Best video conferencing apps in 2020

Best video conferencing apps in 2020

With the current proliferation of coronaviruses (COVID-19), most companies are now beginning to operate remotely, while also helping to limit the impact on productivity. As working from home becomes a more common practice, a reliable video conferencing app has become more important than ever.

Having an impressive video conferencing assistance can grant employees the flexibility to work away from home, with many businesses now having multiple office locations.

Video conferencing means any problems present in the application so that meetings can take place online without worrying about technical problems, privacy and security issues, access, or cost. Therefore, we have listed the top 5 ones for android you may need in this epidemic and for regular enterprise work.

Here is the list of best video conferencing app:


video conferencing apps, zoom

Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing app for businesses. It supports 100 concurrent participants in a meeting. This video conferencing app free version is limited but functional. The membership price is surprisingly reasonable considering how many participants you can get.

Some other features include phone call support, webinars and presentation features, and more. The UI is not as clean, but the video quality and stability are quite good. Users with a free account can host video conferences up to 100 participants, but conferences of 3 members or more are limited to 40 minutes.

You can upgrade to a payment plan to remove these restrictions, or simply keep your conferences short and sweet. There is no limit to the number of meetings you can host, so you can simply host a new call once the limit is hit.

However, there have been many complaints about Zoom’s privacy and late security records, 

In particular, more and more people come to the stage and a bright spotlight is cast on how it works and what data it can collect. So, we do not recommend this application for the above reasons. 


video conferencing apps, skype

We have listed third to Skype in our list of the best video calling app for android. Skype service has been promoted as an enterprise-ready video conferencing app for android. Skype is a very household name, which will serve as a strong draw from many people.

While Microsoft’s free tool is often regarded as little more than a way to maintain contact with friends and family, the cross-platform app also supports group video calling for up to 50 people. If you need to have a video meeting that involves more people, Skype for Business is a pay-up upgrade.

For a low monthly per-user fee, you gain support for chats with up to 250 participants, Office integration, screen sharing, live subtitling of conversations, ability to record chats, stronger security and virtual whiteboarding capabilities options.

Skype can also be used in a browser, which is great for chatting with people without installing the app, you can simply invite them to use your email address.

Google Hangouts Meet

video conferencing apps, google hangout

We have listed google hangout is the best video calling app for android. Google Hangouts Meet is part of the G Suite office, which aims to provide a first-class video conferencing service.

Developed specifically for business requirements, it can cater to a large number of users at once, and also uses smart partnerships and a fast interface to reduce the need to wait. It also additional video conferencing features and can sync with Google Calendar.

If you have a Google account, you have access to Google Hangouts. For free Gmail and G Suite Basic customers, Google Hangouts allows for up to 10 people to chat in a video call. The service also supports simultaneous voice chat and allows participants to join a conference via email or a shareable link.

In response to the coronavirus crisis, Google has relaxed some restrictions for all G Suite and G Suite for Education customers, regardless of tier. With the latest upgrade, this video conferencing can hold up to 250 participants.

Finally, Hangout Meets is a serious business-class app that does not require large up-front costs for hardware, making it particularly accessible to businesses of any size.


video conferencing apps, goto meeting

GoToMeeting is the popular standalone video conferencing app provided by LogMeIn. GoToMeeting has many useful features, including audio calls as well as video calls, instant meetings or meeting scheduling, meeting transcription services, and in-app meeting messaging between participants. Some of the other features include a Material Design UI, calendar syncing, presentation features, and more. One of the features that sets GoToMeetings apart is its mobile-friendliness- you can start a conference from your smartphone.

There are also settings to maximize call and image quality, as well as one-tap invites to join meetings as well as chats.

GoToMeeting’s apps can be a bit confusing, full of controls that can remove your chats or settings from view. And it often wants to install updates just as you are starting a call.

For the most part, however, this is a reliable option if you want a tool for team calls and webinars.

Cisco WebEx

video conferencing apps, Webex Meeting

An industry-standard service, especially for a large number of team members or people with exceptionally large enterprises, Cisco’s WebEx video conferencing app acts as a mash-up of video conferencing and voice calling services, since this enables one to attend meetings online or via phone, depending on the location and capacity of the participant at that time. 

It can host up to 100 participants in a single call, as long as you want. It can also work for your big meetings, with WebEx Events that allows you to broadcast 3,000 people with a single tool. 

There is no limit to the number of calls you can make, and you receive 1 GB of cloud storage with your free account. Conferences include support for features such as screen sharing, video recording, and file sharing. One tap in WebEx, join the meeting with a customized video layout and you can schedule the meeting directly from the app. During our testing, the video quality was decent and stable.

Final Words

This brings an end to our list of the best conferencing applications for Android. Amidst this Coronavirus, pandemic video conferencing is a powerful tool for businesses, students, and groups who want to stay connected over long distances. It’s also a great way of staying in touch with colleagues and classmates when you simply can’t be there in person.

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