What Is The Difference Between Chrome And Chromium Browser

difference between Chrome and Chromium

Google Chrome is one of the most famous browsers in the world. Do you ever hear a browser looking very similar to Google Chrome? The name of the browser is Chromium.

After hearing the word Chromium, many questions arise in mind. What is Chromium browser? What is the difference between Chrome and Chromium browser? Like a ton.

You may have used Chrome browser as your default browser in your phone or laptop/desktop. I think Google makes Chrome browser as the built-in default browser for Android devices.

After seeing the thumbnail of this post you may have some idea about the Chromium browser.

Now, if I ask you to tell me the difference between Chrome and Chromium you may tell like this. Google Chrome is colorful, and Chromium is blue.

It is obvious. Nothing wrong with that. This a difference, but not enough.

That’s why I am going to discuss in details about this.

What is Chromium browser?

The initial release of Chromium was on September 2, 2008. Chromium is an open-source Web browser project started by Google, to provide the source code for the proprietary Google Chrome browser.

There is some major difference between Chrome and Chromium including both have different licensing.

The Chromium Project takes its name from the element chromium metal. You may know the metal. This metal commonly made for chrome plating.

Google wants that Chromium would be the name of the open-source development project and that the final product’s name would be Chrome. But other developers have taken the Chromium code and released fake versions under the Chromium name.

The major difference between Chrome and Chromium

Altho both Chrome and Chromium are released by Google, But there is some major difference there.

Google making a consistent update to its Chrome browser. That open-source code of Chromium is maintained by the Chromium Project.

Here is the list of differences.

Chrome Web Store

Google has collected Chrome extension in its Chrome web store.

Well, in this matter Google is quite conservative in nature. Google disables extensions that are not hosted in the Chrome Web Store.

difference between Chrome and Chromium

That means there is no functionality to add extensions available outside the Chrome Web Store. It is disabled on all Windows and Mac Channels.

You are a tech geek you can cross the barricade. You can add extensions that are not in Chrome web store via developer mode.

But there is not any store for Chromium browser.

Automatic Updates

Google is very much caucus about this in Chrome browser. It releases consistent updates of Chrome browser.

Google uses two different extra background app that automatically keeps Chrome up-to-date on your computer. Chrome uses Google Update on Windows (GoogleSoftwareUpdateAgent and GoogleSoftwareUpdateDaemon on Mac) to automatically update to the latest version after release.

But the Chromium browser rarely or you can say absolutely no update.

Adobe Flash Plugin

Chrome includes a Pepper API (PPAPI) Flash plug-in that Google automatically updates along with Chrome.

Google maintains a better version of the flash plug-in that Adobe’s NPAPI. It uses a sandboxed PPAPI Flash plugin from Chrome rather than the older NPAPI.

Chromium does not have such type of PPAPI. This can be downloaded and installed separately in it.

Media-Codec support

By default, Chromium browser only supports Vorbis, MP3, Theora and WebM formats for the HTML5 Audio and HTML5 video tags.

Whereas Chrome supports H.264 and AAC formats. These can be downloaded and installed separately in Chromium.


Google notes that some Linux distributions may disable Chromium’s security sandbox.

In this case, both Chrome and Chromium browser have Sandbox support. It is always enabled in the case of Google Chrome.

Non-optional tracking

As you know Google is tracking you everywhere. Google Chrome installer includes a randomly generated token. The token is sent to Google after the installation completes in order to measure the success rate.

Google also uses the RLZ identifier to track a user on Google Search and while using the address bar. It doesn’t include any personal information. The main reason is to measure the effectiveness of a promotional campaign.

If you download Chrome from Google’s website, then it doesn’t have the RLZ identifier. Google also make RLZ open-source.

Uses tracking and crash reporting

Google has added the crash reporting and sends usage statistics options. Chrome automatically sends data to Google servers.

difference between Chrome and Chromium

The data includes general information like about your device and OS, search queries, visited websites, Chrome settings, having malware, etc.

Google uses these data to improve their search result as well as for business. This helps Google to show suggestions, results, and ads that are relevant to you.

You can disable both crash reporting and usage tracking from Chrome’s settings.

Chromium doesn’t contain this type of supports.

Chrome Vs Chromium: which should I choose?

I think many of us have the same doubt.

If you ask me this question to me, my one-line answer is Google Chrome.

A feature-rich browser owned by Google. What will you get more than this?

Google crafting this day after day and making it better. So I think this is the best option.

You may quite in trouble after heard that Google tracks you through its Chrome browser. So you may decide to go with other browsers.

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This is not an intelligent idea. Because, no matter which web browser you use, your first priority is Google search. It is obvious because no search engine Is better than Google.

So wherever you go, Google will track you. So it is not necessary to leave Chrome browser.

These are some of the major difference between Chrome and Chromium.

Is Chromium a malware?

The simple answer is no. Well, as you know Chromium is an open-source browser.

Open source nature of Chromium browser allows hackers to create their malicious versions of the browser. Their browser is same like as Chromium. So there is more possibility to be in trouble.

So always be aware when downloading such type of browser.

Download Chrome and Chromium

So, now you are very clear about both of the browser. You may have used Chrome browser for a long time. If not then you can download it.

You can download Chrome from the official download page.

Download Chrome

Supported platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS

If you want to download Chromium go to the below link.

You can download Chromium using this official download page:

Download Chromium

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android


Now you have a clear idea about the difference between Chrome and Chromium. Chromium is not a well-known browser. But it is still in existence and functioning.

If I ask you do you know Google Chrome browser in 2018, then this is one of the most idiot questions. Everyone using the internet know about this browser more or little.

Google is releasing new updates and crafting its browser more functional. So in the future, we may expect more functionality in this browser.

In day to day life, we are using mostly Google Chrome browser. Maybe the default browser for our device. What is your default browser? And what is your favorite web browser? Comment me with your answer.

If you get any value from this article, don’t forget to share to your friend and let them know about the little-known Chromium browser.


  1. You have explained in really simple way which is nice to read and understand, but somewhere I thought you could have explored more about Chromium Browser as more often or not people know facts about Google Chrome.

    By the way there is a spelling mistake at “What is Chromium browser?” section’s last paragraph where instead of “Google”, you have “Goole”.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂


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