Google Chromecast 3: Faster Performance, New Design Launched in India

Google Chromecast 3

Well, in the earlier days, if we were just about to watch a TV show, we did just one thing. Plug in the wire and watch live Television shows. But, guess what, in today’s world, with the invention of tons of technology, you can watch everything you want on an on-demand basis. Hence, for this, the latest Google Chromecast 3 can be the best option.

As of now, Google Chromecast 3 has been launched in India and has come with a strong performance and new design.

Hence, with an intention to let you know about Google Chromecast 3 a little more, let us move ahead and discover some more things of chromecast 3.

Google Chromecast 3: Comes with an all-new design and Faster Performance

Google Chromecast 3

First of all, the new chroemcast model comes as the successor of chromecast 2 which came back in September 2015. And, as per its launching, it came on April 2016 becoming a huge hit at the global level.

Now, visualizing the Google Chromecast 3, its design makes us remind of the first generation chrome. All, black, and a sleek design finish making it look premium from every corner.

In terms of the hardware section, yes, the chromecast 3 is said to perform 15 percent faster than the earlier chromecast versions.

Support of Streaming Videos At Full-HD Resolution

Well, if you have seen the video quality on earlier Google Chromecast, the resolution was not full-HD.

Hence, in the latest chromecast 3, it supports a whopping 60fps video streaming at a full-HD (1080p) resolution.

Thus, with this, you can view videos at crystal clear quality and 60fps can make streaming flawless and free from glitches.

Google Chromecast 3 Specifications And Features

google chromecast flipkart

First of all, chromecast 3 has got an HDMI Interface which can help you to watch your videos directly by plugging the HDMI wire into your TV.

In addition, it even allows to mirror the screen of Smartphone or can cast the content of an app to your TV.

At present, there are more than 800 apps which are absolutely compatible with the latest Chromecast.

Further, you can even mirror the screen of your PC to TV using Chrome Browser or even Chromecast.

Now, given above are the features which are present in the Google Chromecast family since its inception.

Hence, as an upgrade, the new chromecast is said to be a bit faster and will support 1080p videos, with ease.

Google Chromecast Can Work With Google Product

Well, it is 2018 and Google Assistant is becoming popular in our homes and offices. Hence, as the new product from Google, the Chromecast is well designed to work with Google Assistant.

Hence, you can connect chromecast simply with the use of your voice and play your favorite YouTube videos on your TV.

For the future, Google is planning to let Chromecast play music get sync with your home speakers.

Take a Look at Some More Features of Chromecast 3

Google Chromecast 3

Spanning through the list chromecast 3 features, flexible HDMI cable connectivity seems to be a prominent one.

Further, there is a Micro-USB port with which you can enable the power supply and the chromecast can get its necessary juice.

Moving ahead, the device makes use of Wi-Fi Connectivity in order to play online content straight on your TV.

As per the platform support, the Chromecast supports iOS and Android platforms with whole ease and comfort.

Finally, the list of apps which are compatible with chromecast 3 includes YouTube, HBO, NetFlix, Hulu and much more.

Google Chromecast 3 Price in India

In India, the Google Chromecast 3 Price in India is set at Rs. 3,499 and will be available in Charcoal Colour Variant.

Currently, it is exclusively available on Flipkart for which you can buy the same from Flipkart Online Store.

Moving ahead, as the first-day offer, if you will buy Google Chromecast 3, Flipkart will give you a massive One-year Subscription to Sony Liv for free.

On the other hand, you will get six months of ad-free streaming on Gaana App.

Wait, the offer doesn’t end here itself as you will buy chromecast 3 using Axis Bank debit or credit card, you can avail a 10 percent instant discount.

Hence, all of the above offers come as a part of the Flipkart’s Festive Dhamaka days Sale which will end on October 27.

In the US, the Chromecast 3 is available at a price tag of $35. And comes in charcoal, chalk color options.

Buy From Here: Google Chromecast 3

Wrapping Things Up: Google Chromecast 3: Comes with an all-new design and Faster Performance

To be honest, same as its predecessor, the Google Chromecast 3 looks the same. Still, certain hardware changes have been done to make it 15 percent faster than its previous models.

On the other hand, with the ability to play full-HD 1080p videos, the latest chromecast can play videos at super clear clarity.

Finally, if you are willing to buy Google Chromecast 3, you can do the same by visiting the Flipkart Online Store.

And, if you really liked this article of Google Chromecast 3, please share it with your friends, family. After which, you can watch your favorite videos, with grace, joy, and happiness.


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