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Imagine having some of the marvelous and cool gadgets right with you and you have the privilege to do the undone? Well, it would be fun, amazing and a feeling worth remembering.

Now, in some of those latest technology gadgets, it could be anything. Right from a Smart Watch to the latest speakers, gadgets have truly amplified the user experience to the next level.

Hence, after a series of research and determination here I am to bring the same to you. Still guessing? It is time to unveil the Top 7 gadgets right in this very article.

So, let’s quickly jump into the topic and hope down to each latest and exciting set of gadgets.

Top 7 Cool Gadgets You Must Buy in 2018



cool gadgets

credits: Comicbook

When was the last time when you played the Nintendo Game? I guess it would have been over a decade ago, Right? Hence, this time, the tables have turned and Nintendo has brought back their golden gaming beast.

In 2018, the release of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition made people cherish their old good memories.

In addition, the Nintendo NES Classic Edition comes with 30 Original games straight out of the box. Thus, if are in search of one of the best cool gadgets of 2018, grabbing this retro gaming console can be your best ever choice.

Buy From: Amazon


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credits: Bose

I know you have been struggling with your sleep issues time after time. Hence, this time, I have brought the BOSE SLEEPBUDS which can revamp your sleep to a whole new level. These buds are specially designed for sleeping purpose especially, for sleeping alone.

Talking about its fitting, it is snuggly and blocks the outside sound like a charm. Further, it comes power pack with different relaxing tones which can make sleeping, even better.

In these tones, you can get tons of amazing sounds such as the ocean wave, raindrops and much more. Although, music can’t be played by Bose Sleepbuds which is again, a brilliant thing.

Still, CAN’T BELIEVE? Buy the Bose Sleepbuds and discover its marvelous secret on your very own.

Buy From: Bose



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credits: cultofmac

Among the latest cool gadgets in 2018, FITBIT’s Versa Watch has to be the one to rank in the top 3. On a direct basis, it competes with the tech giant-Apple which is another milestone for FITBIT. Apart from the company’s rivalry, there are tons of things to be talked about the FITBIT’s Versa Watch.

Starting with the basics, this watch comes with a Music Library where you can listen to your wishful music on the go.

In addition, the availability of Bluetooth makes it effortless to connect to other devices. Among such devices, earphones and health trackers form the basic thing.

Still, it doesn’t have the functionality to sync like the great Apple Watch because it doesn’t compose of a cellular data.

Moreover, it costs lower than Apple which is acceptable considering its rich feature giving approach. Hence, if you are hunting for a Smartwatch, the Fitbit’s Versa Watch is one of the best new gadgets 2018.

Buy From: FITBIT


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Among several speaker brands, Shinola is one of the rarest brands which makes one of the finest products. Yes, there is no exception when it comes to the products by Shinola.

Coming to the latest gadgets by Shinola, it is the Bookshelf Speakers which is causing havoc in the Music Industry. They are incorporating the stellar audio tech right from the Barefoot Sound which is incredible.

In addition, the Shinola Bookshelf Speakers bring recording like sound quality right to your homes.

Talking about the design, the speakers are well-crafted in hand-stained oak cabinets which looks stunning in every aspect.

Guessing on other features?, It comes with Bluetooth, USB Input and availability of AUX feature completes the packing like a masterpiece.



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It is 2018 and the crazes of VR Headsets are increasing every single day. People in every other country are opting for VR headsets and thirsting to enter into an amazing VR World. Well, if you are looking for the same, take your eyes on the HTC Vive Pro VR headset.

Giving you the basics, the headset fits perfectly on the head, without any issue. In addition, it boasts of some spectacular graphics altogether. After wearing this VR headset, you will feel that each of closeness between you and the visual things.

At last, it is comfortable which will make your VR experience, a lot more pleasing, amazing and marvelous, for sure.

Buy From: Amazon


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credits: coolthings

Among the list of cool gadgets of 2018, you can’t miss the Moodo Smart Home Fragrance Box. Without any doubt, your room might compose of some cute DIY Candles, expensive aromatic sticks and much more.

Still, make some room for the Moodo Smart Home Fragrance Box. Unlike other fragrance stuff, this one boasts of an all-new transformed functionality.

With this amazing new gadget, you can connect it via Google Home or Amazon Echo and can mix scent as per your needs. Hence, you are the sole master and do it the way, YOU REALLY WANT.

Further, coming to the scent collection, it comes in probably 3 themes which are as follows:

  • Beach Party
  • Mediterranean Dreams
  • Gardens of Kanazawa

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cool gadgets

Get a tablet as soon as possible because they are the ones which will make laptop’s obsolete one fine day. Yes, it is 2018 and Apple is back with another beast known as the IPAD 9.7.  While it is not much different from the previous model, its pricing will surely give you GooseBumps.

Further, coming to its functionality, it is super easy to use and comes with a faster processor. In terms of the battery, it boasts of a longer battery life which can provide you juice for a full day.

Hence, whether you are or not an Apple Fan, the Apple IPAD 9.7 will surely take your breath away.

Buy From: Amazon


Wrapping Things Up: Cool Gadgets You Must Buy in 2018


So, there we go. I have done my job to let you know the TOP 7 cool gadgets which you can buy in the year 2018. And, I hope you must have enjoyed every bit of this article to the core.

Now, you must be guessing what you will do, Right?

Hence, go to the comment section, Let me know some of the other amazing and latest electronic gadgets of 2018.

Regardless of any gadget, I will be glad to make my next article on your given suggestions.

Last but not the least, share this cool gadgets 2018 article with your loved ones and let them know for the same. And, as we do every time, in case of any query, drop a comment and clear any doubt of yours as early as possible.




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