Google Pixel Buds Review (2020)

Google Pixel Buds Review

The original Google Pixel Buds launched in 2017 by Google didn’t impress the people at all. The bulky earphones were connected by a wire and not comfortable to the ears at all. Even their case was huge, the sound was middling and AirPods were a better option.

Fast forward to 2019, Google released its second-generation buds and didn’t even add a number to them. They launched these Pixel Buds in such a way that people eventually forgot that the originals ever existed.

Google Pixel Buds Review (2020)

Google Pixel Buds come with remarkable features and sleek design. Let’s have a look at these features which make it one of the most preferred wireless earbuds in the market.


Google Pixel Buds Review

Exceptionally comfortable

Google nailed the hardware of its earbuds. They are so comfortable and fit perfectly. The Pixel Buds are small in comparison to the normal silicone top wireless earbuds. They are smaller than other options available in the market. 

In addition to this, they are quite lightweight. You can’t even feel them even if you wear them for hours. They don’t give you that “plugged” feeling. The design of Pixel Buds doesn’t eliminate this feeling but reduces it greatly. 

The pivotal feature that I’d like to highlight in my Google Pixel Buds review is the comfort it provides. Google revealed that it developed this design after scanning thousands of ears to produce the best possible design for the earbuds.  

You can find mention of the “fin” that is behind the bud in some pixel bud reviews. Although it is very soft, yet it can be uncomfortable depending on where it sits in your ear.

Outstanding touch gestures

One of the most remarkable features of these Pixel Buds is its touch gestures. You can swipe forward and backward to raise or lower the volume, tap to play or pause the music, switch to the next or previous track or receive and cut calls and press and hold to trigger Google Assistant, all using these gestures. When you pull the earbuds out, the music automatically pauses which eases our work more.

Sensitivity can be an issue at ties. Due to their smaller size, there remains less space to recognize the gestures. Google needs to add more customization to these gestures.

The phenomenal Charging case

Google beat almost all the other options in the market by introducing its pebble-shaped and fairly slim charging case. It has an incredible matte texture with a smooth covering, giving a “pebble” idea to the audience. The case can be easily gripped due to its texture. You won’t notice fingerprints or scratches easily on the Pixel Buds case. 

The lid of the case is also easy to open and closes with a satisfying sound. The case is heavy-bottomed due to the battery and looks like a cute little egg.

Sound Quality-

Better, not the best

Sound quality is the most important aspect that I need to discuss in my Google Pixel Buds review. The Pixel Buds sound identical to Apple’s AirPods but with less reliance on bass. The bass is not that strong but still feels better. The sound quality is not that great in comparison to all the other wireless earbuds available but it is satisfactory.

Pixel Buds have a flat, studio-style sound. They focus on the details of the music, thereby enhancing the experience of the user. They might not be the best earbuds for your heavy workout sessions where you need a heavy bass to pump yourself up with energy, but for a more relaxing evening, they can be your best companion.

Give way to outside noise

Google Pixel Buds come with a vent that is a part of their design. Due to this vent, they are more comfortable but allow air and outside noise to pass through. 

This isn’t bad as you are aware of your surroundings and not disconnected. Many users prefer total noise cancellation and hence, this doesn’t prove to be suitable for that.

Battery Life

Not Satisfactory

Google has always been questioned due to the battery life of Pixel Buds. Samsung Galaxy Buds+ offer 11 hours just for the earbuds whereas Google Pixel Buds provide only 5 hours of battery life to its users. It is quite unsatisfactory as you can’t even continue using them during your office hours.

Wireless Charging

The charging case accepts both Qi wireless charging and USB-C cable. The wireless charging can be a little tricky. You need to flip the case upside down to get the earbuds charged on the Pixel stand. To find the right spot, you need to adjust the angle correctly. However, you get an indicator light which helps you identify if your earbuds are getting charged properly.

They come with an additional benefit of giving at least an hour’s worth of power in just 10 minutes.


Google Pixel Buds Review

Google Assistant delivers a smart experience for the users

The original Pixel Buds didn’t have a great design but its features astounded the market. Its latest version comes with its latest features that support its outstanding design.

Google Assistant supported by the Google Pixel Buds can control your smart home, start your phone calls, send messages, read notifications aloud, start the music, and perform all the functionalities your smartphone can do. Thus, earbuds serve more functionalities than just listening to music.

Fast Pairing across all Android Devices

Another highlight that needs to be added to my Google Pixel Buds review is the pairing experience it provides to its users. If you’ve got an Android phone that’s up to date, as soon as you open the case you will receive a notification. You can pair your Buds with your phone simply by tapping the notification.

For full functionality such as specific controls, you need to install the Pixel Buds app. These Buds also get linked to your google account. Hence you can access your data through any of your connected phones.

Final Verdict

Priced at $179, Google Pixel Buds come with outstanding features including comfort, smart assistance, and apt sound. Some missing features such as noise cancellation can be important for some users but others, this is exactly what they require in wireless earbuds. Google has given an awesome product overall. The Google Pixel Buds price is not that outrageous and is widely accepted in the market.

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