Best Tech Startups Of 2020

Best Tech startups of 2020

With each passing day, we are moving towards an Ai-first world, and this is a good time for the best tech startups to build their identity.

As we all have realized, AI and robots will dictate prospects, with numerous venture capital firms and technology investors all maintaining a bird’s eye view of the technology industry for unique notions that can be turned into reality.

It’s time to dream big, work now– is the new motto. Since hundreds of new startups are launched every day, the real question is:

How can you filter the great startups in 2020?

In this list, we’ve pulled out 5 best tech startups that are building software and services directly on large enterprise customers, not consumers.

Whether you are looking to take the leap and work for the tech startups or searching for a solution not provided by the mega dealer, there are plenty of great companies here.

Here is the list of Best Tech startups of 2020:


Best Tech startups

One of the best tech startups, Medtech startup StethoMe’s AI-powered wireless stethoscope allows parents to examine their children and share lung and heart readings with doctors who can decide on the seriousness of the issue.

StethoMe can identify potential issues in children early and also eases the burden on healthcare services. The business was established in 2015 by Honorata Hafke-Dys Jędrzej Kociński, Wojciech Radomski, Paweł Elbanowski and Marcin Szajek.

The idea originated with scientists Hafke-Dice and Soshioski of Adam Mickiewicz University in Pauken and were also parents who often suffered from respiratory system infections in their children.

The company offers two medical devices, osteotomy, a smart, digital stethoscope and stethoMe AI, the software intended for intelligent voice analysis that supports both the home user as well as the physician during the diagnostic process.

The business now employs 30 people, and after successful pilot studies, it is at the beginning of the commercialization process. The main strategy of StethoMe’s is to share the solution in a B2B2C model.


Best Tech startups

The rollout of 5G, the fifth-generation wireless network, started in 2019 and will run on the ramp until 2020. But some experts believe that the technology, which has great potential for the ability to move large amounts of data quickly, will not be accessible to those outside high-density areas.

This tech startup innovated the technology that broadens the reach of 5G spectrum bands. And while the wireless signal is not in the receiver’s line-of-vision, it loses a lot of its potency, Movandi’s technology can bend signals around buildings, houses and other obstacles.

Movandi’s elastic findings pertain to 5G mm-Wave formation cost and schedule threats and deliver future-proof solutions utilizing routing and mesh to improve 5G coverage and quantity.

The startup, which has $ 30 million funding, says it is in talks with major wireless providers about potential partnerships.


Best Tech startups

PLACEengage, one of the best tech startups, uses VR and AR technology that allows users to involvement proposed property developments.

Also, the Dublin-based tech startup was established in 2018 by Carol Tallon, who at the time was working in PR for the real estate sector, and was heavily involved in proptech and emerging technologies for the built environment.

Tallon’s goal was to focus on the available data; planning applications, local demographics, earning potential, mortgage rates and affordability, alignment with the National Planning Framework, etc., to provide workable placemaking solutions for the community, developers and all stakeholders.

The business was initially bootstrapped and much of the tech development was funded by offering an analog version of the digital offering.

The company won a place on one of Ireland’s most prestigious start-up programs, DCU Ryan Academy High Flier program, founded by Ryanair founder Tony Ryan, and won the final pitch competition. The company has a core team of six, with additional developers working on a contract basis.


Best Tech startups

Operating a call center? Need a coach for your sales and support team? Observe.AI is your go-to platform. It is an AI-powered voice assistant that can transform your contact center into a profit-generating machine.

How it accomplishes that? Well, Observe.AI uses multiple technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and a list of error checks to ensure that all your voice calls are following the same procedures.

It traces, monitors, and educates their call agents to guarantee that each of your calls can create sales – thereby heightening profitability and reducing the volume of uninterested callers.

Observe.AI is assisted by  Nexus Venture Partners, Scale Venture Partners, Emergent Ventures and Y Combinator. In a brief duration, it has earned the faith of Microsoft, ERCBPO, Talkdesk, Tripadvisor, and other VC firms.

Best Tech startups,

New York City-based is trying to extend the archaic mortgage application process by bringing it online.  The company does not charge fees or commissions and instead earns its money only through interest. is focused on changing the way Americans buy and own a home in this country. Step-by-step they taking apart the old infrastructure and replacing it with thoughtful technology and a Better experience.

And while traditional mortgage applications can take weeks, this application takes just a few minutes for a largely automated process. The company, which loaned more than $ 4 billion to homebuyers in 2019, announced a $ 160 million funding round in August, raising its total funding to $ 254 million.

Now approved in 44 states, it launched in the New York market in 2020 and is expected to be in all 50 states by May. This emerged as one of the best tech startups in India with its centers in the nation.

Final Words

Here we attempt to assist anybody inquisitive about startups to discovering the favorable resources to succeed – whether you’re job seekers, investors, or creators, To help you succeed we provide the right jobs, investment opportunities or new products.

In this collection, we put 5 of the best tech startups to keep on your radar in 2020. The list is based on our internal survey of numerous people who interact with thousands of startups every year.

The technology startups have shown the world a completely new horizon and helped them provide modern solutions to existing problems. And that brings an end to our guide to the best tech Startup in 2020. 

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