Best Split Air Conditioner Under 40000 INR (Detailed Guide)

best split air conditioner

Are you looking for the best split air conditioner? Summer is here and the heat is at its peak. Though we love the sweetness of mangoes at the same time we hate the hotness of the weather too.

So to help you guys love the weather too we have bought you this article where we will provide you a list of the best split air conditioner which will help you to cope with the hot summer season.

Best Split Air Conditioner Under 40000

Before proceeding into the blog post Let’s discuss some different types of Air conditioners for you.

Different type of air conditioners

  1. Window air conditioner: Window air conditioner is specially designed to cool only a single room. Every component is packed inside a single box had has to be fitted in the window this is why it is not the best option.
    But if you are looking for a single room cost-efficient air conditioner then it will be your best choice.
  2. Split air conditioners: This air conditioner consists of two parts one is kept outside the house and one is kept inside the house.
    It can be used to cool one or two rooms at a time which window air conditioner can’t.
  3. Packed air conditioner: These are generally used for cooling multiple rooms can be best served if used in offices or school building with lots of rooms or a large space.
    Rooms can be cooled with the help of ducts installed into various rooms.
  4. Central air conditioner: if you are planning to cool a whole big building, an office or an entire hotel then an enthralled air conditioner will be your best choice.
    Here the AC is controlled centrally and the cooling is done by using air ducts.

Why best split air conditioner will be your best choice?

Buying an AC will e the one-time investment you won’t be buying an AC again and again unless you are a dealer or own a shop.

So if you are thinking of buying a window AC then it can cool only one room of yours and if you want to cool another room then you have to install another AC for your other room.

And if you are thinking of buying a packed or air conditioner then it will be higher than your requirement. Because they are used for bigger buildings not for 1 or 2 rooms so split air conditioner will be an ideal choice for your requirements.

So now that you know why Split AC is good for you, you must know that there are primarily two types of AC

  1. 1 ton
  2. 1.5 ton

Here in this article, we will be discussing the types, their pros and cons, and also some of the features so that you have a clear idea which one you should buy.

Best 1 Ton Split Ac:

  1. Samsung AT12MC3JAMC 1 Ton Split AC Review

As you all know how famous the brand Samsung is so there is no doubt it will ever be your bad choice.

The thing I like about this AC is it consumes very less electricity and is very durable.

Samsung Company as you may know also gives the best After-Sale service, and it is also rated 3 stars.

PROS ARE: Powerful Cooling

5 Stars Rated

Decent After Sales Service

CONS ARE: There are no cons in this AC

  1. Kenstar KSZ35 WS1-MDA 1 Ton Split Air Conditioner:

If you are looking for a decent cooling AC which is also cost-effective then you should go for Kenstar because it gives both decent cooling and it is also cost-effective.

The main thing about this is it is 3 stars rated and has no major cons also the customer review of this AC is very good.

At last, I would conclude that this AC is will give the best value for your money.

PROS ARE:  Decent Cooling

5 Stars Rated

Value for money

CONS ARE: No cons

  1. Carrier Esko 12K 1 Ton Split AC

After Kenstar KSZ35 the best 1 ton AC which will give you the most powerful cooling is Esko’s Carrier Esko 12K 1 Ton Split AC.

It is one of the best things about this AC is it has a very powerful cooling system specially designed for small houses with 1-2 rooms, it will give you the best result if you install it in a good place.

Another best thing you will like about this AC is it gives you decent after-sales service so if you face any problem after buying the company will take care of your entire problems related to your AC will be fixed by them.

PROS ARE: Most Powerful Cooling system

4 Stars Rated

Best after Sales Service

CONS ARE: it has no cons


Godrej has been in the market for a very long time so judging the quality is not necessary as they are always giving their best service in the market.

The consumption of the unit is very low in GODREJ-GSC 12 it consumes only 512 units and consumes very less power.

But the bad side of this AC is that it is very costly and is very hard to maintain.

PROS ARE:  Inverter ACs consume less power

Multi-level filters

Amazing cooling capacity

CONS ARE:  Very costly and high maintenance cost

  1. ONIDA-Oxy-IR125ONX

Onida’s Oxy IR125ONX gives you a nice cooling performance within a very economical price and also with a cool looking stylish design.

But the only thing bad about Onida is their filter is not very good. But if you are looking for a good performance at a reasonable price then you won’t be in a loss as Onida is also a very trusted company.


  • Nice cooling performance
  • Economical Price
  • Stylish Design

CONS ARE:  The filter is average

Top 5 Best 1.5 Ton Split Ac:

  1. Voltas SAC 173IY 1.5 Ton Split AC

If you watch TV these days you may find this Volta’s ad quite often. Just like Samsung Voltas is also a very reputed company that makes the best products. The best thing why I will recommend you this AC is because it has Himalaya cooling expertise,

which means if you are not from northern India it will give you the feel of north India in your room only. It also has a sleep mode and saves a lot of your powers.

Though it is good it is also expensive but I can say that it will be value for money.

PROS ARE:  Saves a lot of energy

Availability of Sleep Mode

Advanced Filter

CONS ARE: On the expensive end

  1. LG JS-Q18AFXD Dual Inverter Split AC

If you live in India then you have heard about LG. in the market, LG is a tough competitor of Voltas. The unique feature this AC has is that it has Monsoon comfort technology which not many ACs have in the market.

This AC also gives you an Anti-Rust compressor which will protect it from rusting.

PROS ARE:  Himalaya cooling expertise

Monsoon comfort technology

Anti-Rust compressor

CONS ARE: Not that efficient in saving energy

  1. Whirlpool Fantasia 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC

Along with being powerful it is also stylish and will give you an amazing cooling experience within a reasonable price.

The only thing it lacks is Whirlpool doesn’t give any additional filters along with it which may be a problem in the future.

PROS ARE: It is Stylish & Powerful

Amazing cooling experience

Reasonably priced

CONS ARE: No additional filters provided

  1. Hitachi Neo 5200F RAU518HWDD 1.5 Ton

Hitachi Neo gives an inbuilt inverter ACs which consumes less power and gives you amazing cooling capacity.

It has multi-level filters that will don’t allow dust to come inside the duct.

But the bad thing about this is it is very costly which can be a problem if you have a low budget.

PROS ARE:   Inverter ACs consume less power

Multi-level filters

Amazing cooling capacity

CONS ARE: Very costly

  1. Blue Star 5HW18ZARTX 1.5 Ton AC Review

this AC is the best to suit for home purpose because it has multiple modes such as dry mode, cool mode and also a fan mode, not only this AC comes with additional features such as flow direction control, anti-freezing and many more.

The only thing customer hates about this is that the price is costly and sometimes it makes it unaffordable. Otherwise, if you focus on the features it will be the best choice for you.

PROS ARE:   low direction control, antifreeze

Multi-level filters

Amazing cooling capacity

CONS ARE: Very costly


After this list of the best split air conditioner under 40000, I just wanted to make sure that the money you are going to invest in AC should be worthy of it.

You can take this list as the best list of the best air conditioner according to me.

Have a look in the below video AC Buying Guide before purchasing any Air conditioner:

Let us know your views and problems you are facing related purchase of air conditioners in the comment section below.

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