[Step By Step] Change Vijaya Net Banking User ID in 2021

Change Vijaya Net Banking User ID

I wrote an article in which I told you how you can change both the transaction and login passwords of Vijaya Net Banking, along with this, I also told that Vijay Net Banking now has all the net banking features for its customers. If you want to change your User ID, then in this article I have told in detail step by step how you can Change Vijaya Net Banking User ID.

For the first time, we register in Vijaya Net Banking, by default our customer ID is the username, you will get the customer ID on the first page in your passbook, along with using this customer ID and password you can log in to your net banking, after that you can choose your own username.

How To Find Vijaya Bank Net Banking User ID?

If you have not changed your username yet, whatever your customer ID is, it is still your username which you will get in the first page on your Passbook, you can login to Vijay Net Banking by using that customer ID. Keep in mind when you change your User ID, you will not able to login again with that Customer ID.

If you do not have the passbook, You can find your customer ID by using the Vijaya e-passbook, for this you will have to install the official app of Vijaya e-passbook, You can install it on your mobile and use your mobile number and login, then after clicking in the customer details section, you will see the customer ID.

[Step By Step] Change Vijaya Net Banking User ID in 2021 1

How To Change Vijaya Net Banking User ID?

Keep in mind if you change your username and if you forget, you will have to go the Vijaya bank, after that you will be able to recover your user-id from there. Because none of its panels are available online but, if you do not change your user-id And if you forget, whatever your customer ID is, it will be your user name as I told you, it will be found in your passbook in the first page. Let’s know how you can change your username through Vijaya Net Banking.

First, Visit the official website of Vijaya Net Banking. And login into your net banking account by using your exiting credentials. And then click on My Profile – View Personal Details.

[Step By Step] Change Vijaya Net Banking User ID in 2021 2

On the next screen, you can see the option Update Channel login ID. Choose this option and click on ok. And then you can see your Channel User Id select it and click on update.

[Step By Step] Change Vijaya Net Banking User ID in 2021 3

Now, you can choose your own User Id. After entering your user id click on Update. If you have question related to Vijaya Bank comment below. I try to answer your all questions quickly. Thanks for reading this post.


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