5 Best Sales Books to look for in 2020

5 Best Sales Books to look for in 2020

As lifelong learners, whenever we want to expand our thinking or improve our performance, we turn to books, and for leveling up your sales skills, nothing beats a good sales book.

The best sales books are not only an excellent source of inspiration and self-improvement, but they also give us a much-needed opportunity to recharge, reflect, and take a deep breath amidst our busy schedule. As a sales representative, constantly seek to learn new strategies and techniques that can help you in your sales efforts.

To be successful, you must master the fundamentals of sales. Whether you are looking for new tips and advice to help you in your career, or you want to challenge yourself, see if you can find something you don’t already know. 

Whether you are a first-time manager, an experienced representative, a CSO, or a sales enablement proponent, there is almost always something you can take away from well-written sales books, this will be a new approach when prospecting, keeping your team motivated or developing great buyer relationships.

Choosing a book can be difficult, as there are thousands to choose from. We’ve pulled together the best sale book of all time to give you relevant, lead conversations, living trends, and of course, the information you need to improve your game.

Here is the list of Best sales books of all time:

In this list, we have compiled 5 best sales books of all time to help anyone take one or two of the top sales books in 2020.


1. #SalesTruth: by Mike Weinberg


best sales books of all time, #sales Truth

Can you handle the truth? Can selling succeed be as simple as hooking the latest CRM tools or correcting your social media profiles and waiting for qualified leads to automatically appear in your inbox? Are you having trouble believing that new self-proclaimed “experts” keep posting on LinkedIn and start questioning their announcement that everything in sales has changed?

Welcome to the world of sales, where the one constant you can bank on is the noise of so-called experts and thought leaders who want to convince you that everything has changed and even you need their latest equipment, toys, or tricks to stay or get ahead of the pack.

Yet, ironically, it seems that the more you adopt these new miracle solutions, the harder it will be to get results

This sales book is a dazzling blank-up call that greets those who are pursuing dazzling solutions – and focuses their attention on a proven approach that truly produces results. Make noise, and bring purity back. Weinberg gives you proven, powerful principles that help you with the core principles of selling. 

2. Eat Their Lunch: by Anthony Iannarino

best sales books of all time, Eat their lunch

Like it or not, selling is often a zero-sum game: your victory is someone else’s defeat. 

Most salespeople work in mature, crowded industries, with your offerings being considered items. Growth needs to take market share from their rivals while they try to do the same with you. How can you increase 12 percent in any other industry which is growing only 3 percent?

It may seem hard to win over customers of its rivals, but this is what Lannarino aims to help sellers eat.  This B2B-focused book presents a guide to prioritizing potential customers, highlighting key priorities in the buyer’s organization – from the CEO down – and then making a plan to earn buy-in from each of these contacts in the correct order.

You might think that it requires bloodshed “do whatever it takes” attitude, but the opposite of what he does.  If you act like a mafia don, you are hard to trust only yourself and impossible to see as a long-term partner. Instead, this book tells you how to gain and maintain a long-term competitive advantage.

3. How to Win Friends and Influence People: by Dale Carnegie

best sales books of all time, How to win friends and influence people

Dale Carnegie wrote this book in 1936, and it all holds true. The world would be a better place if everybody read and lived by this book. For more than 75 years, the rock-solid, time-tested advice in this book by Dale Carnegie has so far enshrined thousands of famous people on the ladder of success.

This book teaches you the twelve best ways to win people the way you think, nine ways to change people without resentment, six ways to make people like you, and three basic techniques for handling people in Carnegie’s famous sales manual. It is a self-help book for learning related to people – it means that it is written, basically, for anyone and everyone.

For people and non-people, this is one of the best sales books of all time in the market to build the foundation of your interpersonal skills.

4. The Psychology of Selling: by Brian Tracy

best sales books of all time, The psychology of selling

The goal of this book is to provide you a spectrum of ideas, tools, techniques, and strategies that you can utilize to generate more sales, quicker and easier than ever before.

It is a promise of prosperity that sales Brian Tracy has repeatedly fulfilled. More salespeople have become millionaires as a result of listening to and implementing their ideas than any other sales training process. Being one of the best sales books of all time, it serves as an instructional blueprint or a road map for establishing, building, developing, and maintaining a successful sales career.

It is a practical, easy to read return to the core principles of a professional sales guide expressed in a progressive step-by-step process that will teach you how to be “good” to “great” in a highly competitive business of sales.

5. Secrets of Closing the Sale: by Zig Ziglar

best sales books of all time, Secrets of Closing the sale

In the world of sales, Zig is a huge name on whose shoulders we all stand. His pioneering book puts a laser focus on all the important eyes, giving hundreds of examples of how to shut down and ask yourself questions before you go for the questions yes. Secrets of Closing the Sale comes in one of the best sales books of all time.

The book includes over 100 different methods depending on the situation and 700 thought-provoking questions to use with possibilities. You will also get suggestions from hundreds of America’s most successful salespeople.

The principles of Ziglar’s success are easy to understand and apply.  And they have a far-reaching effect. Their proven methods will inspire you to face your prospects with enthusiasm and confidence.

Final Words

This brings to the end of our list of the best sales books in 2020. These best sale books of all time include some of the best research and insights for building, managing, and leading a successful sales team. But they also cover ways to live a better life. Be happy and battle the inevitable stress of emotions and the rollercoaster that comes from working in sales.


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