Galaxy Note 9:Top 5 Amazing Features You Must Know (August 2018)


Finally, after much wait, the galaxy note 9 has finally arrived and is looking powerful than before. I know, you have waited for this phone and finally, the beast has entered the mega-competitive Smartphone market.

Yet Again, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is powerful and boasts some of the most extraordinary features.

So, what are those stunning features which make the galaxy note 9, “Best From the Rest”? Those are the discoveries which we will find in this article.

Hence, let’s together forever move on to an amazing journey to unwrap the top features of galaxy note 9 2018.

Top 5 Amazing Features of the galaxy note 9

1. Galaxy Note 9 battery seems to be a major highlight

galaxy note 9

credits: PhoneArena

Yes, that is real in any case scenario. Having a 4000 mAh battery is a blessing inside the all-new galaxy note 9. Comparing the battery with the Galaxy Note 8, it is around 17.5 percent larger which is a truly an amazing thing.

Comparing it with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it is 12.5 percent battery which is still an enhancement.

What does that really mean?

It means that the Samsung phones are now in competition with the Huawei Mate 10 Series. On the contrary, the Chinese brand seems to be unstoppable and will introduce a larger battery in their Mate 20.

2. Samsung Introduces AI: The Smart Move

samsung galaxy note 9

credits: Samsung

Talking about the AI functionality will bring the Huawei phones into the limelight.  Yes, they are the modern-day pioneers who are focusing more a lot on the AI functionality.

But, with Samsung note 9 slowly picking up the pace, AI features can get a whole new look. Here, Samsung seems to be on the same path and have introduced their AI scene recognition in their latest flagship phone.

What does Samsung Claim in terms of AI?

From their part, Samsung claims that the galaxy note 9 is capable of recognizing 20 scenes right from sunset to animals. In addition, the camera can take pictures in low-light, flood and tons of another lightening.

Further, right from the Samsung galaxy note 9’s camera, you can adjust the white balance, boost colors and can boost overall photo quality.

What Innovation has Samsung brought in their Camera?

galaxy note 9 2018

credits: Samsung

Naturally, Samsung isn’t copying every Huawei AI feature and have their own edge in this case. Here in the galaxy note 9, it has released its flaw detection feature which can detect different flaws in your photos. In this, blurry or blinked pictures will be warned off while other accurate snaps will come out crystal clear.

Hence, if this feature will work well, Samsung can make its name in the field of AI Camera photography, for sure.

3. The All-New S Pen is a rechargeable Remote

samsung galaxy note 9 specs

credits: IndianExpress

In the whole list of the Samsung galaxy note 9 specs, the S Pen is the greatest highlight of all.

Why? The S Pen now utilizes the all-new Bluetooth LE connectivity and an additional solitary button for enabling some cool features.

Hence, whether you want to go through your presentations, clicking photographs, activating the camera shutter key or controlling music, S-Pen delivers everything.

In addition, the button is programmable which can help you set your wishful feature, more quickly.

What About the S-Pen Charge Criteria?

If you don’t know, the S-Pen Charges under a minute which as marvelous as well as stunning.

But how that’s possible? Well, it uses the super-capacitor which is good enough for 200 button clicks.

Hence, the latest S-pen is nothing short than a remote, right in your fingers. Do everything with it and it is futuristic enough to perform any task, with precision.


4. The Expanded Storage Space is Just Amazing

galaxy note 9

credits: Samsung

Well, out of every galaxy note 9 features, the storage one is the one, worth waiting for. Samsung has finally ditched out the 64GB Internal Storage and has come up with a massive one.

Hence, the Galaxy Note 9 comes with a massive 128GB Storage which will be more than enough to suffice your requirements. Such a decision is great by Samsung which will set a benchmark at least in case of flagship Smartphones.

In addition, the company is also offering the 512GB variant which will be massive in every case. Here, you can download your favorite NetFlix shows, movies and chill in with grace and comfort.

What Else can you do with the massive 512GB Storage?

Apart from storing your favorite music and videos, you can do one more thing. Still guessing? You can even use the galaxy note 9 as a laptop replacement and amplify your workability.

5. Samsung Now is listening to Its Consumers

galaxy note 9

credits: PhoneArena

If we talk about the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Note 8, none of them had the fingerprint sensor, bang on.

In fact, the position of the fingerprint sensor was an extremely poor place right beside the camera section.

What does that Mean?

In case of accessing the finger section, hands were sliding down towards the camera section making it dull and full of scratches.

Fortunately, this time, Samsung has listened to its consumers and have placed the fingerprint sensor right below the camera housing.

In addition to that, Samsung has already retained the favorite features such as water resistance, headphone jack, and the wireless charging.

Although, these aren’t the only features which the galaxy note 9 possesses as there are other ones too. It boasts of the massive 512GB Slot which can be expanded up to 1TB using the Micro SD Card Slot.

Finally, we can say that Samsung is back with a bang because the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t miss out on any essential feature.

Final Word of Mouth: Galaxy Note 9 Top 5 Amazing Features

So, there we go. Samsung as a brand is trying to up their brand value after a failure from their Galaxy Note 8.

However this time, they are back transforming the galaxy note 9 into a beautiful reality.

Thus now, you tell me in the comment section so as to which is that one Samsung Galaxy Note 9 feature, you liked the most?

Either way, let me know in the comment section and I will reply to it on the quickest note.

Finally, share this article with your friends, family and let them know the marvelous features, galaxy note 9 really packs in.






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