Boat Pitcher Review: The Best Bluetooth Speaker for 21st Century People?


Well, in a market which is already flooded with portable Bluetooth speakers, picking the best one, is surely a stringent task. Be it the entry-level Bluetooth speakers or the all-time famous one, of course, you must choose the best one. Hence, here in this post, I have brought the boat pitcher review for you.

So, what are the things we will cover in this exciting review of boat pitcher?

Well, let us move ahead and discover the same, right from our eyes.

Boat Pitcher Review: Full In-Depth & Detailed Review


Design & Specifications

boat pitcher review

If the name didn’t give you enough clue about the boat pitcher, the design section will make you wonder about its excellent beauty.

Here, this Bluetooth speaker looks the same as a pitcher whereas it is available in blue, black and mint green.

As per my opinions, I really liked the design as it felt playful, fresh and ergonomic.

In addition, the speaker’s built quality is truly exceptional and pretty good.

In terms of the measurement, it is around 110 x 110 x 113 mm and weighs at 102 kg. Hence, it is slightly on the heavier side but you will get used to it with time.

Boat Pitcher Review: What’s there on the Outer Shell?

boat pitcher specifications

credits: gadgets360

Wondering about the outer shell? Well, it is made up of plastic which is tough and has curves just like an actual pitcher.

Further, there is a handle like extension which looks cool and will come handy in some situations. Right on the top side, there is a button which can be used for Play/Pause and accept calls.

In addition, the volumes up and down buttons are present just below the music playback buttons.

Now, there is a microphone which finds its place just near the bottom of the handle. And, it is surrounded by an LED indicator which is of blue color.

Here, the LED indicator glows as and when you will connect it with any device or is in pairing mode.

Where is the speaker grill?

Well, you will find the speaker grill on top of the boat pitcher where the ‘boat’ logo is imprinted right on the metal plate.

Hence, the logo sits right at the front of the pitcher making it excellent for Boat’s marketing tactics.

Further, right at the bottom, you will find a rubbery surface which makes the pitcher less slippery.

In addition, the ON/OFF switch is also present at the bottom which you can easily reach out and do the necessary action.

What’s present in the Internal Section of Boat Pitcher?

Internally, the boat pitcher comes with a single dynamic driver which is a “heavy duty” and is quite durable. In addition, it also has a built-in amplifier and operates at a good frequency of 65Hz to 18Khz.

Sound Quality on the Boat Pitcher

boat pitcher

For testing the sound quality of this marvelous boat pitcher, I paired it with my iPhone 8 via Bluetooth. Here, the process was fairly easy and I say no issues whatsoever.

Other than this, I even connected the device with a 3.5mm audio jack for sounding the sound quality via cable.

Hence, after all the connections were done, I was left with only one thing. Yes, to play sounds of almost every good artist and see how good this pitcher is.

First of all, the boat pitcher produced the mid-range sound frequencies quite beautifully. In addition, it served crisp vocals and the experience was truly exceptional.

However, at the very high base and volume, you may feel a little bit of distortion which is still quite manageable.

Further, despite the availability of the “dynamic bass”, I wasn’t quite satisfied with the performance of the boat pitcher.

Here, I played a song, “BTSTU by Jai Paul” which only focuses on sub-bass sounds and stresses the speaker.

Hence, after the testing, I came up with a much clearer conclusion on the bass levels.

In this sub-testing, the thin bass frequencies were truly disappointing and the company must surely improve it.

However, there are still some pretty good things about the Boat Pitcher which will tempt you to buy one.

Testing in a Room

First of all, it is more than enough to rock a 150 sq.ft room and keep you on your toes as and when the beats keep on running.

In either case, if you are that person who likes to watch a lot of shows on TV or Laptop, the pitcher is a good handy option.

Hence, with the pitcher, you can get great depth sound and the sound clarity is truly exceptional. But, on the contrary, if you are a fanatic of action movies, they won’t work quite well with this pitcher.


Battery Life of the Boat Pitcher

In terms of the battery performance, this pitcher is well and good above the average criteria. Here, you can get a massive 10 hours of playback time which is sufficient to fulfill almost every user’s music thirst.

In addition, you can even connect the pitcher via a 3.5 mm headphone jack and listen to your favorite songs, on the go.

Boat Pitcher Specifications


·         Sales Package boAt Pitcher SpeakerIIAudio CableIIUSB Charging Cable
·         Model Name Pitcher
·         Type Mobile/Tablet Speaker
·         Portable Yes
·         Bluetooth Yes
·         Memory Card Slot No
·         Configuration 2.0
·         Power Source 5 V through Micro USB Cable
·         Frequency Response 2.402 – 2.48 GHz
·         Color ·         Green
·         Wired/Wireless ·         Wireless
  • Product Details


·         Headphone Jack ·         Yes
·         Configuration ·         2.0 Channel
·         Compatible Devices ·         Smart Phone, iPod, MP3 Player, Laptops
·         Connector Type ·         USB Cable
·         Charging Time ·         3 hrs
·         Battery ·         Li-ion, Use Time 10 hr
·         Bluetooth ·         4
·         Bluetooth Range ·         9.1 m
  • Audio Features

·         Amplifier ·         Yes
·         Other Audio Features ·         Stereo Speaker with Passive Radiator for Bass Reinforcement, Delivers Full Range Sound with Exceptional Bass, 2 Units: 40 mm Drivers, Aux Cable for Audio Interface, Powerful Amplifier Power, 2.402 – 2.48 GHz Bluetooth Transmitter Frequency Range, Heavy Du
  • Other Details

·         Chassis Material ·         Plastic Chassis
·         Technology Used ·         Wireless Bluetooth
·         Controls ·         Play/pause volume ControlIIChange Tracks
·         Driver Size ·         40mm
·         Other Features ·         Air Flow Technology, Interactive Voice Prompts, Compatible with All Mobiles, Distortion: THD 0.2 %, Dimensions: 110 x 110 x 113 mm, Digital Signal Processing, Stereo Processing, Bluetooth Transmitter Modulation, 3 hrs Battery Charge Time, Versatile Portable
  • Warranty

·         Warranty Service Type ·         Technical
·         Warranty Summary ·         1 Year Warranty
·         Covered in Warranty ·         Technical Issue
·         Not Covered in Warranty ·         Physical Damage “


Credits: Flipkart


Pros of Boat Pitcher

  • Comes with a good Mid-range response
  • Colorful designs making it look attractive and pleasant
  • True Sound Quality and enough to rock a small room

Cons of Boat Pitcher

  • The absence of Sub-Bass Sound
  • Sound staging is not up to the mark

Ratings (Out of 5)

Design: 4

Performance: 3

Value for Money: 4

Overall: 3.5

Wrapping Things Up: Boat Pitcher Review 2018

With a price of Rs. 3,990, the Boat Pitcher price might be on the heavier side. Still, for every Bluetooth speaker lover who wants a unique Bluetooth speaker, boat pitcher is a wonderful choice.

Further, there are some good list of USP’s such as a great sound booster, improved voice clarity, and a decent battery life.

Hence, keeping such things into consideration, if you are satisfied with the boat pitcher, you can go for it with ease and comfort.

While on the other hand, still there are some pretty good Bluetooth speakers available in the market. For which, you can distinguish them based on your taste and then opt for them.

Till then, you can leave your valuable feedback in the comment section and I will be grateful enough to respond to you quickly.

Last but not the least, do share this article with every sound beat lover and if they fit right in the category, the Boat’s pitcher can be theirs, till eternity.




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