Celtrix – World’s Smallest Multifunctional Device

Celtrix review

A hero device without the sky-high price.

Although there are plenty of innovative gadgets in the market, and many of new ones released every week. But after testing the Celtrix, it has won my heart and has stood out to me.

Aside from the top-performing device, it has multifunctional features.


Celtrix – World’s Smallest Multifunctional Device


Being an innovative gadget, Celtrix has exceptional battery life, high-end build quality, good sound, portable hotspot, compatible app and much more.

celtrix review


  • Class design that’s premium in the hand
  • You’ll choose from Black and White
  • It has a Power bank, Storage device, Powerful stereo speaker and much more.

Celtrix is a culmination of lots of hard work – a great-looking device that didn’t skimp on some of the essentials, as other devices do.

All the features in the hardware are worthwhile and well implemented.

I’ll just come out and say it: The Celtrix device is a very small and easy to carry gadget. With 8.6 x 4.9 x 1.9 cm, the device will hardly take up room in your backpack or purse.

However, a lot of efforts have been made to include all the major features in the device which have come alive successfully.

celtrix unboxing

The additional features which you’ll find along with the key feature are: In-app text and call feature, an additional SIM tray, connect 1-to-4 devices simultaneously, portable hotspot, easy data transfer, streaming of videos and movies at your fingertip and much more.

You can watch Video here:


Performance and features

As I already mentioned, Celtrix is a small device with multiple technologies. The product has the capacity to make you feel amazing about the device. Outside, you can easily carry it and it does need to be charged continuously.

Celtrix review

Celtrix has below mentioned distinguishable features:

  • Powerful Stereo Speakers
  • Built-in Powerbank (6200mAh)
  • 128GB Internal Storage
  • Features an additional SIM module
  • SD Card expandable up to 1TB
  • Uses WIFI to connect with your phone
  • Celtrix app with best UI
  • Make calls and messages easily

celtrix features

Black & White variants are available for this device.

Celtrix release date and price

On sale from November 1, you can pre-order from Indiegogo

Pricing starts at $99 and heads up to $525.

  • 1 piece of Celtrix device either in white or black color will cost up to $75
  • One Celtrix device + 128 GB card in black or white color will cost you $99
  • 1 Celtrix device along with 256 GB SD card is priced at $149
  • Whereas a bundle of 10 Celtrix devices will cost you $525

Celtrix multifuntional device

Only for our early backers, we offer a limited secret perk at 75% offer!

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Final verdict

The Celtrix a unique innovation and solves everyday issues. The device has compelling features which will force you to buy the product.

celtrix images

The Celtrix is the most accomplished device I’ve ever seen, and a bunch of new features, including an additional SIM tray and a larger battery, add up to make this one of the best innovative gadgets you can buy right now. I actually prefer the product and it is trusted.

I would personally recommend you to purchase this product as it has the capacity to reduce your daily life hassle.

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