
  3. Jio Mobile
  4. Jio Fiber
  5. My Jio
  6. Jio TV
  7. Jio Browser
  8. Jio Cinema
  9. Jio Chat
  10. Jio Call
  11. Jio Pos Lite
  12. Jio News
  13. Jio Security
  14. Jio Cloud
  15. Jio Home
  16. Jio Health Hub
  17. Jio game
  18. Jio Group talk
  19. Jio Things
  20. Jio Gate
  21. Jio GST Bill Lite
  22. Jio Motive
  23. Jio HH Doctor
  24. Jio MediaWare
  25. Jio Smart Security
  26. Jio Cinema VR
  27. Jio VR

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Debt On Reliance Jio

“It is in excess of our net debt of Rs. 1,61,035 crores at the end of FY19-20,” he said. “Reliance is now truly a zero net debt company, well ahead of my goal of March 2021. It has an extremely strong Balance Sheet that will support growth plans for its three Hyper-Growth Engines — Jio, Retail and O2C.”


  1. What a great thing done by Google. Apart from that, I’m also excited for the Jio Glass and 5G smartphones from Jio.


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