Google Home Hub Review: Take a Look at a Home Boasting a View

Google Home Hub

Just aside the Google Pixel 3, Google announced their latest device, the Google home hub. With this, Google is making way for their very first home hub which will have display embedded to it.

Hence, Google is planning to take the smart speaker to the next level with their smart screen and on display interaction stuff.

Thus, with an intention to catch a complete glimpse of the Google Home Hub, let us move ahead and discover some more insights on the same.

Google Home Hub Review 2018: What’s exactly there in this product from Google?

Google Home Hub

credits: Android Authority

Starting with the basics, Google’s home hub looks and feels quite premium. Where a grey textured fabric to cover all over the speaker and the rest hub is surrounded by a utilitarian white plastic.

Further, you will find a microphone mute slider on the rear section which comes with volume rockers on the other end.

Now, the Google Home Hub doesn’t come with a USB port like the home mini but still manages to do the job.

A Take on The Display of Google Home Hub

Google Home Hub

credits: Android Authority

Honestly, as and when we move towards the display section of Google home hub, it rather feels cheap.

Here, you get to see a 7-inch display which comes with a resolution of 1024 x 600 which is definitely on the downside.

Further, the bezels are too thick and softly curved to make it look more like a photo frame.

Although the home hub’s screen is cheap, the overall device doesn’t look that much ugly.

More Things Which Makes Google Home Hub, Good & Frustrating

Google Home Hub review

credits: Android Authority

Talking about the display of the home hub, there are plenty of things to complain about and I felt, the pictures could have been sharper.

Still, the panel is much brighter and you can view almost any kind of movies with grace and comfort.

In addition, not much we can say about the Ambient EQ Display feature as we have not tested it to full extents.

Hence, keeping aside the display, Google Home Hub even functions as a speaker too. Here, the sound quality is on par as and when we compare it with the Google home mini.

It is perfectly made for music lovers and you wouldn’t mind playing your favorite music tracks on Google Home Hub.

Coming down to the look and feel, yes it is the same as you can get to see on other Google products.

All the usual keys remain in their position, setting alarms is a bliss and streaming music is as flawless as it can get.

As per my personal opinions, the biggest change I have seen is to see recipe videos as per my convenience. It is much effective to pause recipe videos or swipe through your favourite cooking videos on the go.

Availability of YouTube & Casting on Google Home Hub

Google Home Hub

credits: Android Authority

Perhaps, the biggest feature on the Google Home Hub is none other than YouTube and Casting. Actually, the home hub is based on Chromecast hardware and not on android related things.

Hence, any third party apps and products can run in Home Hub instantly without posting any sorts of issue.

Here, you can even request YouTube playlists, music videos and can stream almost any video in the hub.

Overall, cutting out the negatives, touchscreen display actually makes interactions a lot easier.

Setting Google Home Hub Couldn’t Get Easier

As per my testing and analysis, Home Hub from Google is one of the simplest devices to set-up. Here, you can add multiple accounts with ease and can access every application, the easy way.

Further, the app settings menu is a still mess but that can be fixed with regular software updates from Google.

In case, if you want to limit the date of Google, most Android devices assistants will switch it off.

Still, on the Google Home Hub, you can manually delete your data history which works pretty fine.

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Trying Out on Different Google Products Altogether

Google Home Hub price in India

credits: Android Authority

Talking about the Google home hub, it is much more than just a mere display. It is designed as a hub for every smartphones or appliance to work with.

At this end, Google has completely revamped their Home App to make some functions simpler and have introduced their Home View.

Hence, a simple swipe down on the display can bring the Home View Menu which offers different functions to play with.

Here, you can play music, videos, view security cameras and can even adjust the thermostat as per your convenience.

In addition, there is a broadcast feature which can play back messages across every single Google Home Speakers.

Google Home Hub: The Perfect Kitchen Companion

Google Home Hub

credits: Android Authority

Although, Google says that the home hub is designed for almost any type of room, home hub, and kitchen blends perfectly together.

Yes, the home hub makes perfect sense in the kitchen where it can take the assistance of all the kitchen tasks.

In the evening, the home hub automatically opens up the recipe book with which, you can view your favorite recipes, with passion.

Finally, it comes with a broadcast feature with which, you can call everyone for dinner at the same time.

Google Home Hub Price

Google Home Hub

credits: Android Authority

As per the current pricing, Google Home Hub is available at just $149 which is quite affordable. And, as for the Google home hub price in India, it can come at a pricing of Rs. 11000.

As and when the sale will start, we will inform you so that you can go ahead and buy Google home hub, without any issue.

Google Home Hub Specifications

Display 7-inch touchscreen
Ambient EQ Light Sensor
Sound Full-range speaker
80dB SPL @ 1KHz
Multi-room audio
Software/Interface Google Assistant built-in
Microphone 2x far-field mics
Network Dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi
Bluetooth 5.0
Dimensions 178.5×67.3x118mm
Weight 480g
Power 15W power adaptor
1.5m power cable
Ports DC power jack

Credits: mysmartprice

Final Word of Mouth: Google Home Hub Review 2018

Overall, aside from the display resolution, Google’s Home Hub is a far effective device. It can make your daily tasks easier, can remind you and can even play music on the go.

In addition, YouTube lovers can watch their favorite videos and the availability of Chrome’s hardware is indeed a blessing.

Finally, if you liked this article of Google Home Hub Review, do share it with your friends, family. And, as and when it will be available, we will update the article, for sure for you lovely readers.




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