Coronavirus App by Google And Apple comes to India: Important Points To Know

coronavirus app

Coronavirus App

The Coronavirus app by Google and Apple is an exposure notification technology developed by both technology giants of the world. Now  they have been rolling updates on the Android and IOS smartphones.

Now, Public Health Authorities can now use the API to build a contact tracing app and also to avoid technical glitches such as loss of tracking of patients when the app is running in background. This app is well integrated deeply within the mobile operating system.

One of the best thing about this Coronavirus app is that has a good emphasis on privacy-their identity is stored using encrypted keys;user content is important;no central database of users. The user will be notified when they come closer to an infected person but not who and from where. This app does not use GPS location signal.

Coronavirus App by Google And Apple comes to India: Important Points To Know 1 coronavirus app

One thing to remember is that it is an API to build an app and not a complete app itself.

However, till date our central government has shown no interest inn using this API. But they continue the use of AAROGYA SETU app and will continue to  function on its know. The privacy policy of this Coronavirus app by Apple and Google are more strict and better than other of these apps and it looks our government is letting it go for nothing.

Also in United Kingdom, the government has decided to use the app developed by Google and United Kingdom and dump the app developed by National Health Service. Because the app by NHS had many technical  glitches like failure to detect Bluetooth signals and thus contacts.

Norway has too decided to ditch their contact-tracing app after its disproportionate intrusion into users’ privacy.

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