Boat Basshead 225 Review: Some Different Type of Review, This Time

Boat basshead 225

I want one of the Best earphones in a budgeting price” Yes, I have heard this over a plethora times. Well, this time, maybe you will find the answers to your lost questions and can live with much more peace and happiness. Coming to the point, we know it’s the bloom earphones where every earphone brand is competing with each other. Still, for all music lovers, I am about to give an in-depth review of the Boat Basshead 225.

So, what you need to do? Well, pretty much nothing. Just sit back, relax in as we go on to an amazing journey to unwrap the Boat Basshead 225. Let’s Begin.

Boat Basshead 225 Review 2018

Boat basshead 225

Well, when it comes to boat earphones, there is truly something special about each of them. Starting the review on the Boat Basshead 225, first of all, we will do the unboxing and discover what, this majestic earphone packs in.

At first, right after unboxing, the Boat Basshead 225 comes with a cute little box which has the tagline, “Super Extraaaaa Bass”. Moving ahead in the unboxing, we get to see six pairs of earbuds, ear hooks and shirt clip along with the earphones.

Summary of “What We Get In the Box”

  • Boat Basshead 225 Earphones
  • Six Pairs of Earbuds
  • Ear Hooks
  • Shirt Clip

Further, to let you know more about its specifications, here is the same as presented to you:


  • 10mm Drivers
  • Frequency Range of 20 Hz to 20 KHz
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB+/-3 dB
  • Impedance level of 16 ohms
  • 5 mm Gold Plated L-Shaped Audio Jack

Built Quality and Design: Boat Basshead 225

Boat basshead 225


No boat earphone review is complete without talking about the Design and built quality factor, Right? Well, at first look, I was quite impressed with the overall look and the design of Boat Basshead 225. Talking about the main highlight of the design well, the Polished Metal gives the earphone a much premium look and feel. In addition, this earphone is nothing short of an attractive piece in any case.

Moving ahead, the cables which are used in these earphones look durable and are tangle free. Despite its metal body construction, the earphone feels super light in every possible scenario. For audio hearing experience, its L-shaped 3.5 mm audio jack and the Microphone are perfect companions. In return, these items are made of metal too which are robust and can run for years.


Final Verdict on Design

Overall, with a complete metal body design, lightweight and durable, the Boat Basshead 225 has its win in the design section.

Still not satisfied with the Design Section? Watch out, the Cable and Microphone review is on its way…

Microphone and Cable

boat earphone

Credits: dopetechfever

When it comes to the cable of this earphone, it is 1.2m long. Hence, you can effortlessly hold your phone in the lower pocket. Further, the designing of this cable is flat which is tangle free and comes with a rubberized coating.

Personally, I always like the flat cable design because it looks great and comes with a tangle-free design. Yet again, when it comes to the quality of microphones, Boat has left no stones unturned. It feels the bliss to record on the Boat Basshead 225 and the sound quality comes crisp and free from any distortion.

During your long calling hours, even with a lot of disturbance, the other end can clearly listen to your voice without any distortion. Further, coming to the button section, there is one single button which lies on the microphone. With which, you can answer or reject calls. And, can even change your music track with just a double-click.

Audio Quality on Boat Basshead 225

boat earphones 225

Credits: i.ytimg

When we compare this earphone’s Audio Quality with every possible brand in this range, the boat earphones 225 is a clear winner. Why? There are plenty of reasons to justify the same. At first, with the Boat’s “Extraaaa Bass” feature you can expect this earphone to rock you in every possible direction. The bass of these headphones are impeccable and are hands down clear winners.

Further, I tested the sound output quality of these earphones and was super impressed. The sound quality was super loud and was clear regardless of the background noises.

Well, an EDM or POP Songs Lover? The Boat Basshead 225 waits for your presence. Once again, its super bass feature is pretty good and mixing it with treble produces some amazing quality sounds. Much easily, you can identify the different instrumental sounds, well, that’s the power of such marvelous earphones.

Comfort Factor

When it comes to comfort, there are a lot of things which comes into consideration. First of all, I am not pretty much impressed with the comfort level of these earphones. But, after selecting the right ear tips, I came to know the true essence of such earphones.

For your long-term earphone using journey, you can feel a bit awkward. Reason? Well, the long metal design just doesn’t get it right when it comes to the comfort factor.

Right on the other hand, in terms of the Noise Isolation, the Boat Bassheads 225 is the real gem.

Tip: Make sure that you use the right pair of earbuds for proper noise isolation and enjoy the quality sound experience.

Biking Experience with these earphones

For bikers and long ride lovers, you will love every inch of your biking experience with the Boat Basshead 225 earphones. Well, even while driving at the top speed, I was unable to hear any background noise. Hence, such a thing was quite impressive and made my biking experience a little more pleasant and cheerful.

In either case, if you have any sorts of popping issue, still there is one option for you. Here, you can replace it with the Ear Hooks to effortlessly listen to your favorite music.

Pricing and Warranty

Boat basshead 225

Like any earphone, the Boat Basshead 225 comes with a 1-Year Warranty right from the manufacturer. Hence, in order to claim your warranty, make sure that you have you’re the invoice with you. Under the warranty, mostly, the company replaces the earphone and gives you a brand new one. Thus, overall, it’s a Win-Win situation for you.

Further, when it comes to this boat earphone price, getting amazed is the only option you have. Why because it costs just 599Rs which is fascinating, amazing and every other word which you can think off.

From Where Can I Buy this earphone?

Around the Internet, you can get plenty of different options but in my opinion, you can visit Amazon for the same. Yes, the Amazon boat earphones are genuine and you will find no issue with it whatsoever.

Thinking to Buy It? Click Here and get the Boat Basshead 225 delivered right at your home.

Pros of Boat Basshead 225

  • Excellent Build Quality where Metal Finish Stands to be the main highlight of this earphone
  • The feature of “Extraaaa Bass” gives rich sound listening experience and is a top-notch feature
  • Look of the earphone is stylish, premium and you will love every inch of its design, for sure
  • Availability of Flat Wire Cable eliminates the Tangible nature of earphones.
  • Comes at an unbeatable price of 599Rs. Well, at this price range, none earphones can beat it

Cons of Boat Basshead 225

  • A little bit on the heavy side, especially with the type of earpieces, that comes with this earphone
  • Earbuds are a little rough and at times, doesn’t feel soft in the ears.
  • At times, the low volumes are harder to listen

Final Word of Mouth: Boat Basshead 225


As for me, I have tested over a dozen earphones and have come up with all sorts of conclusions. Now, as in the case of the Boat Basshead 225, if you want The “ONE WORD ANSWER- YES”, you can go for this earphone. It is one of the best earphones under 600 you will ever get. In addition, it has got that flawless solid build of metal which adds in the durability factor. More importantly, that “Extraaa Bass” feature is as powerful to make you rock on the dance floor.

As for my viewers, If your budget is under 600rs, look nowhere else than the Boat Basshead 225. So, what are you waiting for folks? Go ahead, get this earphone and make you Music experience come live with every beat, it has to offer.


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