Fastrack Reflex Review: Everything You Need to Know in 2021

Fastrack reflex review

Talking about one of the most renowned brands will inevitably bring Fastrack into the limelight. Yes, it’s definitely a huge brand and has gained massive success over the years. Hence, when it comes to the field of fitness bands, Fastrack isn’t far too behind. Right in this article, I will be giving you an in-depth Fastrack reflex review.

So, you really don’t need to do anything meanwhile. Just relax yourselves in, up your health game as we start to give an in-depth review of Fastrack reflex.

Fastrack Reflex Review: Is this the Fitness Band For You?

fastrack reflex review

On paper, the Fastrack reflex looks amazing but it is worth the same in reality? Well, that’s the thing we will discover in this article.

First of all, in this Fastrack reflex review, let us talk about the design section first.

Fastrack Reflex Design

fastrack reflex smartwatch review

When it comes to marketing with young people, Fastrack has become the top level brand. They have a massive hold on young people and they do buy Fastrack products at a relentless pace.

Further, in terms of the design section, the FastTrack reflex is a dual color band which looks quite amazing.

Further, the outer & inner layer comes in different colors where the outer layer is a little rough and rigid. On the other hand, the inner layer is smooth and has a rubber kind of feel.

What does the design factor do?

Well, by boasting a majestic design, the band looks truly stylish and can go with almost every outfit you wear.

As per my testing before this Fastrack reflex review India, I wore this band throughout the day even while sleeping. And, got no issues whatsoever in any case.

However, one thing which I noticed is that the band is a bit wide to accommodate the display section.

Hence, it appears to be an oversized pen drive and must have been slimmer.

How does the Fastrack reflex charges?

Although the capsule is a bit on the heavier side, it still comes with one major advantage. It can be charged with the help of USB.

Hence, you can plug it into almost any device such as Desktop, Laptop and can even charge it on the go.

Moving ahead in this Fastrack reflex review, the horizontal display makes it harder to see at times. Hence, vertical orientation must be much better for reading text.

Talking about the button on the front side, it is quite hard to spot and does always respond well.

Hence, as much as I really liked the quality of the band, the big capsule was a slight turn off.

Thus, let us move ahead, browse through the performance section and discover some more essential things.

FastTrack reflex review: Performance and Software

fastrack reflex features

Moving ahead in the performance and software section, let’s talk about the good things first.

Speaking about accuracy, Fastrack reflex is accurate to the point. There is no deviation and you will get absolute true numbers in any case.

Though the data is not 100% accurate, still, it gives par excellence results to any user.

What about the Fastrack Reflex App?

fastrack reflex review

Well, enough good has been said about the FastTrack reflex and it’s time to see some of the stringent cons.

Here, the Android and iOS software app leave lots of work to be done. First of all, the interface is mediocre in most cases. The main focus has been kept on creating a decent app rather than an interactive one.

Secondly, the iOS app of the FastTrack reflex is not functional to the truest extent. When I tested the band with iPhone 7, it didn’t stay paired for quite a long time.

Every time I opened the app, the message of “pairing request” iOS pop-up would appear twice, thrice.

However, the same worked on Android pretty well and didn’t have any sorts of issue.

What about the memory section of the Fastrack Reflex Fitness Band?

Coming down towards the memory section in this Fastrack reflex review, it certainly has good news for your users.

With the Fastrack reflex band, you can store your data for about 15 days which is an amazing thing.

However, here also, the iOS app had some issues while the Android app ran flawless and stored accurate data every day.

Further, another drawback which I saw with the FastTrack reflex is we couldn’t delete the activity data in any case.

With this, there is no way to remove your activity data rather than to leave it for 15 days. After which, the data can be removed naturally with time.

Fastrack Reflex Specifications


  • Release – March 2017
  • Device Name – Fastrack Reflex
  • Device Type – Fitness Smart Band, Activity Tracker
  • Ideal for (Gender) – Both Men & Women
  • Device Model – SWD90059PP01, SWD90059PP01, SWD90059PP02
  • Box Items – Fitness Band, Charging Cable, Warranty Card, User Manual


  • Shape – Rectangular
  • Case/Bezel – Plastic
  • Strap Material – Silicone
  • IP Rating – IP67
  • Water Resistance – Yes, water resistant up to 30mins under 1m water
  • Colours – Black, Blue, Purple


  • Type – OLED
  • Multi-Touch – No


  • SD Card Slot – No

Activity Tracker

  • Distance – Yes
  • Heart Rate – No
  • Steps – Yes
  • Calories Consumption – Yes
  • Sleep – Yes


  • Bluetooth – Yes, v4.0
  • GPS – No
  • WiFi – No
  • NFC – No
  • USB – No
  • Radio – No


  • Touch – Touch Button
  • Watchface – Digital
  • Voice Command – No
  • Personal Assistant – No
  • Smartphone Compatibility – Android & iOS
  • Smartphone Companion App – Fastrack Reflex App


  • Activity Alert – Yes
  • SMS – Yes
  • Incoming Call Alert – Yes
  • Calendar Reminder – Yes


  • Accelerometer – Yes
  • Vibration/Haptics engine – Yes
  • Other Sensors – Pedometer


  • Speaker – No
  • Microphone – No


  • Battery Life – 10 Days

Additional Features

  • App Store – No
  • Built-in Payment Service – No
  • Bluetooth Music – No
  • Other Features – No

Pros of Fastrack Reflex fitness band

  • Ease of Comfort while wearing
  • Enhanced Battery Life
  • Comes with USB Charging
  • Cost-effective

Cons of Fastrack Reflex fitness band

  • A bit on the Bulky Side
  • Comes with preloaded clunky apps
  • Hard Reset functionality absent
  • Auto-Sleep Monitoring Absent
Our Rating (Out of 5)
  • Design: 4
  • Performance: 3
  • Other Features: 2
  • Overall: 3

Wrapping Things Up: Fastrack reflex review 2021

If Fastrack reflex would have been the only product, I must have said to go for it. Still, there are choices and you can choose this one or any product.

Still, if you are willing to go for the Fastrack reflex, goodness awaits you. This fitness band comes with a majestic design where durability stands as major highlights.

In addition, it can last up to three just weeks on a single charge which is yet another good thing.

Hence, all is left up to whether to go for this fitness band or not.

And, in any case, if you want to become lean & fit and have a low budget, the FastTrack reflex can be a good choice.

Want to Buy One? Click Here

Finally, share this article with your friends, family and let them take the first step to become leaner, fitter and ultimately live a healthy life.



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