Best Mic For Youtube Videos (Boya By M1 Review) Top Creators Choice

Boya By M1 Review

Hello, friends today I am going to review Boya by M1 lavalier microphone as I am using this mic for two years now, I am using this microphone for my YouTube videos.

Best mic for youtube videos

This is one of the best microphones I ever experienced, the best thing about boya by M1 is you can connect it with your smartphone, with your laptop, and with your DSLR camera.

Boya By M1 Lavalier Microphone Review

This is an Omnidirectional mic you can connect it with your smartphone with your camera and directly that mic will capture audio from your device.

Sound quality is very premium as you can see in my videos if you want to experience it.

The best thing about this mic is that it is compatible with camcorders and audio recorders available in the market.

This mic comes with 6 feet wire in length, low ambient noise cheap, and convenient.

Let me talk about some specifications of this mic:

This mic comes with a weight of 113-gram, 11 Lrr 44 battery is required.

Product dimension 15.7 * 15.5 x 3.8 centimeter.

Item model number by-m1.

People who record videos for YouTube can use this mic very quickly and get excellent audio quality.

You can record videos outside also as this mic comes with omnidirectional and it will remove your background ambient noise automatically while recording your audio.


item Weight113 g
Batteries:1 LR44 battery required.
Product Dimensions15.7 x 15.5 x 3.8 cm
Item model numberBY-M1
Battery TypeLithium

The build quality of this mic is also great as the plastic used in the wire is of premium quality.

Mic allows you to switch between your smartphone mode and camera mode while shooting with your DSLR.

A lithium battery is required for the functioning of this mic.

There may be a case when this mic does not support on some smartphones, then you need to install an app called open camera app and go to their audio settings, select mic input as an external mic. This will help you to record your videos directly from your smartphone.

Pros & Cons Of Boya By M1:


  • Portable
  • Comes With Long Wire
  • Small in size
  • Phenomenal Audio Quality
  • Set-Up is really Very Easy
  • Convenient
  • Budget Mic


  • LR44 Battery Is required
  • Only Single Person can record
  • Wire Tangles Sometimes

Final Conclusion:

If you are Looking for under budget, worthy to the money mic then Boya By M1 can be you the one.

This mic can be used for multiple purposes like you can use this mic for recording audio for your track, singing, voiceover, podcasting, YouTubing, etc.

One best thing I want to mention here, big Indian youtube celebs are using the same microphone for recording their videos some of them are like Technical Guruji, Sharmaji Technical, Technical Dost, Satish Kushwaha, etc.

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  1. Hello Diar Amit,
    I would like to know is a BOYA BY M1 using with a smartphone ANDROID??
    Thank you very much.


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